Allergy to alcohol

allergic to alcohol

allergic to alcohol photo allergic to alcohol - a fairly common disease caused by various components of alcoholic beverages.As with any substance enters the body, in addition to the alcohol is truly devastating effect on all systems and organs of the body can trigger the development of the allergic response of the immune defense.What many who drink even occasionally people find the itching and redness of the skin after drinking any alcoholic beverage norm, in fact often the first sign of the manifestation of allergy

allergic to alcohol - the reasons

addition of ethyl alcohol, which ismost of the major component of alcoholic beverages, alcohol allergy may be caused by numerous additives such as flavoring components and, polyphenolic compounds, synthetic colorants and so forth. The hot drink major allergens are polysaccharides (thickeners, cellulose, starch, pectin) and the protein substances.Alcohol allergy is both acquired and hereditary.

Acquired allergic to alcohol occurs in humans as a re

sult of the systematic use of low-quality alcoholic beverages with lots of different chemical additives and dyes.If a person consumes alcohol in small amounts and only on major holidays, appeared on the red spots on the hands, neck and face after drinking a glass of champagne to pay attention to it is absolutely not worth it.Most people think that this is a food allergy to any product which, in a very wide assortment of any festive event.However, if in addition to the red spots begin to appear and other symptoms, represented a decrease in blood pressure, increased fatigue, skin peeling and severe headache - may be more likely to talk about alcohol allergies.

hereditary allergy to alcohol is most often seen in the whole race, both maternal and paternal.In the case of hereditary forms of allergy, the person in any amount may not consume any alcohol.Otherwise, even after scanty dose alcoholic beverage he can develop not only blinding headache, and vomiting, but also is extremely dangerous and severe condition as anaphylactic shock.

Many ordinary and sparkling wines in its composition include stints with the processed data of chemical grape sulfur dioxide, which is also used in wine production in order to stabilize the initial wort.In some people, these sulfur compounds cause a very strong allergic reaction.

allergy after alcohol can be caused by a deficiency in the body of the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase, which, after the intake of alcohol in order to prevent toxic lesions, processes it in acetic acid.In the case of deficiency of this enzyme, there is a strong poisoning of the body and as a consequence - an acute allergic reaction

allergic to alcohol - symptoms

Allergy symptoms of alcohol in the early stages of the disease are expressed quite weak and usually appear only reddish spots on the skin.Then, after some time, begin to show a variety of metabolic disorders - developed severe headaches, constipation appear, aggravated chronic bowel disease, gastritis appears.In some cases, there may be panic attacks and fainting.

If not promptly take all necessary measures, may develop such symptoms as an extremely dangerous hemolytic crisis, angioedema, bronchospasm and anaphylactic shock.

Typical allergy to alcohol symptoms:

• After alcohol redness of the body, hands, face

• After the use of the usual dose of alcohol comes very quick intoxication

• On the torso, neck and face appear reddish spots, may experience dry, peeling and cracking of the skin

• stomach pain, nausea and vomiting

• Swelling of the facial skin, rashes, itching

• fever, asthma, runny nose

• Severe headaches, the tide to head the blood

• Tachycardia, increased blood pressure

true allergy after drinking actually occurs much less frequently than men are diagnosed with it themselves.In most cases, a given allergy refers complaints that people associate with occurring after drinking consequences.This usually pruritic appearance of red spots on the skin, or filled with transparent content of fine bubbles.These symptoms are very similar to symptoms of alcohol allergy, but do not forget that generally for any festive table people often consume delicacies rarely present in his daily diet.So, an allergic reaction can develop on these products.

In some cases there may be allergic to an alcohol, which are treated with injections of the injection site.However, due to the fact that in hospitals today pure alcohol is used very seldom, and in the disinfection solution used includes boric acid and salicylic - allergy may arise on alcohol itself, namely on these components.

Diagnostics alcohol allergy is no different from diagnostic procedures in the determination of other types of allergic diseases.Held biochemical analysis of blood and skin tests immunofermentogramma.If allergic to alcohol has been confirmed, there are the following outputs of this situation: a complete rejection of alcohol and to minimize the risk of alcohol allergy.It is possible in principle, if the following recommendations:

• It is mandatory to use only high-quality alcohol products without polysaccharide, protein compounds, chemical additives and dyes

• When use of alcohol required to comply with the measure, as digustiruya good spirits should enjoy the bouquettaste of the drink and not to stay in a coma from his binge

• to his condition in the use of alcohol should be treated very carefully, because the allergy is usually not all alcoholic products.Care must be taken, after which it began to manifest drink allergic symptoms and abandon its use

If an allergic reaction to strong alcohol should be completely excluded such alcohol with a complex structure like the moonshine, whiskey and tequila.It is best to go to very good use of brandy, asit comprises reducing the permeability of the intestinal barrier tannins.

In the case of an irregular development of the allergic reaction and its lack of direct communication with the dose and specific drinks, you should pay close attention to used together with alcohol food, because it is they, not the alcohol, can cause allergic reactions

allergyalcohol - treatment

complete and irreversible rejection of alcohol - the best way of getting rid of alcohol allergy.In the case of developed severe alcohol dependence, there are special rehabilitation program, where human alcoholics learn to live without alcohol.

Many fans of alcoholic beverages often wonder - whether and, if so, how to cure allergic to alcohol, with that as before it was possible to drink, but allergic reactions did not arise?These people want to disappoint, because according to experts, with the well-established alcohol addiction or medication or psychotherapy or physical therapy methods are not able to guarantee the use of alcoholic beverages without the development of any further consequences.

In the case where the signs of alcoholism in humans is observed, reduce the risk of allergic reactions to the consumption of alcohol can be, giving up low-quality alcohol with various additives and dyes.If allergic to alcohol has already developed, the best option would be a complete rejection of alcohol.

After discovering an allergy to alcohol, preferably loosely, should seek the help of an allergist, and not to self-medicate, becauseMost allergy medications with alcohol are not compatible and can cause any unpredictable response.

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