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acrophobia pictures acrophobia - fear of heights obsessive uncontrollable, completely taking possession of man and immerse it without the rest in this state.When in certain situations it comes to fear of heights, many people refer to this phobia with the understanding, asfear of heights in any form common enough for many.Despite this, acrophobia referred to quite specific phobias, which relate to increased inconvenience in relation to the surrounding space, and direct traffic.A phobia is not just a fear of light and a sense of fear, which is based on usual care.This completely takes possession of human panic, immerse it in a limitless irrational fear.That is why acrophobe freely and live a full life can not, and must, in certain situations greatly limit yourself.For example, a person suffering from acrophobia can not go to the ski resorts, refuses fascinating hiking in the mountains, the patient is unable to visit friends who live above the second floor, etc.

reasons acrophobia

Psychologists always say that absolutely any phobia is caused by the presence of negative experiences from the past, but recent studies conducted refuted this theory.Some people have no trouble directly related to altitude, in the past was not, and this fear is often combined with intolerance to loud noises, there is a person from birth.Many psychologists maintain enough common non-associative theory, which argues that a fear of heights - to adapt to the current reality of the prehistoric phenomenon that is based on the fact that earlier was too high a risk of falling from a height.

Today psychologists work closely on figuring out if exposed to other mammals fear of heights or suffer from this phobia exclusively men.Experimentally, it was found that a transparent floor initially afraid to walk even the cats, but they panic absent, which does not allow such behavior is called acrophobia.

Signs and symptoms of acrophobia

manifested fear of heights is not always the same.Often the subject of the phobia people argue that being at a height they can not control their possible actions, and sometimes they have an irresistible desire to jump down.And this despite the fact that these people have the propensity to suicide attempts has never been observed.In addition, the fear of heights manifest uncertainty, fear of slipping or falling while over land, sometimes even at a small distance.Acrophobia scare overpasses, bridges, tall ladders.Sometimes panic leads a person to the fact that it completely refuses from further movement, sits on the ground and covers her face with her hands.

for accurate identification of the real attack of acrophobia, you must clearly know the main symptoms of this disorder.The most common attack of panic fear of heights occurs in the following scenario - a patient suddenly develops severe vertigo, which is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting passing in.Breathing quickens, pulse rate, or on the contrary, is slowing.The patient complains of sweating, pain in the heart, he can often experience diarrhea.

However, if you have found some of these manifestations are, for example, a walk in the mountains, this is not talking about acrophobia, becausefor anyone is absolutely natural state of fear of heights.

But when fear is shown daily, sometimes even seemingly without any substantial reason, on this issue should seriously consider, aslocated normal person, tall buildings or transparent floors in supermarkets should not scare.The presence of these negative developments, the human psyche are extremely negative, just inside twisting his usual everyday life.Significantly limits the freedom changing tastes and preferences.This condition may result, due to a sudden fall in serious injury.Therefore, people suffering from acrophobia, is always desirable to have a close companion, awareness of the availability of this phobia in a person, in the event of an emergency he could to help him and to hedge.

If a person suffers from this phobia would still alone with his fear, worry that something terrible might happen, especially not worth it.However, the constant tension, directly associated with any fear of heights, seriously violates the rhythm of life, detrimental effect on the psyche.

treatment of acrophobia

If acrophobia expressed not too much by special independent training the patient can gradually overcome the fear of heights.How to overcome fear of heights?Planck overcomes a height gradually rises until, until he begins to be observed persistent addictive, thereby acrophobe learn to control their emotions.However, in the case of developing severe conditions, the patient will need assistance of a qualified professional.

Today, there are quite a number of special techniques, which are great help to cope with acrophobia, and it does not include the use of drugs.Initially, the doctor conducts a conversation with the patient, which allows to identify possible causes of the disease and to assess the symptoms manifested.The following activities are aimed at helping the doctor a person to view their phobia without fear, to try to make its impact on the psyche less strong.In most cases, successful treatment of acrophobia limited to regular meetings with the psychoanalyst.

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