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Narcissism photo Narcissism speaks of serious personal dysfunction, which leads to the personality disorder, manifested in the exclusive narcissism.The term originates from the Greek myth of the beautiful young man named Narcissus, rejected the love of the nymph Echo.As a result, he fell in love with his own reflection and eventually died of melancholy because his reflection could not satisfy him.

Narcissism - Freud

Sigmund Freud argued that some narcissism serves an integral part of each person, and was the first in psychology who applied this terminology.

Narcissism - Causes

reason narcissism appears early assessment of the case for their parents, and later in life a person begins to self evaluate themselves.Having achieved success, is binding to boast: I'm good.And the whole future life set for success.Among these personalities are so many successful people.

Narcissism - signs

signs of narcissism act negatively stained doubt pointing to the vanity, selfishness, narcissism.Regardin

g the person talking about narcissistic character accentuation.If we talk about belonging to a social group, the narcissism can mean elitist or explicit expression of indifference to the problems of others.Communication with the narcissist is cold and devastation.People with such a person uncomfortable and they avoid it.But the daffodil love against the backdrop of complacent.

However, there are signs of a healthy narcissism that allow the individual to remain successful and harmonious, have a healthy ambition, to strive for success, to enjoy them, to get satisfaction from the creative process and achieve good results.These qualities should make the inner life, the motto if you want to be successful and harmonious.

The main features include instant depreciation of narcissism and idealization.Interestingly, for passing arguments to the depreciation of Narcissus is not particularly required.In the same way as for the idealization.Idealized on closer contact is not without flaws and immediately devalued narcissist.What to do next daffodils - look for the next object of idealization and just discount it.Here's a bouncing drive.

Male narcissism

Men daffodils are trying to achieve significance for themselves and in the eyes of others.

Having growth in career and enrich the material, they satisfy their ambitions.But reaching the desired, joy lasts for five minutes and emptiness fills the soul.Aspirations narcissus grow and begins to want more.Up to 35 years of growing aspirations do not bother narcissus;there are tasks that he slowly realizes, seeing no point suffering.But reaching the 35 year milestone, understand that there is no happiness.These daffodils are not able to build relationships with people, thus demolish family relationships, children are forced to suffer from their emotions.And then they begin to understand that the desire of warmth and understanding.Some, not knowing who they are, begin to walk to the reception to the therapist, while others continue to race in the future.These are signs of narcissism inherent often men.

Female narcissism

Women are inherent ambition, difficulty in understanding their own child, the desire for the great, the inability to appreciate the simplicity and joy.A woman makes her child with eagerness to learn and conform to its expectations, among them there is no heat, and a bitterness in the relationship.

mother instinctively realizes that deep connection with the child there and she feels guilty, but still involuntarily breaks down on the child.

A woman picks up a confident man a warm, caring, who comforted her in person, pat, but she did not respect, and said cloth.

If daffodils couple, between them there is a difficult struggle: the competition who is steeper and faster.They compete in the criticism, sarcasm, and such a relationship for long.

symptoms of narcissism

dismantled in the existence of the healthy and unhealthy malignant narcissism, we note that the first loves to build and create, while the other suffers, and criticizes the imperfection of the world.Such people are either afraid to finish the case, or will seek to do everything perfectly.The desire for perfectionism takes a lot of effort.For this reason, the daffodils are able to achieve excellent results, or turn into a genius unrecognized by anyone lying on the couch.

often narcissistic child grows from one of these parents.Child strives to meet the expectations and shows good results.Narcissistic parents to offspring only appreciate success and achievement.The child understands this and earn a positive result for the nod of approval from mum.Over time, the baby understands that I am, when there is a medal, victory, five, and I do not and I did not just his personality interests.

Narcissism - Treatment

narcissism How to treat?Growing up, narcissistic personality turn to psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, extreme sports (skydiving, bungee jumping and so on.).People are willing to meet with him through the senses, let through spiritual practices.Of course it helps because it gives an opportunity to understand who "I" am.Each goes his own way acceptable to himself.

Love relationships in the lives of these people is very difficult to fold, dramatically and permanently change one to the other.

task narcissus recognize that hidden in his shadow.And in the shade hides the inability to plead with the man and all his commonplace simplicity.And the worst thing for them is to be poor and to be the middle man, or to be like it.

simple man living an ordinary life, enjoys simple, smile, wife, children, sunrise, sunset, in this case, to achieve do not need to feel the sadness, joy, pathos, regret.There are people who have a lot in life, but it is not to shiver, and not a super-idea, a daffodil is only the result.

Narcissus How to help preserve their achievements?He understands something about themselves, and by the end wonders why all this?What life is spent?And it devalues ​​all their achievements, but it's just a form of protection.First Woman favorite idealize and then devalue it quickly.The same happens that do.Why is this happening?Narcissus can not consider itself a valuable, there was this feeling after birth and inherent value of the issue - it's a definite assessment of the achievements.

Therefore daffodils can not choose - be it in a relationship or not.They simply can not create.A couple of daffodils want to do anything that they want, rather than when it is waiting for them.Knowing this, you can adjust family relationships, rather than forcing narcissus carry out your will.

How to get rid of narcissism?

Basically daffodils very successful people who have achieved heights in the various activities.Externally, they are all very well, but it is they are at the peak of their dreams.The problem of the treatment of narcissism that Narcissus had to ask for help will not for fear of the alleged non-compliance of a successful - I'm real blank I. And if you still will have a real daffodil therapist, it will deliberately evade their problems narcissism.

task of the physician to establish the correct diagnosis of the patient and to convey to the person that is very important to always accept people without judging and without using them, and love them without idealizing and, of course, to learn to express their feelings without shame.

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