Allergy photos Allergies - Hypersensitivity immune defense, which is observed in the case of repeated allergen exposure previously sensitized to an allergen according to the body.In other words, the immune system is influenced by a number of specific circumstances begins aggressively respond to the often different absolutely harmless substances, taking them to the extremely dangerous and alien.

allergy is a kind of perverse way of protecting the human body.For example, in the spring of the immune system mistakenly decides that pollen bloom at this time of the birch is very strong poison to humans and it starts from very active to protect the body.At present, various allergic conditions are very widespread, and according to statistics, is now observed in about 30% of the population of our planet.

Some researchers rightly called allergic disease of the XXI century, as every year it affects more and more people.In most cases, allergies are not treated, and all the main therapy is reduced to isolate t

he causative allergen provoking, as it has a much greater prevention positive effect than any, even the most advanced treatment.And first of all, for the success of preventive action should draw the right conclusions on the causes of allergies.

Allergy - is an individual disease, as some people have been allergic to dust, others - are allergic to animal hair, the third - food allergy, etc.This allergy often provokes the development of diseases such as urticaria, asthma and various dermatitis.Allergies may be accompanied by some infectious diseases (infectious allergy).In addition, the same allergen provoking different people may exhibit different symptoms at different times.

Over the past few decades, there was a sharp leap Allergy.This phenomenon is explained by different researchers in different ways: it is the theory of the influence of hygiene when hygienic standards deprives the body contact with the majority of allergens, which in turn causes a weakening of the immune system;The following theory is that increasing day by day consumption of the various products of the chemical industry violates the adequate functioning of the endocrine and nervous systems, which in turn creates the preconditions for the development of allergic reactions and responses, etc.

Causes Allergies

today are the following causes allergies that can cause the development of allergic diseases:

• Excessive sterile living conditions.Strange as it may sound, but excessive sterility in everyday life and the rare contact with the various infectious agents can lead to a shift of the immune system towards allergic reactions.It is associated with the much greater incidence of allergies among residents of big cities than in families in rural areas.In addition, this fact explains the high prevalence of allergic reactions in people with higher social status

• Heredity.It is a proven fact that the allergy is able to be transmitted from parents to children, often through the maternal line.In children with allergies in about 70% of cases, the mother suffers from some form of allergy (if the child's father have allergies, it is not more than 30% of children).If allergy is observed in both parents, the risk of the development of the child is at least 80%

• Diseases of internal organs.The impetus for the development of allergic reactions are sometimes failures in the adequate functioning of internal organs, and various gastrointestinal diseases, nervous and endocrine systems, liver, etc.

• Environmental factors.Thanks to the "achievements" of modern civilization, the first day of life, everyone begins to actively communicate with the many and varied chemicals and aggressive aerosols.Virtually all modern foods contain hormones, antibiotics, biologically active substances and so forth. People are substantially continuous electromagnetic radiation.All this without a trace can not get through, which is confirmed by the rapid growth of allergic diseases

• Frequent infections, if they are particularly occur at an early age creates serious preconditions for the future development of allergies

cause of allergies may be contained in vaccines and plasma donation foreign proteins, molds, pollen, foods, drugs, animal dander, insect bites, various chemicals and so forth.

It is still unclear why some people have the same environmental factors have an allergic impact, while others do not.Also, there was no relationship traced the development of an allergy to the current state of health, at the same time there is an enough widespread belief that allergies may develop as a result of severe slagging organism.Today, it is not questioned the fact that allergic children often develop in the event of changes in the intestinal microflora (dysbiosis), and can cause the development of eczema, food allergy and atopic dermatitis.Some types of allergies can lead to the development of quite serious diseases as asthma, eczema, atopy, etc.

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False allergic (pseudoallergy) reaction

About pseudoallergic reactions want to talk separately.These conditions looks very much like the classic allergy, however, take place without the direct involvement of the immune system.Causes of false allergic reactions quite a lot.This excessive consumption of containing histamine foods (most common cause), disturbances of adequate work gastrointestinal parasitic diseases, various disorders of the liver and so on. The most commonly instigators of this condition are seafood, sea fish, citrus fruits, sauerkraut, chocolate, wine,some cheese and so on. The difference from the true pseudoallergy Allergy concluded that the symptoms develop only after ingestion of very large amounts of the allergen.For example, half the child eats chocolate without any visible effects, while after eating whole, his face red spots appear, which usually is a manifestation of false allergic reaction.

allergy to alcohol is very frequent false provocateur of allergic reaction.Especially in this "succeeded" vermouth, liqueurs and wine (red wine in the lead by a wide margin).Experimentally, it was found that the sustained and older the wine, the better it is formed substances that lead to the development of pseudoallergic reaction.

is very principled timely separation reactions to the true and false, since their treatment is fundamentally different, but this can only be done by qualified allergist, who had already had a similar disease experience

allergy symptoms

allergy symptoms photo Allergy symptoms areboth general and local.Common allergy symptoms usually referred fever, chills, impaired consciousness, drop in blood pressure, pale skin, confusion, excitement, or on the contrary.Common symptoms of allergy are also seen in severe allergic reactions such as anaphylactic shock and angioedema.

Local allergy symptoms can manifest themselves from the bronchial tree, the mucous nasopharynx, gastrointestinal tract and skin.

• Allergy symptoms from the nasopharynx and bronchial tree appear dry cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, wheezing, rhinorrhea, sneezing, shortness of breath, wheezing in the chest and suffocation.

examples of diseases with such symptoms as allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis

• allergy symptoms of the eyes manifested swelling eyelids, tearing, burning, itching sensation in the eye of a foreign body, redness of the skin around the eyes.

