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claustrophobia pictures Claustrophobia (Claustrophobia) acts as an obsessive fear of the fear of being in enclosed spaces, as well as an enclosed space.It is believed that as agoraphobia, is the most common phobia, but with this problem, few go to the doctor.It was established that claustrophobia acts conditioned response to the stimulus.This happens when the human brain connects anxiety and panic attacks with limited space.This incentive is programmed by the brain and the person he appears to fear - claustrophobia.

Claustrophobia - Causes

reason the starting mechanism claustrophobia can serve as a weak human psyche or psychic trauma received in childhood or in other dangerous situations.For example, in the elevator, emergency landing or depressurization, fire.

But a close and narrow room, crowded elevators, low room, tight clothes, tightening his neck tightened tight tie - provoke anxiety disorder and lead to panic attacks.Suffering from claustrophobia fears that suddenly becomes ill and he can

not control himself, which will lead to loss of consciousness.That's why he tries to stay as close as possible to the exit and still afraid that will not be able to get out of the room.

Signs of claustrophobia

patient increases with increasing fear anxiety indoors, especially the fear is amplified in a small room, and if it is not overlooked.Sick prefers to keep the doors open and he keeps closer to the exit.Anxiety greatly exacerbated if you can not quickly leave the enclosed space (car, train car, elevator, airplane).For this reason, the patient avoids traveling in a train, elevator, and on planes and can be no question.Claustrophobia is shown in all different ways and is able to go on-growing.Patients concerned about a slight feeling of fear and insecurity, which occurs indoors.In severe cases, as well as advanced forms have claustrophobia symptoms intensify panic.With respect to frivolous phobia it progresses and eventually becomes chronic.

Claustrophobia - symptoms

The researchers believe that the main two are the main symptoms: fear of suffocation and fear of restriction of freedom.Typical claustrophobia will experience the fear of enclosed space and to be afraid of at least one of the situations: a locked room, their presence in a small room with no windows, a tunnel, elevator, cabin ship, automobile, basement, solarium, shower, cave, underground train, plane andcrowded areas.

attack is accompanied by symptoms of the following objective:

• palpitations, dizziness, lightheadedness;

• shortness of breath, sweating, feeling an irresistible threat, tremors;

• chest pain, sore and dry throat, coughing.

often begins when restricting the fear of suffocation and claustrophobia patients it seems that there is no air.Some panicky desire to remove her clothes during the attack of claustrophobia.All these symptoms can lead to panic attacks.But people who suffer from claustrophobia, do everything possible to such a situation they have not touched.

Claustrophobia - treatment

How to treat claustrophobia? effective voice therapies in the treatment of claustrophobia.Psychologists suggested this method: patient education skills of relaxation as well as monitor their physical condition and the mandatory blocking negative thoughts.A gradual immersion into a frightening situation allows psychologically prepare for the obsessive fears and learn to cope with it.Treatment takes claustrophobia in duration up to 6 hours with a psychologist.Methods aimed at the restructuring of thinking, to effectively help people to cope with phobias.

Statistics says that claustrophobia is experiencing up to 7% of the world population.Often, a sudden fear of enclosed space is not under a real reason.And to get rid of these physiological manifestations, people take tranquilizers and beta - blockers.Medications only temporarily suppress the symptoms of fear, but do not eliminate the problem itself.Over time, the problem of claustrophobia is only strengthened.And avoiding places associated with claustrophobia becomes commonplace.Claustrophobia, acquiring severe, may adversely affect the career, and sometimes destroy the family.

How to get rid of claustrophobia? Teach a man to look your fear in his eyes - the main task of the psychologist.Dive into a situation occurs so that the sick could relax and take it a frightening situation.A positive result can be fixed when the patient will perceive the frightening situation naturally.The maximum relaxation during claustrophobic allows escape from fear.This is facilitated by the thought of the pleasant memories of funny moments of childhood and normalized breathing, listening to soft music.Successfully used simulators that recreate the situation associated with claustrophobia on the plane.To this end, we developed a simulator TU-134A, allowing to achieve a real sense of flying in the sky.

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