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Fear of people (Anthropophobia)

fear of people (Anthropophobia)

fear of people - anthropophobia photo fear of people (Anthropophobia) - it is a social fear, manifested in the fear of people in general and the desire to move away from them as far as possible.Neuroses and obsessions closely accompany this phobia.

will understand to begin with the notion of phobia and that she like in the literal sense?A phobia is a strong, pronounced persistent obsessive fear, aggravated by certain situations and not having to end a full logical explanation.Phobias often no due and do not pose a danger to others, but are related to mental disorders, and each case has its reasons.Phobias often expressed in irrational fear.

fear of people as we have found out is called Anthropophobia and this phobia is not uncommon, as many of the individual uncomfortable when approached people, violating their personal space.People exposed to social phobia, the most of their time alone, and do not wish to go out of your comfort zone and without the need to go on contact.For this category no matt

er what they think of loved ones.Yes, and its own social status is not very worried about them.

fear of people (Anthropophobia) - Causes

psychologists studying the problems Anthropophobia, before the end can not give a full satisfying answer about the causes of fear of people.It is believed that the reason is hidden in situations from distant childhood.Variations can be numerous: resentment, violence, fear, deceit, various psychological factors, to achieve obedience to parents offspring.As a consequence, the child withdraws into himself, and the behavior over time becomes a habit, acquiring resistant traits.Such a person does not trust others, through life alone, characterized by indecision and hatred of the people, and the rest of his life away from society, while keeping a certain distance.But not always get psychological trauma, the person becomes Anthropophobia.It all depends on the individual psychological characteristics that can be traced throughout life.Anthropophobia unit cases of people with no emotional stress.

fear of people - a phobia of youth, but sometimes it occurs in the course of life, and the cause is stress, fatigue, depression, robbery, assault.And in this case, due to the emergence of Anthropophobia protective reaction of the organism.The risk group residents of big cities.The high density of people, their dynamism, as well as minimization of personal space is the cause of the phobia.

fear of people (Anthropophobia) - Symptoms

fear humans as a phobia manifests a diverse and such features: fear of children of preschool and school age, fear of people of old age, fear of people with a shaved head, wearing a beard, mustache, but therefear of all people regardless of the particular age, sex, appearance.

Anthropophobia may include fear of strangers, fear of new people, fear of touching strangers, fear of dealing with people, the fear of drunk people, the fear of red-haired people, fear of fat people, the fear of loud noises in humans, fear of looking people in the eye, fearlarge crowds (agoraphobia).

Anthropophobia Symptoms are expressed in the fear of public situations: exams, reports, speeches before an audience and massive crowds.More advanced cases are characterized by disengagement of communicating with people and interact with them.Especially patients are afraid of other people's views, as well as their conviction.

willpower at low intensity phobia helps to cope with this fear, and in the form of neglect signs of progress.Crowded place, we suffer from Anthropophobia causes aggressive reaction and is accompanied by trembling of the limbs, increased heartbeat and sweating.

How to get rid of the fear of people (Anthropophobia)?

fear of people - this phobia is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance, and affect the appearance of the neuroses in man.Antisocial behavior, suffering from Anthropophobia becomes more noticeable with each passing day.Anthropophobia The problem lies in the fact that they can not seek help due to the fact they do not have people skills.And, often, the patient remains alone with their fears.And not everyone can afford to admit this phobia, while the deterioration of the street, many refuse undergoing real help counter.

fear of people (Anthropophobia) - Treatment

Anthropophobia At diagnosis, it is not necessary to think that after some time the problem will disappear.There is all the way around and phobias added other mental disorders.Therefore, it is crucial to have recourse to a therapist.The specialist will help you understand your situation and find out the reasons that prevents a normal life.

Treating people fear begins with a conversation between the patient and the doctor.Next to the patient the task as quickly as possible to learn how to communicate with people and the sooner he realizes this, the better for him.Of great importance in the treatment of Anthropophobia is the desire to help themselves.

Anthropophobia Treatment aims to combat their fears and overcome them everyday.For example, we learn to thank the seller is not nervous, smile at a stranger, quietly asking passers interesting information.These actions help to become social.The next step will be important to make friends with at least one person.If this happens, the sick get better with time, and forget about your phobia.

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