Diet for Allergies

diet for allergies

diet allergy photo If there is a person absolutely any disease of allergic nature, it is essential to observe certain norms of food intake, as failure to comply with the basic principles of the diet for allergies can result in accession allergieson products and seriously aggravate the severity of the underlying disease.The diet for allergies in children always has two purposes - it eliminate the causes triggering the disease and reducing allergens in the body of the patient load of food.

In allergic diseases, particularly clinical nutrition has always defined by an increased risk of food sensitization ( For reference : sensitization - the first meeting of the immune defense of the person to the allergen, after which the body starts the production to it antibodies), and meals can be both curativeand prophylactic.In predisposed to allergic reactions of the patient, in order to prevent food sensitization is assigned to a diet has a minimal sensitizing properties.With this diet are less likely t

o exacerbation of the underlying disease and reduces the risk of joining a food allergy.Such a diet is called hypoallergenic.

If the patient has already formed a food allergy, shows the use of therapeutic diets, in which a hypoallergenic diet joins the complete exclusion of the daily diet of all identified food allergens.In order to establish the most accurate of all food allergens, the patient should keep a special diary.When all possible allergens have been identified and allergy symptoms completely disappeared, Allergy-one, are slowly beginning to enter into the diet provoking allergy product, initially in microscopic doses which then, as the lack of allergenic reactions begin to increase.Over time, more recently provoking allergic reactions, allergies, fully inserted in the patient's diet.After a certain period of time, you can start prodelyvat similar manipulations with the following allergens and so on

Diet during the exacerbation of allergies

primarily for one or two days is recommended complete fasting, in which permitted the use of the order of one and a half liters of fluid (children first year of life is limited to one liter of liquid).After that, individual readings, for a period of one to five days, is assigned to a specially designed diet that includes foods that trigger allergic reaction in exceptional cases.

Approved Products: soups (vegetarian and grouts on vegetable broth), bakery products (gray and white bread baking yesterday), porridge (cooked without butter and milk, buckwheat and oat).Food intake is recommended at least 6 times a day

Diet in reducing symptoms of allergies

authorized products : soups (cereals and vegetarian in the vegetable broth, low-fat meat soup, beetroot soup, cabbage soup, borscht), bakery products (yesterday's grayand wheat bread, savory and nesdobnye pastry and bakery products), meat dishes (poultry braised, baked, or boiled beef or lean veal), dairy products (milk, kefir, yogurt, sour cheese, sour cream, acidophilus milk) disheseggs (scrambled eggs from one egg, or 1 soft-boiled egg), beverages (mineral and drinking water, weak tea or coffee with milk), cereal, dry / fresh berries and fruit, savory casseroles, cereals, pasta.

Prohibited products : any products from the hot and / or pastry, food additives, food coloring, kidneys, liver, brain, lungs;any pickles, smoked meats;canned fish and meat;frozen products;alcohol beverages, ice cream, cocoa, chocolate, beverages.

maximum limit should be pastries and desserts (jam, candy, honey, sugar).Eating is recommended at least four times a day

diet for allergies to pollen weed

authorized products : any soups, breads (rye, gray, and white bread, cookies and pastries), any egg dishes, meat dishes (steamed, boiled, baked poultry, beef or lean beef), dairy products (milk, sour cheese, sour cream, acidophilus milk, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt), pasta, casseroles, cereals, oatmeal, legumes (lentils, peas, beans), vegetables (broccoli, kohlrabi, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumber, radish, radishes, beets, potatoes), beverages (carbonated and fruit drinks, mineral and drinking water, weak tea and coffee with milk).

Prohibited products : sunflower oil, halva, honey, celery, peach, watermelon, melon, seeds, herbal teas with the inclusion of a mother and stepmother, calendula and chamomile.

recommended to limit the following products : Confectionery and sweet food (jam, candy, sugar, etc.), Food additives and coloring agents, pickles, smoked meats, alcohol, cream, cocoa, chocolate, cold drinks, sausages

diet for allergies to pollen meadow grasses

authorized products : meat dishes (steamed, baked, boiled poultry, beef or lean beef), soup (vegetarian, low-fat meat soup, borscht, beetroot soup, cabbage soup from fresh cabbage), dairy products (sour cottage cheese, sour cream, acidophilus milk, kefir, yogurt, milk), egg dishes (no more than one egg per day), any vegetables and fruits, pulses (lentils, peas, beans), beverages (carbonated and fruitdrinks, mineral and drinking water, weak tea and coffee with milk).

