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homophobia photo Homophobia is a collective definition of negative attitudes towards homosexuality, and also acts as a fear of homosexuality.Homophobia takes its rightful place along with concepts such as racism, xenophobia, sexism and anti-Semitism .For the first time the term was voiced by psychiatrist George Weinberg in 1972.Semantic concepts use of this term are: uncontrolled negative emotions, including fear, anger, disgust the people of homosexual orientation and same-sex relationships.By itself, the term homophobia is not acting designation of mental disorder and not a disease.

scientists tend to believe that homophobia - is avoidance and related prejudices, fear, harassment, discrimination and acts of violence against lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender people.

Among women, homophobia is much smaller than the male population.The term includes the fear of homophobia and fear, manifested as a fear of coercion to engage in homosexual intercourse as a liability.But there are also more neutral

terms used - gomonegativist.

reasons homophobia

Psychologists can not hold clear boundaries between negativism towards homosexuality and homophobia itself.They believe that homophobia is directly related to negative emotions, and actively combat the phenomenon of homosexuality.

reasons for homophobic acts influence of religion, community and family traditions, as well as the ignorance of the people and latent homosexuality.

internalized (internality) homophobia has become the object of attention from the study of psychology.Its essence is that homosexuals and bisexuals fear and aversion to homosexuality itself, which means that their fear of being homosexual, and fear of one's own behavior to become homosexual.But one of the homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals are able to suppress his homosexual desire, while others can not do, and experience various negative emotions plan, including guilt, remorse and anxiety.

Some researchers believe that people like to refer to the latent homosexuals incorrectly, as a man is what he is, and identify themselves to be homosexual and he does not want.

internalized homophobia carries many negative consequences in psychological terms.A decrease in self-esteem, developing psychological complexes, neuroses, depression with suicidal attempts.Homosexuals and bisexuals who live in secret, without advertising their orientation and suffer from internalized homophobia, can fall into the paranoid mood with painful suspiciousness and suspiciousness.In such a mood it seems that he was being watched, ridiculed and further expose orientation, followed by dismissal.Concerns are often not realistic unfounded.

What causes homophobia?Violence insults, institutionalized homophobia, that is discriminatory social institutions toward lesbian, bisexual, gay.

Against Homophobia

Day Against Homophobia - May 17th.According to the story, May 17, 1990 was expelled from the International Classification of Diseases - homosexuality.

June 2003 in the Canadian province of Quebec was marked by the National Day against Homophobia.And in August 2004, a French lecturer at Louis-Georges Tan and activist for the rights of lesbians, blacks, gays, bisexuals and transgender people have been invited to celebrate this day with the global scale.The main goal will attract public attention to lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals.This applies especially to those countries that the questions of sexuality taboo and people with manifestations of LGBT discriminated against.Louis-Georges Teng laid hope that this day will change for the better life of the people who are involved in the LGBT, and the fight against homophobia will be a matter of powers and perform the will of the whole society.

As a consequence of the spread of homophobia, advocate rights violations of sexual minorities.These violations are expressed in keeping gays and lesbians hold certain positions, to hold rallies and marches.

Since 2003, Russia abolished the restriction on the prohibition of military service of homosexuals.

Most opponents of same-sex relationships say their prejudice against homosexuality depends on their perceptions of the norm.Therefore, in their opinion, their attitude towards the abnormal they are not.And many believe that the use of the term homophobia - is ideologically superfluous concept and suggested it be changed to a neutral term gomonegativizm.There is a perception that homophobia is a form of racial discrimination, xenophobia and related to the fear of those who stand out from the crowd.

Against Homophobia

Action "Week Against Homophobia" is an annual campaign running under the title "All different, all equal".Its purpose - to draw attention to the issue of homophobia and the dangers it poses to society.This is a good opportunity to stop discrimination and hatred towards people.

action filled with a variety of education and information activities, promotions, photo contest, Flashmob, film screenings, discussions, seminars, presentations of human rights projects and round tables.Support for this action has received from the Russian LGBT Network.

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