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arachnophobia photos Arachnophobia, or as it is called fear of spiders, amid all the other phobic fears for others is the most clear.Arachnophobia - absolutely any panicky fear of spiders, and uncontrollable fear are not only exotic large specimens, but also a miniature house spiders are very common in almost any environment.In some cases, it can cause panic not only seen in reality a living insect, but his photo or picture.Studies have shown that arachnophobia to any extent suffers about 30% of females and 20% males.

Arachnophobia - the causes of

arachnophobia Many psychologists give this explanation: the greater an object or an animal different from the person, the stronger and more pronounced fear of the unknown.However, even this fact a full explanation of the causes of the fear of spiders is not, as in the surrounding animal world there are a large number of life forms other than the person much more, but the subject of phobias, they become much less frequent.

Some experts suggest that a

significant role in the development of their fear of spiders plays almost always sudden appearance of man.These insects appear sometimes literally under the nose came down from above on the cobweb, thus resulting in the sudden appearance of his subject arachnophobia people in a stupor or a state of shock.Often, the reason for the fear is the unpredictable behavior of the insect, the apparent relative to the size of its trunk is very unnatural.

addition, not to mention our cinema screens filled the huge number of horror films and thrillers, the main characters which are preying on people immense size spiders.

biologists has been proven that the spiders - a very ancient type of creature that has a few million years, and during this period no significant changes in their development were found in prehistoric hours they were no larger or more dangerous.Therefore absolutely no basis for the assertion that today there may be an ancestor of the giant spiders, fatal to humans by the bite.

Arachnophobia - symptoms and effects

If you carefully observe the behavior of a person suffering from arachnophobia, you can see that it is learned by rote.And it is simply explained.The origins of the phobia are located deep in the subconscious, being present there since early childhood, when a child absolutely everything tries to imitate the people around him, especially his parents.And if among them there are people suffering from arachnophobia, avoid approaching spiders and consider them dangerous - there is an increased likelihood that in the future, the child will also develop this phobia.

arachnophobia following symptoms: weakness, rapid pulse, panic, increased heart rate.Man tries to be the subject of his panic as far as possible.

Arachnophobia - treatment

arachnophobia treatment principle is based on the use of various modern techniques, the preferred holding confrontational behavioral therapy.The principle of this treatment is based on direct communication with the patient's fear caused his cause, in this case the spider.Patients in the mild forms of the communication with the calling of his fear of insects, his viewing.Most often, then the patient is so smeleet that even begins to touch calling recently the object of his fear of terror.This is the most important point when one realizes that there is no absolutely no trouble.However, if the patient still refuses to communicate with the cause of your fear, there is a further consolidation and strengthening of the phobia.

Many people won Arachnophobia, begin to keep spiders at home, which doctors call overcompensation fear.

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