Allergy to fluff

allergy fluff

allergy to fluff photo allergy poplar fluff - a kind of seasonal allergies, which

in its pure form, according to most researchers do not exist.By itself, the poplar fluff does not have allergenic properties, while the spores and pollen , which are deposited on particles down, and with it are transferred to a truly vast distances, often cause allergies.

From late June to mid-July, many people can be heard, they began allergic to poplar fluff.This occurs most often in big cities, where previously poplar planted specifically for the kind of environmental protection, as mature trees able to hold about 50% of the metal-containing dust, and confidence is the leading site for release of oxygen and humidification.

Once in the mouth and clogging in the nose, poplar fluff is the development of a strong irritation of the mucous membranes, which leads to these reactions to this irritation as a scratchy throat, watery eyes, runny nose, and so forth. This is basically the main symptoms of seasonal allergies, which, according to statistical data subject toevery fourth inhabitant of our planet.

If allergic symptoms always coincides with the period of flowering poplars, consult an allergist to find out pollen and spores of plants which ones because the body reacts.After determining the cause of allergies doctor will ascribe special treatment that helps get rid of allergies to feathers, and in some cases it is possible to do without medication, following a special diet for allergies.

For less painful reaction to the poplar fluff, at the time of flowering poplars allergic advised to stop eating any and all fruit, oatmeal, rice, celery and carrots.In addition, should minimize consumption of carbonated drinks, sweets, bakery products and pastries.Also at the time of the flowering period should stop smoking

basic rules if you are allergic to poplar fluff

- should not be allowed in areas with large concentrations of poplar fluff.Crossing the poplar alley, the window in the car, be sure to close it.Windows premises must be necessarily soaked gauze curtain or mosquito net to protect small

- Several times a day, the nose is necessary to sprinkle a special spray based on sea water.This will help remove the swelling, moisten the mucous and clean the lint from the nasal passages

- If the vicinity of the property grows a lot of poplars, without exception, in the flat surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth at least two times a day.When an allergy to fluff vacuum cleaner can not help, because it will only inflate it to remote places

- should be very careful to wash the nose and wash each time coming from the street

- Medication allergies to select only necessary after consultation with the attending physician,because each of them takes a well-defined symptoms.Itching remove Claritin and Klarotadin;sore throat eliminates Fenkarol;urticaria involves the appointment of Aerius;children best Diazolin

- When buying antiallergic drugs should carefully read the annotation, as most of these drugs have a sedative (hypnotic) effect and taking them involves an exemption for the treatment of control by any means and mechanisms of increased danger

- In no case can not be carried away by such vasoconstrictor nasal drops, or as a Galazolin Naphthyzinum sinceIt can occur very quickly get used to it fully and without periodic nasal instillation the patient alone will not be able to breathe.Such nasal drops should be used for no longer than a week no more than twice a day, or may develop various health problems

- If you are allergic to poplar down quite rapidly, it is necessary to adhere to a specially designed diet

- an allergy to fluff treat a variety of herbal tea orconsume any alcohol during treatment are strictly prohibited, as it will only exacerbate allergic reactions

best option to avoid this type of allergy - this is the time of flowering poplars to leave his place of residence, moving to another climate zone or in the places where these trees do not grow.If such a possibility is excluded, you must follow the recommendations of the attending physician and gradually allergy retreat

Diet for seasonal allergy fluff is this :

Allowed to-eat foods : soups (vegetarian, vegetables, cereals), lean beef,olive oil and butter, boiled potatoes, cereals (rice, oat, buckwheat), dairy products (yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese), fresh dill and cucumbers, baked apples, white bread, and tea.

Prohibited products : fish and fish products, poultry, nuts, citrus, coffee, chocolate, sausage, mustard, vinegar, mayonnaise, spices, radish, horseradish, eggplant, tomatoes, radishes, milk, eggs, strawberries, strawberry, honey, pastry, pineapple, melon.

In conclusion, we note that an allergy is often confused because of the similarity of symptoms with the common cold.The conclusion from this is to follow only one - for any suspicious forms in a season flowering plants, should consult a doctor, as the right cause developed symptoms can set only by a qualified medical.employee.And only he will distinguish allergic reactions from the traditional cold and prescribe appropriate adequate treatment.

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