Allergy to cosmetics

Allergy to cosmetics

allergic to makeup photo Today in the arsenal of every woman has a huge number of various ancillary cosmetics that help her in the daily care of themselves.According to studies American Academy of Dermatology, the average adult today, each person uses on a daily basis for at least seven of cosmetic products.

Contrary to a widespread belief that allergies to cosmetics can develop only in people with sensitive skin, there are confirmed by numerous studies facts that an allergic reaction to cosmetics can overtake absolutely anyone, without depending on nationality, gender and current age.However, this does not mean that the use of cosmetics should be avoided at all, just when it is selected should be guided by a set of specific knowledge, through which it will be possible to choose allergennobezopasnye cosmetics.And first of all want to talk about the symptoms of contact dermatitis, since he is the most common form of allergic reaction to cosmetics.

Symptoms of contact dermatitis manifests itself

almost immediately after direct contact with the causative allergen, in this case with any cosmetic product.It appears scaly patches of reddened skin, minor swelling and spotted reaction.If these symptoms occur with repeated use of cosmetic products, we can talk about allergic contact dermatitis

cause of allergies to cosmetics

most commonly allergic to cosmetics cause quite safe at first sight natural ingredients that make up cosmetics, which by theirEssentially all allergens are not.The reason for this reaction of the body lies in its individual characteristics, which in some cases leads to intolerance is absolutely harmless to other people's material.The most common allergic reaction is triggered by substances that are part of masks and / or creams for face and body.That is why, if a cosmetic and perfume brand certain trigger the development of allergy should not use absolutely all the products of this cosmetic line becauseusually flavoring them identical.

Another frequent cause of allergy is a hypersensitive skin, so people with a sensitive skin cosmetics should be chosen very thoroughly and thoughtfully.It is for them, many major manufacturers of cosmetic products developed special hypoallergenic agents.In addition, it would be desirable to underline that the qualitative applied cosmetics, so significantly less risk of an allergic reaction to it, because respecting your brand reputable manufacturers, cosmetic products are usually made from natural raw materials, which had previously received special treatment.

Allergists general all advise not to buy cosmetics without prior sample, and always in the company stores the selected brand.Choose your favorite product, you should apply a small amount of it in the inner fold of the elbow and go home.If an allergic reaction the next day is not revealed, then selected a cosmetic suitable and you can safely go to buy.

Below we present the list of substances, which are most often provoke allergies to cosmetics:

• Fragrances.These elements lend a pleasant fragrance all cosmetics, but often the cause of allergies to cosmetics, the allergic reaction is possible not only to synthetic, but also on the natural flavors

• Preservatives.The effect of these ingredients directed at increasing the shelf-life of cosmetics, however, because of the high content of very aggressive chemicals affect the skin.It follows that it is desirable to avoid cosmetic products with a sufficiently long shelf life, and give preference to cosmetics containing natural preservatives such as essential oils, cranberries or cranberry.It should be remembered that the essential oils in people with high sensitivity can cause an allergic reaction

• Dyes.Despite the fact that the salts of heavy metals and aniline dyes themselves are potent allergens, they are very often used in the manufacture of various cosmetics.About the amount of the dye in selected cosmetics says durability and color saturation

• Improper storage of cosmetics

Symptoms of allergies to cosmetics

are two types of allergic reactions to cosmetics - is allergic contact dermatitis and a simple contact dermatitis, which is most common inallergies to cosmetics.

simple contact dermatitis manifests an inflammatory skin lesion at the site of direct contact with the substance-allergen.Among the first symptoms of contact dermatitis include rash, itching, peeling and redness of the skin, the appearance of small watery blisters.The most common allergic reactions are on the ears, neck, lips, eyes and face, although it may be absolutely anywhere on the body.

should know that in case of any discomfort after using certain cosmetic products, from him should be immediately abandoned.A signal of this will serve the following symptoms:

• Increased dryness or swelling of the lips

• Most developing in front of barley

• The appearance of causing spasms and swelling of eyelids bags or dark circles under the eyes

• The appearance of unbearable burning and itching of the skin

• In parts of the gas occur thick mucus

• The appearance of acne

• Inflammation and redness of the skin

Acute allergic reaction to cosmetics developed in very rare cases, usually it's just a slight irritation of the skin, which in the case of failure by provoking a cosmetic product is veryspeeds

treatment of allergy to cosmetics

primarily with the appearance of allergies to cosmetics should consult an allergist, as if allergic reactions are becoming a permanent feature should undergo appropriate treatment.Also, it must be made because of the fact that the swelling, irritation and rash may be only the external manifestations of the reasons that may lie in different diseases and internal shifts in the immune system.

Priority actions the manifestation of allergy to cosmetics follows:

• applying cosmetics must be completely removed from the face, eyes with a strong infusion of St. John's Wort or chamomile

• drip eye anti-allergic drops

• Take an antihistamine, preferably third generation

• To reduce congestion and swelling of nasal vasoconstrictor use drops

• To remove the redness and itching to apply ointment on the basis of cortisone.If the affected areas have been infected, later require the use of antibiotics

How to prevent allergic to makeup

• Acquire the makeup should be better, within which there is a minimum number of components.This not only significantly reduce the risk of developing an allergy to it, but also reduce the possibility of a combined reaction to several components immediately

• In the first place must always be personal hygiene.Always before applying face makeup should it pre-clean wash and wash your hands

• All cosmetics should be only individually using

• Test selection tool in the store should only clean the applicator, after wiping alcohol hole package

• All used cosmeticfunds should be kept unopened in a clean, dark place

• In the case of flowing at the moment of any infectious disease decorative cosmetics it is better not to use

• Do not use cosmetics that have expired

• Hypoallergenic cosmetics is not yet fully safesince not all manufacturers conducted its comprehensive testing

• applicators and brushes make-up must often be thoroughly cleaned from the remnants of cosmetics

• When testing the spirits are best applied not to the skin, and clothing

• To avoid the possibility of fallingbacteria from a jar cream should be applied to the special spatula

• It is better not to use professional cosmetics, as its composition usually includes more aggressive and dangerous substances

• Before use, always pre-test new cosmetics

• Use the best makeup lineas this will minimize the likelihood of developing an allergic reaction

• All purchased cosmetics, be sure to read their composition is specified on the label or packaging to just be aware of hazardous components

If an allergic reaction occurs on almost allused in cosmetics, it is imperative to consult a dermatologist and allergist, as the reason for this may be hiding in the body, rather than cosmetics.

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