Allergy to paint

allergy paint

allergic to paint pictures allergic to the paint, varnish, fresh plastering is quite frequent and common.Allergy - a hypersensitive immune system of the effect of different allergens from the environment.

Given the rise of allergies and the increasing relevance of environmental housing, many manufacturers produce ecological paints, which have received the name of green paint.

For ecological paints characterized by the fact that at work they do not emit harmful fumes as mercury, lead, zinc oxide, cadmium compounds, chlorinated phenols are not part of.And so green paint repairs are recommended for children's rooms as well as rooms of people suffering from allergies.Each manufacturer has its own sign of environmentally friendly products, which should be paid attention to.

Some women suffer from nail polish and the symptoms are similar, as in allergies to paint

allergic to paint - symptoms

symptoms such as nausea, headache, dizziness, watery eyes, asthma, cramps in the eyes,bad cold.Some time hauntin

g smell colorant pursues man.These symptoms can cause diseases such as eczema, asthma, acute vascular failure (collapse).

allergy paint manifested in different ways, but most often in the form of itching and flaking, redness of the skin and the appearance of edema, blistering rash.The most serious manifestation of allergies - is the emergence of anaphylactic shock, which is characterized by shortness of breath, unconsciousness, convulsions, decreased blood pressure.Anaphylaxis can occur within 15 minutes after contact with the colorant.Prolonged contact with the allergen the disease takes a chronic and sometimes develops a disability.In the absence of timely medical care provided during the occurrence of a severe allergic reaction may be fatal.

For successful treatment of allergies it is important to identify the allergen and try to correct it.If it is difficult to identify the cause, symptomatic treatment should be initiated.Release of chemicals from the human body called histamine and doctors prescribed in these cases, antihistamine drugs.

selection of medical drugs, suffering from allergies is very difficult and personal process that has a positive impact with the right treatment.

Allergy to hair dye are also quite common.In order to avoid allergic reactions to make a preliminary test on the skin surface.Often, this is done on the elbow.A small amount of paint applied to the skin and monitored for two days.If the skin remains the same color and not a rash, redness, burning and other discomfort phenomenon, it is possible to use this paint.Currently, five percent statistics produced paint causes an allergic reaction.

Allergy to hair dye is manifested in the form of itching and flaking, redness of the skin and the appearance of edema, blistering rash.It happens, and the occurrence of anaphylactic shock.

What causes an allergic reaction?Often irritation occurs after using p-phenylene diamine in the dye preparations.This preparation is needed for fixing the color.Some paints designate it as PPD.All paints contain fixer and only a few do not contain it.These include vegetable, they are safe, but very quickly washed away and only you can decide what paint to choose.Effective and the best way is to abandon home painted and resort for the high-quality professional assistance to the experts

allergic to paint - treatment

Symptoms of allergy to the smell of paint disappear after going outside (fresh air), and if for a long time are inindoors, the situation is aggravated by a pair of chemicals more deeply penetrate the lungs and skin in humans.For further treatment is recommended to seek help from an allergist.

performing various painting and art work should only work in a ventilated area, and be sure to use gloves.

allergic to the paint, varnish, often overtakes those people who suffer from other allergic reactions.Therefore it is important to react and seek medical advice.

If you have allergic reactions refuse colorant.When a situation where there is no possibility to carry out the test or after hair coloring you get an allergic reaction, you should carefully review the components of the drug.Did you see those substances which have previously caused allergic.If you know how to help themselves, then proceed.When not knowing what to do in such a situation, use a lotion with chamomile.In more complex cases should immediately consult your doctor.Allergy treatment includes therapy to paint anti-allergic drugs and hormones.And most importantly, be careful in the selection of medicines for allergies, not to harm your body permanently.

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