Allergy to sweet

allergy sweet

allergic to sweet photo allergy sweet - a disease of allergic nature, which is most often seen in children, although adults do not usually avoids.Faced with this problem, immediately determine which product was the cause of an allergic reaction sometimes quite difficult, as "sweet allergens" quite a large number.

The cause of allergies is a sweet fermentation is not completely digested food residue, which is called sucrose.In the case of the human propensity to various allergic reactions after contact with blood decomposition products already available allergic only intensified.Sucrose, which is the direct provocateur of allergic reactions found in some fruits and vegetables in any confectionery and bakery products, syrups and candies

allergy sweet - symptoms

order to confidently differentiate this type of allergy i

ntolerant public-or food, or with symptoms of other diseases, should know exactly the symptoms of allergy to sweet.Perhaps the most distinctive manifestation of this type of allergy is the appearance on the legs, arms, neck and face itching and redness of the skin.However, be aware that these symptoms can develop immediately, but with a certain delay.In some cases, allergy on sweet can cause such severe reactions that without urgent intervention the doctors a person can die, this is - gasp passing as angioneurotic edema and anaphylactic shock.

In the case of an allergy on sweet, completely abandon all kinds of sweets is not necessary, as for normal body function, glucose is a vital component.The man decided to completely restrict yourself to sweet constantly sleepy, there is increased fatigue, he becomes nervous, irritable, or in front of prone to depression.These symptoms are due to a lack of glucose in his body.It should therefore be identified as soon as possible, and then eliminate from the diet provokes allergy product.

sweet allergy is most common in people who use sucrose-rich foods such as candy, cookies, cakes and other pastries.One of the most potent allergenic foods considered honey, in which case the body develops an allergic reaction than sucrose itself, and contained therein pollen.However, despite this, the honey can not contribute to the development of allergies - it depends on which individual plant pollen is a part of the natural sweetness.If the use of honey for the allergic reaction does not, this product is often used as a therapeutic agent against allergies sweet.However, prior to treatment with honey, you must be a hundred percent sure that this product is not intolerance.In children, a form of allergy is an allergy to sweet which is composed of milk lactose.

most often in the home, parents of children who have appeared on the body of any rashes, they say - "my baby again diathesis."That is the concept of "diathesis" parents classify all rashes, most often observed after the consumption of a large number of sweets.Even if a completely healthy child eats in one sitting the whole chocolate bar, with high probability he had throughout the body may develop a rash.However, there are the following features that distinguish allergic to the sweet from the manifestations of other allergic reactions is:

• Reminders ekzemnye peeling patches of dry skin on your feet

• accompanied by severe itching rash on the front of the neck, collarbone and chin

• Itchy pinkish spots onthe hands

In the case of predisposition to allergic reactions of the body, starting from the very first minutes of contact with the allergen, symptoms may be acute stormy.In such cases, an allergic reaction is often accompanied by severe swelling, the most dangerous of which are considered overlapping breath angioedema.

Perhaps the most dangerous state, and sometimes in the process of developing a course of allergy anaphylactic shock.This expression is commonly observed in the case where components other sweets provoked allergen, usually protein origin.This condition is extremely serious, as a kind of starts a chain reaction in which one manifestation is even more complicated by the other.At which developed anaphylactic shock should immediately call the emergency care, as even momentary delay may threaten the patient deaths.

What is allergic to sweet? Regardless of the strength of the immune defense and the current state of health, allergy on sweet children can wear varying degrees of symptoms.In some cases, there may be little itchy rash on the inside of the forearm, neck and cheeks, which in a few hours / days pass, even without any intervention.In other cases, even a small eaten enough candy to have a whole happy to negative manifestations, rash and itching until he lost consciousness.That is why it is important to close supervision for a child, and in the case of induced itch anxiety and rash, to identify a provoking allergen immediately analyze the received baby food, focusing on sweets

Allergy Treatment for dessert

first actionin cases of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is a complete failure to determine the causes of the use of all the products that can cause allergic reactions.Only in the case of complete elimination of the use of allergennoopasnyh products, even without the aid of drugs, you can get rid of negative symptoms.

To facilitate the current situation shows the symptomatic treatment, the purpose of which is the removal of edema, itching and rash.Typically, this is done using the fourth-generation antihistamines.In case of severe allergy to sweet flowing, shown holding detoxification therapy, the effect of which is aimed at removing toxins poison the body.

avoid complications and negative effects, allergy treatment for dessert should take place under the supervision and control of a qualified allergist.

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