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Androphobia photo Androphobia (Androphobia) - it is a panic fear of men women, as well as the fear of close relationships with them.This phobia is based on past experiences, which brought a lot of suffering and pain to the woman.Androphobia women expressed the belief that for romance, smiles and compliments is instinct, passion, deceit and cunning.

Androphobia - Causes

Causes fear men can go from childhood and be related to physical abuse of parents or brothers, as well as in the case of observing a failed marriage of parents;Further Androphobia may develop due to an unpleasant painful traumatic sexual experiences, beatings, and betrayal by the man she loved, or rough unpleasant incidents in public places.

Young girls tend to suffer from conflicting emotions that are the opposite sex on the one hand, they are keen to close with them, and on the other fear and the fear of men.

Androphobia suffer most single women.Often the causes of fear of men lie on the surface, and sometimes it is simply g

roundless overstated anxiety.Experts fear the men are often associated with social phobia and anxiety disorders.In connection with this review and recommend related phobias.According to statistics, a growing number of women are afraid to have long-term relationships with men, referring to the feeling of apprehension and fear that keeps them on their toes a constant threat for the life and health.Many independent women, achieving financial independence in life and escape from the painful past relationships with men, painfully alarming for any close contact.The tolerance they show only if a man will subordinate at work.

reason Androphobia development in young girls can serve as a viewing of feature films where there are scenes of violence, aggression on the part of men.

Androphobia - symptoms

Androphobia characterized by irrationality and multiple exaggerated sense of danger, fear to be in those places where a large crowd of men: stadiums, pubs.

If a woman consider themselves ardent feminists, it can also be a disguised form of phobia.Often women themselves are to blame, because their attitude towards men giperkritichnoe.Psychologists believe that feminism is a direct road to Androphobia and advised to undergo treatment by a psychiatrist.

Women initially convinced that men are engaged only in the rape of women, as well as shooting.Such women do not suffer an unexpected touch to a body of men, they seemed to fear paralyzes and binds the whole body.

Androphobia - treatment

Androphobia successfully amenable to treatment by different methods in psychotherapy.The therapist will help determine the cause of the fear of men and offer effective treatment.It should be time to get rid of Androphobia because, fearing male, female hostage remains at Solitude.

treatment effect will be achieved only after the complete elimination of fear, which in the future will not interfere with a woman to build relationships with men.

Doctors believe that Androphobia acts a serious mental illness that should be treated with drug therapy for the relief of nervous tension.In the absence of an acute form of the disease, we can restrict the ideal method of psychotherapy, such as a gradual rapprochement with the object of fear.

hypnosis sessions to help install the woman that a man is always a strength and protection.Men are positive and it is really so.This treatment completely eliminates the irrational fear of him and more women are coming back.

Experts recommend not stop thinking about men, how about the opposite sex, think of them as ordinary people with their complexes and problems.For starters keep your distance communication, and then gradually keep them in their comfort zone.Train all you get and Androphobia leave you.

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