Allergy to eggs

allergy to eggs

egg allergy photo Egg allergy can develop at any age and is considered a fairly common phenomenon.Contained in eggs of allergens causing allergies of various degrees of intensity.There are four protein allergen, have different allergens, is the most aggressive ovalbumin and ovomucoid, less aggressive - konalbumin and lysozymes.

much more intense and more frequent allergic reaction manifested in the case of ingestion of raw egg protein, although after the use of heat treated egg allergic reaction is strong enough.Often allergic to eggs is closely combined with an allergy to chicken, which is associated with the presence of the protein in the meat of chicken.

Egg allergy develops after eating not only eggs but also quail, turkey, duck, goose and others. Most often, this type of allergy occurs without serious complications, but in rare cases can cause anaphylactic shock.Those who suffer from this form of allergic people is strictly prohibited the eating of both the eggs and products thereof

allergy to chicken eggs

most commonly allergic to eggs is caused by proteins ovomucoid and ovalbumin, and the protein ovomucoid sufficiently resistant to heatprocessing, so even boiled egg allergic reaction may occur with the same success as in the raw.Often allergic to chicken eggs accompanied by intolerance to chicken.The cause of allergy may also be egg yolk, but it is more than twice as likely in this case, as a result of the heat treatment is neutralized yolk allergen - Vitellius.

Because eggs are quite common in the preparation of various food products (sausages, sausages, pasta, mayonnaise, etc.), Suffering from this type of allergy people should be very careful before you buy and / or use of read composition of the product specified on thepackaging

Egg allergy in a child

Nowadays egg allergy in children is spread widely enough.Allergy to eggs child means that immune protection for any reason rejects egg protein, causing protective allergic reaction, which is accompanied by the release of histamine, thereby affecting the skin and causing functional disorders of certain body systems.The first signs of egg allergy may arise in the earliest possible age.Please be aware that the response of an allergic reaction may also develop on the yolk of the egg.If a child is diagnosed allergic to eggs, you should completely abandon their use and eliminate containing them in their composition products

Egg allergy in adults

allergic reaction in adults is much rarer, and that, as a rule,in the event of excessive consumption.When one-time fall off the body a significant amount of protein eggs is the release of histamine, which in turn leads to disruption of the proper functioning of the cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems, as well as allergic lesions of the skin.The body appears swollen and red itchy spots.As preventive measures egg allergy in adults, should avoid any excessive consumption, and in the daily diet the amount consumed eggs, it is desirable to limit

symptoms of allergy to eggs

The main symptoms of this type of allergic reaction includevarious skin manifestations (redness of the mouth, eczema, itching, swelling, red rash), and the negative reaction from the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems.In addition to skin rashes in patients indicated headache, cough, wheezing, watery eyes, rhinitis, nausea, diarrhea, redness of the eyelids.

Usually the first symptoms of allergy to eggs manifested still in its infancy, and are as redness and swelling of the oral mucosa, chaotic red skin rashes, digestive disorders (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain), tingling, painful skin irritation.In addition, patients often seen tearing, redness of the eyelids, sneezing, wheezing sounds in the chest, cough, nasal congestion, and so forth.

allergic to eggs - diet

The first diet when diagnosed with an allergy to eggs involves their complete exclusion from thediet.It should also not be forgotten that the eggs are included in a huge number of different products, and it is not always reflected on the package.For example, in the production of bakery products and pasta, as well as sausage, eggs are always used, while often, the label consisting of the products they are simply not specified.The most common products of which consists of eggs, include: sausage, mayonnaise, ice cream, crab sticks, various semi-finished products, confectionery and so on. During the study stated on the label the composition of the product should pay special attention to components, specifically refers to the presence in theeggs is: egg powder, globulin ovoglobin, lysozyme, an emulsifier, egg yolk, egg white, coagulant, thickener, lecithin and albumin.If the preparation of meals required eggs, can do their analogue (1 tablespoon of yeast diluted with 50 ml of water).In addition, the eggs can replace conventional gelatin, dissolved in 2 tablespoonshot water one package.Also prepares the egg can successfully replace the water with baking soda (1ch.l.) and vegetable oil.

Products and dishes recommended in the diet: cabbage, potatoes and other vegetables;pork and beef soups;various cereals, fruits, milk, butter, homemade cakes (no eggs!)

treatment of allergy to eggs

Because that act directly on the cause of the disease is not possible, the treatment of egg allergy is symptomatic.The mainstay of treatment is the complete elimination of the use of eggs and containing in its composition products.To remove the allergic symptoms in the treatment of allergy to eggs used antihistamines III generation.Often allergic to eggs treated eggshell, which was previously crushed and taken orally in age-appropriate amounts, but without prior consultation with the allergist, to avoid the development of more serious complications, independently take any means is strictly prohibited.

Prevention of allergy to eggs.As foods should not rush to enter the yolk.Even though what is contained in egg yolk lecithin in young children prevents rickets, promotes the formation of adequate muscular activity, working memory and the development of the nervous system, with the introduction of the diet of a child of allergenic foods is better to wait a little bit.When pronounced allergy to eggs is considered the best solution a complete rejection of the product.

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