Prohibited products : wheat flour, wheat, honey, sprouted wheat, semolina, bran, meat products with fillers (canned meat, sausages, smoked and cooked sausages), bread crumbs, wheat vodka, whiskey, beer, based on theWheat coffee substitutes.

Products recommended to limit : Confectionery and sweet food (jam, candy, sugar, etc.), Food additives and dyes, alcohol, cream, cocoa, chocolate, sausages, pickles, pickles, smoked

diet for allergies to tree pollen

Permitted food: Any baked goods, dishes and soups of meat (poultry, veal, lean beef), any egg dishes, dairy products (sour cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, fermented baked milk, acidophilus milk, yogurt, milk), pasta, casseroles, cereals and cereals, legumes (peas, lentils, beans), vegetables (tomato, cucumber, radish, radishes, beets, old potatoes), beverages (mineral and drinking water,weak coffee and tea with milk).

Prohibited products : cognac, birch juice, potatoes, strawberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, cherries, walnuts, apples, honey.In addition to the use of banned drugs, which include herbal remedies such as the alder cones and birch buds.

limited to the following products such as : confectionery, desserts, alcohol, ice cream, chocolate, cocoa, cold drinks, pickles, smoked fish, sausages, food additives and dyes

diet for allergies to cow's milk

authorized products : broths and bouillons with authorized products, beans, nuts, eggs, any kind of fruit and vegetables, protein-rich foods (all meats, poultry, fish, dairy-meat and sausage preserves, liver, kidneys, ham),dishes from cereals (not containing milk and butter, pasta, casseroles, cereals, porridge), bakery products (Viennese, Italian and French bread, rye bread, not containing milk, wheat bread), drinks (any vegetable and fruit juices without cream andmilk, soft drinks, bottled water and weak tea).

Excluded products : cow's milk and products containing it (alcoholic drinks and milkshakes with cream, cocoa with milk, powdered milk, yoghurt, bread with added ingredients, milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, casein hydrolyzate, caseinmargarine, lactose, cheese, whey, milk powder)

diet for allergies to fish

Allowed to-eat foods : tucked included in the list of authorized products broths and bouillons;High-protein foods (legumes, nuts, mushrooms, containing no fish preserves, liver, kidneys, ham, meat and poultry of all kinds), any baked goods, all fruits and vegetables, all dishes from cereals, any dairy products, foods with a high contentsucrose (halva, candy, chocolate, syrup, jellies, marmalade, jam and so on.), beverages (any alcohol, any vegetable and fruit juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea, bottled water).

prohibited : fish and fish products in absolutely any form;Products containing components of fish (fish oil, bone meal, eggs and so on.).

I would like to focus attention - bouts of allergy to fish often develop in predisposed to this type of allergy people after sticking stamps due to licking their language.This is due to the fact that the adhesive applied to the back side of the brand most often made from fish bones

diet for allergies to eggs

authorized products : tucked authorized products broths and soups, high-protein foods (nuts, legumes,do not contain eggs in any form of meat and sausage canned mushrooms, liver, kidney, meat, poultry, fish, meat of all varieties), all dairy products, all fruits and vegetables, bakery products (rye and wheat nesdobnoe bread, not containing ovalbumin,egg white and egg biscuits), dishes from cereals (not containing ingredients eggs, pasta, casseroles from cereals, porridge), fats (containing no egg mayonnaise, salad dressing of vinegar and vegetable oil, vegetable oil, cream, margarine, butter) products with high sucrose content (based on corn syrup candy, hard candy, fruit jelly, marmalade, jam, syrup, honey), drinks (any vegetable and fruit juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea, drinking water.

forbidden to eat : bird's eggs and egg products containing mayonnaise, egg dishes, cakes, muffins, eggs containing milk shakes, cocoa, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages with the addition of eggs, egg containing any muffins and pastry bakery.

In conclusion, I want to add - if it so happened that the allergy is still caught, much should not be upset, because at this moment on the planet quite happily live millions of people with the disease.You just have to adapt to the new rhythm of life, in a timely manner to pass a doctor's prescription therapy and strictly stick to the diet for allergies.In addition, you should try not to buy genetically modified food.Today the market offers about a hundred and twenty species of genetically modified plants (potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, cotton, rice, corn, soybeans and so on.).Scientists around the world are warning not hiding about allergenicity of the modified products, however, despite this, the transgenic protein is widely used in confectionery, sausages, baby food (even manufactured for infants!) And drinks.Today in Russia alone on the shelves are more than three hundred of these products.From this we can confidently assert that apparently is not accidental allergic children over the past five years, Russia has become three times more.

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