Allergy to feet

allergy feet

allergic to the feet photo allergy feet - a manifestation of allergic reactions to allergen penetration.Itching and skin rashes on the feet and legs are often the symptoms of allergies, the perpetrators of which may be the disease of the hematopoietic system, internal organs and fungal diseases.

allergy feet often triggered by high humidity loving and warm fungus Trichophy tonrubrum, which develops in favorable conditions created by bad shoes with inadequate air conditioning.With the defeat of the legs in this type of fungus is observed intolerable itching, which, however, can not be combed, since in this case the injured skin can easily penetrate a bacterial infection that will only aggravate the situation.Also in the low-quality footwear can include some elements of skin substitutes which can cause allergic reaction.Although in some cases high-quality, one hundred percent leather shoes causes the development of allergies (often peeling, rash and itching), which is associated with the peculiarities of pr

ocessing technology skin.And by the way, it is advised to wear socks made from 100% cotton.

Cutaneous manifestations on the legs are not always caused by fungal diseases.These symptoms may be caused by some allergic reactions, as well as the allergens in nature just a huge number, to identify the one that caused the allergy legs hard enough.First of all, the cause of allergies should be sought in the used chemicals (detergents, cleaning and so on. Funds), pharmaceuticals and processed foods.

often allergic to the legs is a consequence of close human contact with animals and their waste products such as saliva, dander and fur of dogs and cats;feathers and down of poultry and so on. If it was clearly established that there is an allergy to the legs due to contact with any pets, their content is best abandoned.When this option is not acceptable, if, for example, the child is very accustomed to pets, should be carried out daily thorough cleaning apartments, prohibit pets go into the bedroom and get a quality air filter.

allergy feet the child often develops after the switch to artificial feeding and appears scaly itchy red spots.In this case, the development of allergic reaction was triggered by malnutrition.In the case of these symptoms, a decision on further to make their own baby food is not worth it.Regarding future baby diet is best to consult a pediatrician.

often allergic to the legs causing food allergies, in particular food products such as chocolate, fish, eggs, strawberries, citrus fruits and nuts.In children, there is often a heightened sensitivity to cow's milk.

allergic to the legs often provoke microscopic dust mites living in upholstered furniture, toys, pillows, blankets and curtains.If develop allergic reactions to the home (domestic) ticks need to replace all the bedding and feather pillows to synthetic, and the room itself to handle protivokleschevoy (acaricidal) sprays.

allergy feet mandatory should be treated, but due to the fact that prior to the treatment to be accurately set provoking allergen, which is not a quick process, to facilitate the patient shows symptoms of receiving antihistamines.Although allergies and they will not cure, but constantly molesting soothe itching, scratching, and prevent the possibility of development of bacterial infection, respectively.

In order to protect themselves from infection, and if available to reduce the symptoms, with the feet is necessary to carry out certain procedures.Every time after taking a shower or washing the feet should be carefully wiped between the fingers, this can even use a hair dryer.Wash your feet is recommended in cold or tepid water, which will not only prevent the development of fungal diseases, but also serve as a kind of hardening of the body.

In some cases, we recommend alternating drying and wetting his feet.Itself caused by the fungus and they are allergic to their feet to such procedures are very bad.It held it this way: it is necessary to moisten a piece of gauze any binder solution and on time to apply it to the feet, and then, when the gauze is dry, they should be wiped dry.Also, to get rid of the fungus well help antifungal cream such as "Lotrimin" and "Tinaktin."In addition to creams are quite effective means of all kinds of powder, which is applied to the wiped dry feet and sprinkled inside the shoe.Typically, within two weeks, in the case of the systematic repetition of this procedure, the symptoms of allergy to the tested legs.

Socks should be changed as often as possible, as if they are constantly wet or dirty, and thus defeat the fungus allergies just do not get.After rain or snow shoes should be well dried.For the destruction of possible microbes living inside the shoe inside an antifungal powder can be sprinkled "Tolnafteyt."

If the feet sweat a lot, you should try to change acrylic on cotton socks, since they can absorb more moisture.If you are allergic to the feet does not pass, you can try to abandon the color of socks, as some dyes are very strong allergens.

allergic reactions in the legs often produce dry skin.To get rid of this, you must use a moisturizer with a high content of vitamin E. Urea is another excellent moisturizer.Damage to his feet twice a day lotion with urea to get rid of dry feet.

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