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dysmorphophobia photo Dysmorphophobia (Dysmorphophobia) is a painful syndrome, comprising individual experience sharpened his physical imperfections.By their nature dysmorphophobia often bizarre and based on the physical sensations that lead to the hypochondriacal concerns. schizophrenia with severe depression (depression), as well as organic brain disease may cause the occurrence of this phobia.

Dysmorphophobia of interest in learning how to psychologists and psychiatrists.A phobia begins generally develop in adolescence.According to statistics, more than 80% of young people are dissatisfied with their appearance, pathologically afraid of their changes in adolescence, obsessed with obsessions imperfections own body.Dissatisfaction leads to the fact that teenagers life painted in minor tones, and all of their worldview is reduced to a joyless life.Often the reason for exacerbated worries about the imperfections of the figure is not all of it - seemingly imaginary bodily anomalies.

BDD syndrome was first described in the late XIX century Italian psychiatrist E.Morselli, who also coined the term in common use of scientific terminology.I do not beat this phenomenon in his works P.Zhane in the early XX century, in detail described the phobia.Domestic authors VM Bekhterev and S.A.Suhanov also not spared the problem of BDD party.

first domestic work dedicated BDD was N.E.Osipova that came out in 1912.In its work, the author described a patient who suffered because of the alleged tall and ugly face, causing desire to surgery.The patient was suffering so much that he wants to starve themselves, as thoughts of suicide did not leave her.This case is treated with Osipov Freudian position and the nature of the psychoanalytic treatment had

Dysmorphophobia - Causes

Syndrome BDD are now many experts explain the persistence of mass culture, the implanted persistently unrealistic standards of physical appearance standards.

suggestions for improvement of the exterior is the same by imposing advertising and promotion of cosmetic surgery, as well as all kinds of cosmetics.As a result, young men based on self-determination artificial standards and hence the emergence of low self-esteem.Standards are implanted from childhood, as a shining example of a Barbie doll stands.

Kelly Brownell American psychologist believes that these dolls promote the development of diseases such as anorexia nervosa.Teens exposed to obsessive passion to improve your figure, come to a complete depletion

Dysmorphophobia - symptoms

widespread dysmorphophobia syndrome is caused by the specifics of a very young age, because it is in this period of acute attention to external data.Symptoms of BDD are diagnosed with a serious and frequently draw attention to their appearance, especially on the face.Teen overcome the desire to correct its alleged anomalies.Dissatisfaction arises about the growth and body weight.This opinion formed a subjective and influenced by others.Thoughts about what people think, cause doubts and fears of young people about their attractiveness.

Symptoms of BDD is manifested in acute growing sense of dissatisfaction with himself, convinced of having a physical disability, a recognition of the extremely attractive, ugly, and the desire to change this anomaly does not really exist.

It should be noted that the fear of unattractiveness of their own bodies is common among healthy adolescents and young adults.Syndrome BDD is episodic in nature and extending rarely permanent (permanent).But healthy people are not subject to the dominant thought (fear of unattractiveness own body) and their behavior, the way of life is not associated with the elimination of any physical disability.

Other cases are severe pathological physical disabilities.In this case, the psychologist should be careful because there is a probability of occurrence of a painful syndrome, and it qualified to pass judgment only psychiatrist

Dysmorphophobia - treatment

Psychoanalysts tend to believe that the treatment of BDD by psychoanalysis is effective, but the representatives of other methods doubtin that.

Psychologists also believe that most of the observed cases of BDD is not acutely ill and in need of non-medical interventions.If the fear of unattractiveness of his body not to aggravate the pathology, the psychologists are advised to carry out with boys advisory, advocacy, and therapeutic work, the purpose of which is directed to form a healthy self-esteem, and in particular to develop critical to unrealistic standards.Experts say that how to see and take photos in glossy magazines, it is necessary to teach children from the school, to safety.

It is important to prepare adolescents to ensure that a certain segment of the life there will be changes in appearance and not for the better, but it is a temporary phenomenon.In addition we are perceived as a whole, as a person, rather than the individual parts.Excessive concern about his body and his imperfections often prevents live fully.Therefore it is essential to shift attention to the teen activity, where it will reach success, get the approval of others, which will raise his self-esteem.

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