Allergic conjunctivitis is a classic example of allergic eye disease

• Symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract include nausea, loose stools, abdominal pain and flatulence

• Skin allergy symptoms (allergic skin) manifest skin rash-type of papules or blisters,sensitivity to various external physical stimuli (sun, cold, water, etc.), redness, burning, itching and dry skin.Eruptions from the surrounding skin sharply demarcated, tend to merge and migration.

Examples of allergic diseases with the prevailing skin lesions: allergic contact dermatitis, and atopic dermatitis.

often allergic diseases observed the presence of both local and general symptoms (allergic to insect stings, etc.)

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Thermal allergy

This form of allergy is quite rare and is manifested rash of type normalurticaria.In predisposed it occurs in all types of heat exposure, for example, after receiving do not even have much of a hot bath, appearing on the skin accompanied by intense itching fairly large blisters.To confirm the diagnosis should be attached to the skin heated to forty-eight degrees any subject and keep it about three minutes.Treatment does not differ from the treatment of other allergic diseases.As a precaution advised to avoid precipitating factors.Often thermal allergies combined with sun allergies

allergy to the sun (sun allergies)

most often allergic to the sun manifests the appearance on the skin of red spots that can occur immediately after release under the open sun's rays, and after a certain time.Defeat subjected only exposed areas of the body.

increase susceptibility to UV ingestion or skin following ingredients: St. John's wort, yarrow, fig, lime, fennel, dill, carrots, celery.The same ability to observe and drugs such as tetracycline, vitamin E, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, griseofulvin and some antibiotics, so their potential use in periods of exacerbation is undesirable.For the purpose of adequate treatment should determine the causes of this form of allergy.It may be endocrine disorders, liver disease, helminth infections and other.

treatment of sun allergy is strict adherence to protective mode when patients are allergic to ultraviolet light should always avoid prolonged stay in direct sunlight and always before going out to enjoy special protectioncreams, has a high degree of protection.In addition, according to testimony, perhaps the appointment of sorbents and antihistamines.Good positive effect is plasmapheresis

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Allergy to insect stings

This type of allergic reaction is considered one of the most dangerous and difficult, because in addition to pronounced symptoms, allergies to insect stingsoften develop such life-threatening systemic reactions like anaphylactic shock and angioedema.

For angioedema is characterized by swelling of the neck and face, skin edema in becoming red.Often seen leading to difficulty breathing and shortness of breath swelling of the upper respiratory tract.In the event of progression of the disease without providing appropriate timely honey.assistance angioedema finishes complete swelling of the airways and therefore fatal

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to anaphylactic shock is characterized by an initial manifestation of the common allergic symptoms.The patient at first too much excited, and then a rapid depression of consciousness, until its complete loss.The respiratory rate and heart rate significantly increased, blood pressure falls, there is shortness of breath.In place of the bite itches much skin, swells, it is observed redness.The main threat for allergies to insect stings is that the allergen enters the body so rapidly that people simply do not have time to protect yourself from it.In the absence of timely emergency care risk of death is very high.According to the frequency of deaths of anaphylactic shock, allergies to insect is on confidence first.That is why all patients with a predisposition to the development of the state should be required to carry a so-called anti-shock set, which includes: 2 ampoules prednisolone +1 ampoule suprastin 0.1% p-p + epinephrine syringes.In the case of insect bite, these drugs should be introduced without delay.Pre entire sequence of actions to be agreed with the doctor

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allergy to semen

Increasingly now began to meet an allergy to semen.Risk factors for the development of sperm antibodies in the female body include frequent change of sexual partners, urogenital infections and common allergic predisposition.The manifestations of this form of allergy is usually bypassed local swelling and itching after intercourse, but sometimes in severe cases can lead to infertility.Allergic disposition may develop on the sperm itself, and in particular male seminal fluid.Treatment of this form of allergy is held together by gynecologists and allergists

allergy in children

Photo allergies in children Children allergies has some distinctive features.In this case we are talking about the most significant allergens that can cause allergic reactions.Children up to five years in the first place on the allergenicity of food allergens are (usually a fish, eggs, milk and nuts).In older children begin to dominate the pollen and domestic (animal dander, dust, etc.) Allergens.

allergy symptoms in children younger (in infants included) usually manifest skin lesion.The most common in children under one year are diagnosed with atopic dermatitis, which is sometimes mistakenly called "diathesis".Usually, children allergic dermatitis symptoms first appear on the face, after which might be covered by the whole body.Generally, allergies in children appears much brighter than in adults.

also in children are widespread pseudoallergy reaction causes which are usually parasitic diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.Pseudoallergy distinguish the true allergy can only experienced doctor, which is why in the case of signs of allergies in children should not delay to seek help in a medical institution.

treatment of allergies in children often no different from the treatment strategies used in the treatment of other diseases of allergic nature, with only one amendment - the largest therapeutic effect at a given age is attained after the allergen - specific therapy (immunotherapy)

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Allergy Treatment

For the treatment of all diseases of allergic nature uses several groups of time-tested drugs, procedures, dosage and combination of which is determined solely by the attending physician on the basis of each specific situation.The wrong treatment can cause side effects (always appear in the case of misuse of allergy medications), and lead to a worsening of the disease.A self-allergy generally inadmissible, as it can lead to irreversible consequences.

allergy treatment antihistamines .Antihistamines are the most known and effective anti-allergic drugs.