Hives in the child

hives in the child

rash in a child photo hives in the child - a very unpleasant disease of allergic origin.A characteristic feature of the disease is rapid appearance and disappearance of rashes during the day.Most often this type of allergic reaction occurs in children in the first years of life and is associated with eating

urticaria in children - symptoms

hives in the child manifests itself as blisters and itching characteristic pink or porcelain-white scars.Eruptions appear different form, as single or multiple.If you notice a child mucosal edema, rash of unknown origin, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, confusion, we recommend not to hesitate, and immediately call the ambulance

urticaria in children - causes

often an allergic rashbaby is food (milk, egg white, oranges, strawberries, chicken), contact with flowers, citrus, excessive wrapping the baby, overheating, hypothermia, contact with the products of wool, fur, latex, insect bites, inhalation of dust, pollen, someplants intolerant of drug

s (penicillin, codeine, sulfonamides, aspirin, serums, vaccines), blood transfusion

urticaria in children - symptoms

As the child begins hives?Everything happens suddenly with intense itching in different areas of the skin.Blisters appear on the skin and on the mucous lips, eye membranes, gastrointestinal tract.Hives have a child who is already 2 years for symptoms similar to the symptoms of rashes year-old child.The rash is often combined with a swelling of the hands, eyes, joints, lips.Swelling capable as blisters remain from a few hours to several days.

But the most dangerous variants of hives - it angioedema (angioedema) in which swells loose fiber - eyelids, lips, mucous membrane of the mouth, genitals, cheeks, throat, tongue.Much is dangerous swelling of the mucosa of the respiratory tract.Difficulty breathing, and when inspiration comes whistling, tormented not passing attacks of coughing and nasolabial triangle baby turns blue.The child falls into a state of panic, and then by my mother.The situation is no joke, and an urgent need to provide first aid kid: immediately give any antihistamine, and another may be an adverse outcome.Do not delay and call an ambulance and emergency room doctor had to urgently introduce the baby needed additional antihistamines, prednisone, or epinephrine

Acute urticaria a child

If the rash appeared for the first time in a child, it is an acute form.For acute urticaria is characterized by the rise in temperature to 390S, moods and anxiety baby.Most often it is a rash caused by the use of products containing allergens.

If rash persists in the child after the prescribed treatment, it must also come to the reception to the allergist-immunologist.Perhaps the allergen in the body of the baby has accumulated a great deal, or an allergen continues toddler ingested with food or through contact with an allergen objects.If after a few weeks of food diet rash persists, its causes must be sought through allergotestov.After receiving the advisory will be assigned diagnosis and treatment regimen rash, to put on record, and will monitor the dynamics of the recovery.It is important to fully recover later on preventive and supportive treatment

Chronic urticaria a child

Ignoring the treatment of the acute form is able to go into chronic.

Chronic urticaria is characterized by a change of improvement and deterioration of the sick child.The deterioration is exacerbated by itching and sometimes rash gradually it becomes chronic dermatitis in children.

Chronic urticaria occurs in a child due to violations of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, endocrine and autoimmune diseases, diseases of the biliary tract, goiter, chronic tonsillitis, caries, yeast, viral infections, sinusitis, environmentally unclean room.Sometimes the reason can serve as a violation of the autonomic nervous system and stress the baby.

Atopic recurrent urticaria is typical for a child of seven years.It appears to blame the following factors: genetic predisposition, perinatal encephalopathy, artificial feeding, as well as the clinical manifestations of exudative diathesis.

When recurrent chronic urticaria can appear and other symptoms, in addition to the rash.This abdominal pain in the joints, hoarseness, dry cough, fever.The intervals between relapses can be up to three months

urticaria in children - Treatment

The baby rash and that do in this situation, worried every agitated mother?First of all, do not panic and try to find out the root cause.Try to remember the small details in the past three days: that the baby ate, where they were, what subjects were contacted, check the place of the child's game.

If severe rash in a child, it is necessary to visit a doctor baby drink room temperature water, a decoction of licorice root, calm the child taking a warm bath.

hives in an infant often occurs due to violation of the diet mother, so she should review your diet and thus remove the allergen.

hives on the priest said the child overheating or overcooling, excessive wrapping, in contact with woolen goods, fur.It is necessary to free the baby from exposure to allergens items that cause hives to the pope.Take a warm bath with a decoction of succession, nettle, wash the baby.This will facilitate its state before the arrival of doctors.Use another method of reducing such vagaries baby: rubdown with vodka, vinegar 1: 2 with water, lemon juice.

Swelling of the child hives well remove sorbents (enterosgel, algisorb, smectite, laktofiltrum), laxatives (Duphalac), probiotics (Linex, bifidumbakterin).

Severe autoimmune chronic urticaria treated under the supervision of specialists.In order to prevent the house held a classic fight: the war against dust, insects, replacing the pillows feather pillows with holofayber, removed the plants and flowers from the children, animals.Wash children's products carried hypoallergenic soap or detergent.

Acute urticaria in a child treated with antihistamines first generation (pipolfen, suprastin) which still possess sedative, hypnotic effect.Prescribe antihistamines the age and weight of the child duration of one week, more drug change.

Recurrent hives in a child treated with antihistamines second generation (Telfast, Claritin, Zyrtec).

If the child severe, it is connected to the treatment of glucocorticoid hormones.After removing the swelling and fading scars dose of glucocorticoids is reduced, and then canceled.

Recurrent hives treated in remission rate of ketotifen

hives in the child - food

The hives to feed the baby?Often interests concerned mothers.From the supply should be removed food allergens (eggs, fish, chocolate, citrus fruits).If you have reason to suspect a drug allergy, cancel the drug.

hives caused by food needs in the treatment of a hypoallergenic diet.New products do not introduce your child to the diet.If bottle-fed baby is introduced into the diet of hypoallergenic or hydrolyzed mixture.

Hypoallergenic menu

• Recommended porridges: buckwheat, corn, rice, cooked in water, as well as hypoallergenic infant formula

• Vegetables and only green crops: potatoes, zucchini, lettuce, dill, parsley, broccoli,soaked beforehand in water

• Vegetable oil and butter

• Sugars: Fructose

• Rabbit meat and turkey

• Soups of cereals, meat rabbit, turkey

• Dairy products: cottage cheese natural, yogurt without additives

•Bakery and confectionery products: unleavened white bread, biscuits hypoallergenic, dry crispbread

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