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agoraphobia photo Agoraphobia (Agoraphobia) - a mental disorder that causes a person unconscious fear of large crowds or open spaces.This person is afraid if moves independently of the area, a deserted street, a large gathering of people - the crowd.Phobia acts as a protective mechanism, resulting in real life because of the fear associated with the emotional traumas of people.

agoraphobia literal translation from Greek means the fear of markets and the crowd.To date, this phobia is common, as the fear of open spaces or crowded.

Agoraphobia is a kind of pathological anxiety, expressed in fear of open spaces, crowds, public places, crowded streets, shopping centers, public transport ride.It is very difficult to treat and is accompanied by nervous disorders and mental illness.

How to get rid of agoraphobia?To begin with a look at how it arises.Man holds down a strange unconscious fear of open spaces, fear of covers, both in deserted places, and the crowd (crowded).Being in fear, people can not g

o out on domestic issues or working moments.

Agoraphobia is the fear of not only being in these situations, but also the opportunity to get into such a situation.Ill inherent in uncontrolled fear, severe anxiety, panic.Overcomes attacks panic attack that followed one by one.They can not tolerate the journey alone, field, park, demonstrations, clothing and food markets;Places that can not quickly leave (cinemas, barber chair, etc.)

Agoraphobia - Causes

Underlying causes of agoraphobia can be a psychological trauma (drunken brawl, a car crash, a terrorist attack).Often a phobia is formed due to panic disorder.Stress provoke a panic attack for the first time able to overtake the man on the street, on public transport, while shopping in a busy place or at work.Agoraphobia in humans begins in 20-25 years.The combination of agoraphobia with panic attacks lead to severe disease progression and poor prognosis.Doctors discovered the relationship between agoraphobia and vestibular apparatus of man.People with a weak vestibular system can not long maintain a balance, and they rely on visual or tactile contact

Agoraphobia - symptoms

ill inherent in uncontrolled fear, severe anxiety, panic.His attacks overcome a panic attack, which follow one another.Symptoms of agoraphobia include: shaking, loud breathing, sweating, tachycardia, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, adrenaline, the desire to run away, hide, drying in the mouth, feeling of suffocation, unexplained anxiety, fear of death and loss of control over behavior.The attack begins suddenly and lasts up to an hour.To avoid these symptoms a person decides to stay where feels safe.So people gradually fall out of life, while remaining constantly at home, his communication is reduced solely to Skype and ICQ.

Such anxiety may be due to the fear of public shame when helpless behavior or panic attacks.The fear that the attack will start in front of people, even more provoking phobia.People with agoraphobia experience panic attacks when they feel the trap or stay away from the comfort zone.Safe area includes a broad concept.For example, a person can not withstand the gaze of another person, and if that happens - he panics.Other agoraphobia are able to live happily for years without ever leaving the comfort zone - their homes

Agoraphobia - Treatment

How to cure agoraphobia and overcome the fear of open spaces, as well as great people?The human brain is quick fixes that the street may be dangerous and there be dangerous.Going on about this facility, people avoid going outside because he feels he can lose consciousness, swoon at the crowds of people or it may be something happen.Acquired protective reflex is secured to the patient, and it is gaining courage when it takes tranquilizers and is only accompanied by relatives.Suffering from agoraphobia is afraid to attract attention, and do not need in the future do not go out of the house.During an exacerbation person becomes a prisoner of your own home.

People suffering from agoraphobia, do not like attention from others.The combination of agoraphobia with panic attacks lead to severe disease progression and poor prognosis.

most effective treatment for agoraphobia advocates the gradual habituation of the patient to the open space.

therapist offers his help, using logical arguments and beliefs, encouraging the patient to make praise a long walk.Improvement occurs in 80% of cases, but it usually happens with a partial relapse.

Treatment of agoraphobia include tranquilizers: Diazepam (Sibazon, Relanium Seduxen) Phenazepam, Xanax (Alprozalam), clonazepam, and others.

widely used antidepressant serotonin series: paroxetine (Paxil), Zoloft (sertraline), Tsipraleks (Escitalopram)Fluoxetine (Prozac).Their effect on the body is not immediately but after two weeks or more.

drugs used in the treatment protivonevroznogo nature, which include benzodiazepines, such as alprazolam.

The behavioral therapy is widely applicable method of floods, when the doctor with the patient records list of situations that cause the most fear in the order of increase.The doctor then gradually introduces sick these imaginary situation, starting with the least fear.The patient gradually gains experience in these situations, but the fear and anxiety gradually moves to the background, which reduces the symptoms of agoraphobia.Behavioral therapy is often combined with meditation and muscle relaxation techniques.An alternative method of treatment in favor of hypnosis.

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