Urticaria in adults

Urticaria in adults

urticaria in adults Photo Hives are concerned at least once in the life of every third adult.The disease resembles at first sight burns nettles, which is characterized by rash of red blisters on the body.In medicine, this disease was called polietiologichesky dermatosis, and has several forms: acute, chronic recurrent, chronic persistent papular and the development of acute angioedema.Allergic rash is divided into two groups: children and adults.

hives combined in a child with atopic dermatitis or child scrapie.Urticaria in adults and occurs more seriously sometimes goes into a chronic disease self

Urticaria in adults - Causes

The cause of the disease appears toxic and allergic dermatitis, so in most cases to find out the true causes of urticaria difficult.Other triggers acts heredity, food allergies, gastrointestinal disease, focal infection, allergies to medications.

skin inflammation often occurs because of failure of the body's immunity.In general appearance urticaria in adults due to t

he sensitivity of the immune system to a higher content of biologically active components.In this connection, there is an increase in serum histamine volume of blood and the body's ability to inactivate decreases.

urticaria patients found high levels of an enzyme urokaninazy.This enzyme is responsible for the ability to inhibit the activity gistidindekarboksilazy, thus making acid histidine histamine.The result is a surplus of histamine, and he in turn has a toxic reaction and expands the capillaries.

participate in this process as bradykinin and serotonin, enhancing the action of histamine.The role in the occurrence of violations of hives and autonomic nervous system.Therefore the doctor before starting treatment examines in detail the pathogenesis of the patient, to take into account genetic characteristics of atopic character.Development of urticaria in adults accompanied anaphylactoid reactions.

summarize what causes hives in adults: medicines, insect venom, cleaning products, food, pollen, stings of Hymenoptera, house dust, pets, mold, blood, cold, pressure, sun burns nettles, unstable psychologicalthe human condition, infectious bacterial disease, kidney disease, liver, serum sickness, disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine diseases, systemic lupus erythematosus, collagen diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, morphine, sodium thiopental, codeine, antibiotics, ibuprofen, ACE inhibitors, diclofenac, procaine, lidocaine, tumors, hypothyroidism

symptoms of urticaria in adults

Hives occur very quickly in the form of blisters scattered over the body to the hands of the lower extremities.It reminds rash insect bites or trail left by nettles.For rashes characterized by unpleasant burning sensation and severe itching.Allergic rash is symmetrical and can acquire gigantic proportions.

distinctive feature of all these lesions lies in the ability of relief after the attack and return to the previous state of the skin.At the very skin of any traces, scars or pigmentation remains

Types of hives

Urticaria in adults, there are several types and kinds.The main types: chronic urticaria, acute urticaria, acute urticaria in conjunction with angioedema, a chronic persistent papular.

Chronic urticaria is much less rashes, blisters, are less swollen and different both in size and in color from pale pink to deep pink.The disease lasts several years, and the stages of remission and exacerbation alternate with different intervals.

At the time of attack can worsen headache, increase body temperature, there is a weakness, blood pressure rises, aggravated arthralgia.In the period of acute insomnia can be provoked by a disorder of the nervous system, and blood tests will be changes from the platelets and eosinophils.

Acute urticaria in adults occurs within an hour after exposure to the allergen, and a rash appears after each meeting with the stimulus, and the duration of the rash up to several weeks.From acute urticaria suffer mostly elderly people.

Angioedema combined with acute urticaria is a serious disease in adults.For the disease characterized by skin angioedema and subcutaneous adipose tissue, mucous membranes.

Angioedema combined with the deterioration of vision, blisters of white, pink color and is accompanied by unpleasant sensations of itching.Aggravation able to disappear after a short period of time and repeated again.If you experience swelling of the larynx and pharynx care must be taken to avoid suffocation.

Chronic persistent papular urticaria occurs in the case of persistent rashes and urticaria able to join the swelling polymorphic cellular infiltration consisting of lymphocytes.Designated extension limbs filled blisters, which over time will erythematous nodules colors very dense consistency.This disease is considered to be one of the varieties of pruritus.

cold urticaria in adults occur in the winter after a sufficiently long residence time in the air.The skin is covered with a rash due to the backlog of cryoglobulins antibodies, as well as cold agglutinin.

Solar urticaria in adults is a kind photodermatosis.From this disease affects people with kidney and liver, as well as sensitivity to bright sunlight.After exposure to the sun rashes occur in those areas of the body where the sun's rays have visited.

heat urticaria in adults often occurs after a shower, a hot bath, going to the bath or sauna, and a sublime blisters.

physical urticaria in adults occurs after physical exertion and has such symptoms as swelling of blood vessels, shortness of breath and wheezing, low blood pressure.

Dermograficheskaya urticaria in adults is the result of mechanical irritation, as well as a strong compression.Strong clamping shoes, stockings, pressure belt and other items can cause hives dermograficheskuyu.Symptoms occur immediately, but is shaped like a red-rimmed blisters that bothered by severe itching and burning, but such symptoms can quickly disappear.

Akvagennaya (water) urticaria is a type of disease in which the adult from the water appear minor bumps or unpleasant itching rash.

contact urticaria occurs from contact with skin irritants such as latex and so on. Externally, the skin visible blisters, accompanied by burning and itching, in severe cases, comes to anaphylactic shock

Treatment of urticaria in adults

Treatment urticaria sentto identify the allergen stimulus that triggers allergies.Often this provocateur - medication (aspirin, diuretics, penicillin and so on.).If you notice that after taking drugs, itching, restlessness skin, then you need to give up the drugs and pick up another drug.

If urticaria occurred after ingestion, the process of elimination is necessary to remove this irritating allergens from food.Often, urticaria in adults is from peanuts, fish, beer, eggs, milk, chocolate, wine, citrus fruits.

If the disease provoking UV rays, it is necessary to pick up sunscreen, and if the rash has already occurred, use cream tselestoderm which removes itching, inflammation.

In acute forms of allergy, when allergens are the cold, wool, insect bites, help allergy medications: Tavegil, Suprastin, pipolfen.

Chronic allergies treated prolonged use of antihistamines, and are changed every 4 weeks.Lubricate the skin antipruritic ointments and gels, for example (Psilo balm, Argosulfan, Sulfargin, Dermazin) or apply lotion (Belosalik).And for a quick withdrawal from the body of the allergen used diuretics and laxatives.

thing to remember is that with proper treatment, persistent will have good results and allergies retreat.

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