Temperature allergies

temperature allergies

Temperature allergies photo Fever allergies, doctors cause a mixed reaction, as this disease is quite rare and this symptom is usually not found.In most cases, when the flow temperature is increased in allergy case of the presence of any concurrent inflammatory process, and inflammation can be triggered directly and most allergies.

Many people wonder: Is there a temperature of allergies?So, there, although quite rare.Below we will look at what can be caused by an increase in temperature during the tala penetration allergens into the body.

If the temperature rises with allergies are often confused with its prinikshey viral infection in the body, or the common cold, as the allergens themselves the inflammatory process in the throat does not usually provoke.

Temperature allergies in children and adults can be caused by allergic processes:

• allergy medicines.Usually this type of allergic reaction manifested by inflammation of mucous membranes of the body, strong pruritus, a sharp rise in temper

ature up to significant values ​​and strong enough intoxication

• Food allergy.Its manifestations are very diverse, from the reduction of blood pressure and extensive rashes to lymphocytosis, "acute abdomen" and heatwave

• Allergy to the protein.An allergic reaction to a foreign protein, plasma substance and various serum can be very diverse.Increasing the temperature to higher values ​​indicates a so-called "serum sickness", even at the first stage, which can be observed racing performance up to 38 ℃.The last of the four stages of the disease often ends with anaphylactic shock and death

• Allergies to animal dander and pollen may only occasionally be accompanied by a slight raising of temperature.Also, these allergic reactions are usually manifested by inflammation of the eye and concomitant rhinitis

• Once bitten by some insects, trapped in the body poison usually provokes inflammation.At the site of the lesion appears reddened swelling and increases both local and sometimes general body temperature.In severe cases, there may be a significant increase in blood pressure and the development of pulmonary edema

temperature for allergies - what action?

Most doctors to shoot down the temperature indicators have not reached 38 ℃, do not recommend, however, this applies only to those cases where it is not due to an increase of allergic reaction, and any internal disease.If the temperature provoked an allergy, it is not much delay, it is necessary to consult a medical institution, as the temperature can be caused by infection or a virus.

If the temperature has risen at an allergy to insignificant figures, the situation can be corrected such conventional allergy medications like Claritin, Suprastin and so on. In addition, to reduce inflammation in the body often use corticosteroids, which are shown to receive even after reducing the symptoms of allergy.However, be aware that these drugs are peculiar side effects such as increased blood pressure and weight gain.

If raising the temperature of allergies due to the adoption of drugs, the additional intake of any drugs, even to lower the temperature, can only aggravate the situation.You should also completely eliminate body rub (after steaming) different warming liqueurs, as such procedures are well able to benefit from the common cold, but in the case of an allergic reaction will be very harmful.

safest and therefore the recommended way to reduce the temperature is excessive frequent drinking (warm milk with honey, tea with herbs, milk, honey, raspberry, lemon, etc.).However, if the temperature rise is caused by food allergies, to drink should also be treated with extreme caution, because the allergen can be one of the products added to the drink.

As a result of all the above, I want to say this - the usual for allergy symptom temperature is not, as is observed in the case of aggravation of an allergic reaction to any disease or virus.Therefore, before starting to shoot down the temperature of allergies on their own, be sure to consult with your allergist.

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