Allergies in the baby

Allergies in the baby

allergy baby photo Allergies in the baby is a very common phenomenon, which manifests itself in eruptions, mostly for food, and proceeds to more severe than in adults.Breastfeeding moms mistakenly believe that this kind of power, always save the crumbs from allergies. But allergens may also be in the breast milk.

And how do you know starting allergy symptoms in the child, and then save the kid parents?

immune response in turn trigger allergies, called allergens.Containing proteins in foods cause food allergies.There is the ability of some food allergens to increase their property in the process of cooking food, while others on the contrary lose allergenicity.

The baby body to the allergen synthesized IgE, which in turn activates the reaction, leading to the development of allergic symptoms.

often allergy baby starts after the intake of a product containing an allergen, but can be delayed allergic reaction, which manifests itself in a few hours

Allergies in the baby - symptoms

If your child has a food allergy, the symptoms of the skin suchrash over the whole body, redness, peeling skin of the cheeks (diathesis), itching, diaper rash, profuse sweating sickness, gneiss (flake and peeling on the head and eyebrows), angioedema, urticaria.

allergy symptoms in an infant that affected the gastrointestinal tract are: vomiting, regurgitation, constipation, loose stools, or foam with a mixture of greens, colic, flatulence.

allergy symptoms like respiratory failure in an infant are: allergic rhinitis, bronchospasm.

great danger to the baby is angioedema.In the area of ​​the larynx in the infant begins choking, very reminiscent of the attack of asthma symptoms.First, there is hoarseness, followed by barking cough and dyspnea with noisy breathing.Changes the complexion, getting bluish tinge turns into a sharp pale.

Allergy symptoms can be combined with skin lesions, bronchial tubes, and intestines.

itself a food allergy is able to be the forerunner of other allergic diseases: asthma, atopic dermatitis

allergy in an infant - Causes

moms have questions: where do babies come from allergic reactions.If a nursing mother suffers from the diet by eating high-calorie foods, it can serve as the main reason, and if grudnichok bottle-fed, you are the cause of used products.

increases the likelihood of food allergies in infants due to heredity.If the allergy was previously one of the parents, the risk of this disease in the baby reaches 37%, and if both parents have the disease - the risk rises to 62%.

Another factor causing allergic reactions in infants, acts hypoxia (fetal hypoxia).This happens if the pregnancy and birth of the child is more severe in combination with acute respiratory viral and intestinal infections.Food allergy in the infant depends on the functional features of the digestive tract.And for the newborn is characterized by increased permeability of mucous membranes, since allergens are easily penetrate into the blood.

Smoking during pregnancy, overdose of antibiotic therapy during treatment, the presence of the future mother of cardiovascular and bronchopulmonary diseases have a negative effect on the child's body, and allergy in the infant is provided to you.

Those moms who all pregnancy used in a large number of eggs, eggs, milk, seafood, red and orange fruit, kiwi fruit, vegetables and juices from them, coffee, mushrooms, cocoa, nuts, chocolate, honey, very much subjectinfant allergy future

Diagnosing allergies in children

If an infant with symptoms of allergy, you should consult an allergist at the children, the pediatrician or nutritionist.When pronounced manifestations of food allergy, as well as the presence of skin rashes and malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract mother with a baby admitted to the hospital.

Diagnosis of allergy begins with a survey of parents, examination of the infant, the definition adopted by the connections between food, mandatory blood test (for the authenticity of a vein), ultrasound of the abdominal cavity.

high level of total immunoglobulin E, as well as elevated levels of eosinophils in the blood test indicates an allergic reaction.

indirect proof of the existence of allergy in the infant is the disappearance of symptoms after stopping techniques mom allergenic foods, and the use of anti-allergy.

additional help in diagnosing allergies serves food diary in which you can trace food and drink toddler

Allergies in the baby - treatment

Diet brought to the forefront in the treatment of allergies in the baby and thus excluded cause significant foodallergen.But each case is considered individually doctor, or mother can aggravate the situation.

If you notice bronchospasm in infant accompanied by allergic edema, do not hesitate to call an ambulance.Check with your doctor first aid as antihistamine give babies the best of your home, such as drops of Fenistil.

In finding the baby on breastfeeding mothers and reviewed diet excludes products related to industrial production (crystal sugar, emulsifiers, fats, artificial colors, preservatives, dyes).This salt and sugar, fried foods and strong broth are removed from the diet.Limitation of getting dairy products, and the focus is on breast feeding

recommendations lactating mothers

should be excluded from the menu the following vysokoallergennye Products: eggs, fish, eggs, seafood, honey, nuts, chocolate, coffee, mushrooms, cocoa,fruits, vegetables, berries, red and orange, kiwi, radishes, radish, avocado, pineapple, grapes, pickles, broths, sauerkraut, canned foods, spicy and salty dishes, spices, canned foods, garlic, onions.We remove from the diet foods with dyes, preservatives, sauces, mayonnaise, adjika, chips, tkemali, ketchup, soft cheeses, sausages, smoked meats, sausages, iced drinks, beer, ham, kvass.Limitation of getting such products: sour cream, whole milk, pasta and bakery products premium, semolina, sugar, confectionery, salt.

allowed the following products: yogurt, cheese, biokefir, acidophilus, bifidok, plain yogurt, hard cheese, cereal, corn, buckwheat, oats, rice;Vegetables and fruit of green and white, vegetarian and cereal soups, young beef, pork, turkey, boiled chicken, fish, cod, perch, hake, vegetable oil, bread 2nd grade, fresh biscuits, juice, tea, mineral waterMorse.

If you find a baby on artificial and mixed diet should be assumed that the cause of food allergies were cow's milk protein.In this case, replace the milk mixture to the specialized hypoallergenic.

In explaining the source of allergy is eliminated from the diet, this product is the baby.This diet is observed up to three months, as a result of the symptoms of food allergy are gradually reduced.

doctors prescribe babies adsorbents, antihistamines, creams, ointments for the treatment of the skin, hormones

Prevention of allergies in children

rule is simple: if your baby is allergic, then until the baby is six months old do not give the lure.A products, such as eggs, fish, citrus, cow milk, wheat, nuts, introducing to the feed after two years.Keep in mind that any of these products can cause an allergic reaction.For the prevention of allergies follow bowel movement a baby, do not use in the treatment of other diseases of syrups with dyes use only children's hypoallergenic cosmetics, water treatment, limit to 20 minutes, the water previously settled and the filters, avoid swimming in chlorinated water, do not rub the skin of baby washclothsAfter bathing carefully pat the skin grudnichka towel moisturize the skin with special means, toddler clothing should be made of soft fabrics, blankets and pillows should consist of synthetic fillers, grudnichka Smartly dressed, preventing overheating, use for games toy safety by age, remove petsand watch over the purity of the air, walk a little more with the child.

Many parents are concerned about whether the stop allergy symptoms in a child with age?Stop it, but only if timely early treatment and improve the function of the liver, intestines and the immune system of the baby.

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