Allergic to water

allergic to water

allergic to water photo from my school everyone learned for myself that it is almost 80% of water in the case of shortage may be a lot of different issues in terms of health.That is why many first time confronted with an allergic reaction after contact with water are experiencing a real shock. And most probably uncomfortable in this situation is considered to be not even the fact that an allergic reaction in a position to develop after drinking a glass of water, and that the symptoms of allergy to water may occur after washing your hands with running water or showering

allergic to water atchild - a protective immune response in the human body active substances and components, with the help of which purify tap water, for it would seem quite secure its future use.

main substance that is part of the water and is considered the most allergennoopasnym is chlorine, which is almost always added to the water with a view to protect people from exposure to pathogens, which are always present before proce

ssing any water.Despite the fact that the chlorination of water is the best method of protection in susceptible people allergic to water such water causes various allergic manifestations.And if for example people who have diagnosed with a milk allergy can virtually painless to remove this product from your diet, then replace all the water other substances and products is not possible, because for a normal functioning of the human body's daily water intake should be not less than one and a half liters.

According to most allergists, the main cause of this type of allergic reaction is weakened due to prolonged liver or kidney disease, or due to prolonged use of antibiotics immunity.Besides suffering from this disease in humans, in the body there is a significant reduction in the amount of immunoglobulin class "E".Also, the development of an allergy to water often provoke other types of allergy.

allergy symptoms on the water, in principle, no different from the symptoms of other allergic diseases are: small skin rash in the form of urticaria, often covering almost the whole body;headache and intolerable itching, irritated skin.Fortunately for all observation time of severe manifestations of angioedema and anaphylactic shock were reported.The most unpleasant feature of allergy to water is that over time, it is absolutely not weaken its manifestations, but on the contrary, in case of further contact with the allergenic water only progresses, thereby causing even more unpleasant and severe consequences for human health

allergy to seawater

excellent sea air and seawater directly itself have a truly magical property to heal many people.In the human body is very beneficial effect is fresh and pure ionized sea air, saturated with ozone, iodine and sea salts.Even regular walks along the seashore positive effect on metabolic processes, promote the general hardening of the body and are beneficial to the health of people suffering from such a severe disease like asthma.

However, unfortunately not everyone can fully enjoy all the pleasures of the sea, as in recent years, allergic to sea water began to meet more often.The severity of the disease depends on the amount of salts dissolved in seawater.For example, the Baltic Sea water is saturated with salt is much less than the water of the Black.In addition, the development of allergy at the seaside plays an important role a certain period of the year, since allergies can provoke an attack coastal flowering plants or algae.A separate contribution to the pathogenesis of allergy to water contribute discharged by vessels, industrial waste and live in seawater microorganisms

allergy to the cold water

People who are allergic to cold water, with the onset of winter should be especially careful, because their bodies incertain reasons, in case of prolonged exposure to low temperatures, as a protection reaction starts to produce large amounts of histamine whereby epithelial cells to low temperature becomes more sensitive.

children and people under 25 years old are most susceptible to the disease, but most of them deal with this help exclusively own immune defense.The risk group also includes people suffering from certain viral infections (hepatitis, mononucleosis, rheumatoid arthritis, pneumonia, mycoplasma) and even malignant tumors.With cold water, extreme caution should behave to people with disorders of the pancreas, liver, biliary tract and digestive system.

main symptoms of an allergy to cold water: severe dizziness, swelling in areas hit cold water swelling of the lips and throat after ingestion of cold food, abdominal pain, nausea

allergy tap water

Withpurpose of the disinfection of drinking water treatment facilities for quite a long time use chlorinated compounds which are sufficiently active chemicals.It was chloro according to most experts, and a catalyst is widely spread in recent years, allergies of unknown origin.

daily consuming tap water people are not aware of its harmful effects on the body.For example, the composition tap water contains such elements as carbon tetrachloride and dichloroethane, which can easily deduce stains clothing.One can only imagine how these components may adversely affect the adequate functioning of the organism, because if you regularly drink this water, upset the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, impaired thyroid function, and in some cases can develop even infertility.

main symptoms of allergies to tap water: redness and irritation of the eyes, skin rash in the form of itchy red spots and small rashes, dry cough with a possible future development of asthma

allergic to water - treatment

Allergy Treatment for water inFirst of all is to avoid the poor quality according to your body's water.People with this type of allergy should switch completely to the living water - the natural water from natural sources.If for some reason do not work, you should use the powerful filters for purifying tap water that is able to remove almost all impurities provoke allergies.The adoption of water treatments should be limited to two or three minutes.

If allergy symptoms on the water after all of the above do not pass have to resort to medical treatment.The most well established antihistamines used in all types of allergies.It is important in this case, and eat right.At the time of treatment should be completely (as possible) to give up salty, fatty, sweet and starchy foods.

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