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samples for allergy

tests for allergies photo samples for allergy - the different ways of diagnosing a variety of allergic diseases.Carrying out these samples allows to establish with precision the source of allergic reaction by detecting human hypersensitivity to the input during testing different allergens.For samples for allergies include provocative tests, indirect and direct tests for allergies, skin tests of qualitative and quantitative nature.All these diagnostic methods have in common is that a possible stimulus causing an allergic reaction in humans it is introduced into the body, and then assesses the response of the organism to its introduction.Samples allergy necessarily should be done only during the period of stable remission, or to be more precise, it is not earlier than after the lapse of thirty days from the end of exacerbation of allergic diseases.

conduct tests for allergies is shown under the following conditions:

• Bronchial asthma, causing shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and choking

• Seasonal allergies to pollen, which is accompanied by itching in the nose, continuous sneezing, nasal congestion and runny nose

•Atopic dermatitis is manifested by skin rash

• Allergic rhinitis, causes profuse runny

• Allergic conjunctivitis manifested by redness of the eyes, itching and watery eyes

• Food allergies, accompanied by itchy skin rash

samples for allergies are fairly specific diagnostic methods forof which there is a truly enormous amount of products manufactured from the pollen of grasses, trees, dandruff and hair of various animals, house dust concentrated and so on. It is also used in the diagnosis of preparations on the basis of mites, fungi, bacteria, food and chemical stimuli.

Make tests for allergies may be more than one way:

• prick tests.On the cleansed skin of the forearm according to the pre-made special markup, different allergens are applied to drip through which the disposable lancet and then make small scratches

• patch test.By the undamaged areas of the skin is applied pre-soaked in a solution of allergenic cotton swab

• prick tests.In its conduct of this method it is very similar to skarifikatsionnye tests, with only one difference that instead of scratching lancet through a drop of allergen injections made light shallow disposable needles

In carrying out this type of allergy diagnosis, at one time used no more than fifteen allergens.Often sample for allergy in children conducted by the same allergen, only in different concentrations.If at present the subject of an allergic reaction to one of the allergens tested, then the puncture or scratch begins to swell, redden, skin rashes appear around.In practice, it is Allergic skin tests are the most common method of diagnosis.

Evaluation of skin tests for allergies begins, depending on the allergen.If the first test results already obtained after twenty minutes of exposure to the allergen, the later measured not earlier than after one or two days.After deciphering all samples the patient receives a sheet with the results, which in front of each test of the allergen can be the following inscription: weak positive, positive, equivocal, negative.

samples for allergy skin tests are never limited.Along with them, in any form of allergy, for determining the type of allergic reaction is shown a blood test.

Provocative allergy tests prescribed in the case where there is a clear discrepancy between dermatological tests for allergies and medical history data.Indirect dermatological sample injection is administered subcutaneously man certain stimulus, and then injected serum of patients with this type of allergy.According to the received response concludes that the danger to humans of a particular allergen.

before undergoing tests for allergies each person should prepare accordingly.The immediate task is the precise definition, passed if at least thirty days from the date of the last of an allergic reaction.In addition, the process of testing is necessary to be prepared for the fact that the body in the administration of an allergen can develop an unexpected reaction and thus need urgent medical help.It follows that the conduct of any tests for allergies should take place only at a medical facility under the constant supervision of a physician.At least one day before the start of the tests for allergies, you should stop taking any allergy medications.At the very procedure must be adjusted positively and calm down, becausesubcutaneous injections absolutely bloodless and painless.

Contraindications to tests for allergy: age over sixty years, pregnancy, exacerbation of allergies, cold, prolonged treatment with hormonal therapy, admission to this period of anti-allergic drugs.

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