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Social phobia

Social phobia

social phobia photo Social phobia (Sociophobia) or fear of society, expressed alarm at the uncontrolled fear of completely paralyzing the will of man and complicating his social contacts.One of the patients who suffer from social phobia and visiting psychiatrist told me that suffer from the presence of people, and especially their attention to the person.In their presence, she blushes, nervous, and this excitement is reflected in diction and speech slips.To cope with the problem and achieve total relaxation, patient resorted to the help of alcohol.This story is typical of patients with social phobia.

history of social phobia

From the standpoint of psychoanalysis, it is known that in the first months of a child's life are critical and unfavorable course can create the preconditions for the future of social phobia.This happens when a lack of maternal emotional care.The mother simply has to emotionally communicate with your child, talk gentle voice, while stroking and always smiling.Due to such f

eelings a child receives a confirmation that he coveted, and the world welcomes it.

With a lack of all this baby is restless, anxious, physically weakened, and the world appears hostile, and in that there are germs of the future social phobia.

This problem can be exacerbated if the child care and attention to the other person begins to have a baby sooner or rent in the nursery, kindergarten.Fear of separation from the mother is associated with anxiety to the community, threatening at any moment to take it away forever.Next

fear becomes unconscious and there is an adult after breaking up with a loved one, or the possibility of losing their jobs.

history of social phobia pretty recently attracted the attention of psychiatrists and the term first introduced into the lexicon of psychiatrists in the 60s.However, the more deeply engaged in social phobia have now become, as it is now a problem of fear of society began to gain momentum.Information about the treatment of social phobia has become available, leaked to the press, which caused great interest of the suffering from this disease.For a long time people living in metropolitan areas, it is nowhere to get professional help because of the fear of people took neurosis or refers to a natural shyness.

Treatment of social phobia was symptomatic and limited to the appointment of tranquilizers and psychotherapy, which called ignore their fears and recommendations to pull myself together.I practiced hypnosis and auto-training, but the lack of effectiveness of this treatment for a long time discourages social phobia have to continue this therapy.

Social phobia - Causes

The causes of social phobia are hiding in uncertainty and are deep inside a person.Social phobia is entirely dependent on the estimates and opinions of others.The true causes of social phobia in childhood hiding.Parents and educators are often in their practice using a comparative evaluation in a negative manner, and any inappropriate behavior is repaid words, behave yourself, do not roar like a girl asked - say, and is silent.

thus reinforces the child's subconscious behavior into adulthood, he became the owner of the low self-esteem, which further leads to social phobia.

Another factor is people's fear of the presence of man under stress, as well as long-term emotional stress related to work.

Social phobia is able to develop in a single stressful situations (natural disaster, car accident, disaster or act of terrorism).

Social phobia often serves the primary pathology in people prone to depression, drug addicts and those suffering from alcohol.These factors highlight the need for early diagnosis of social phobia with the aim of forestalling different types of pathology.For example, obesity exists in close relationship with social phobia.

Social phobia - symptoms

Those suffering from social phobia fear of being exposed to unwarranted negative priced around because of forced social interaction.Shyness, anxiety, involuntary embarrassment, fear - closely accompany social phobia and are the main symptoms of the disease.Some patients do not experience physical symptoms, but a strong feeling of fear and embarrassment being around people.If we consider the situations that provoke fear, then they will be as follows: dating, communication with superiors, phone calls, reception of visitors, the various steps in the presence of others (eating, dressing, any work), performance in front of an audience, different banter.

often fear somatic symptoms are: tremors, rapid heartbeat, sweating, muscle tension, feeling cold and heat, as well as headache.

sotsiofobista specific problem.He is afraid of socially significant only for him the situation: being misunderstood, feared condemnation and criticism.Fears of cases linked to the fear of being embarrassed and humiliated.As a result, sotsiofobist in the future to avoid people and situations of fear.

Social phobia - signs

Avoidance behavior, alcohol and psychotropic substances is a sign of social phobia.This in turn leads to increased sotsiofobista from guilt and inner anxiety and fear of occurrence.And only for a while, giving the illusion of liberation from sickness and sham recovery.

Obsessions and fears of social phobia is often accompanied by rituals - activities that are protected by an imaginary misfortune.These rituals are diverse and include singing a melody, as well as clicking your fingers or the repetition of certain phrases.In such forms clearly visible obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

Social phobia does not choose social strata and gender of people, but according to statistics more susceptible to illness lonely and needy people.Male and female differ in preference of avoiding strategies.Men as a cure for social phobia use alcohol, and women hiding in the realization of themselves as housewives.

Statistics owns the data that people fear seizes every ten people.

signs of social phobia: shivering, fever, palpitations, irritable bowel syndrome, sweating, stuttering, confusion in his mind, the loss of a control muscle spasms.

Social phobia in children

Early age of onset is the hallmark of a phobia.

Social phobia in children able to develop with the age of ten.Often, the school serves the first real encounter with a stranger society and successful adaptation does not take place at all.In this regard, social phobia in children causes difficulties in learning and many children refuse to go to school because there is an alarm.

Social phobia - treatment

How to get rid of social phobia?Overcoming social phobia is a complex treatment that includes a six-month-long use of psychotropic drugs, as well as the use of psychotherapy with those of social rehabilitation.

Drug treatment of social phobia include serotonergic antidepressants, MAO inhibitors (Moclobemide), anxiolytics, beta-blockers, benzodiazepines triazole.

indications for treatment of social phobia are the psychosocial disorders, which are expressed in the inability to continue to work, study, establish social bonds.The basis of the treatment of social phobia technique performs psychotherapy.With long-term self-medication a person is not able to take control of the fears and return to normal functioning in society.The next stage of development of social phobia, agoraphobia acts.

Social phobia can be treated effectively, only to delay it not worth it.

How to cure social phobia yourself?What would have been severe violations, they can ease their own, and early treatment of social phobia acts success.It is important to grasp the important provisions of behavioral therapy: quenching disturbing thoughts, develop social skills, overcoming alienation.

first step will make tracking negative thoughts.Such as: "I think employers do not like", "I am confident that she will find me boring."

These thoughts filters to determine their compliance with the true state of affairs.Further, they are transformed into real, turning into a positive.

Developing social skills is carried out daily workout slow speech.This occupation to devote 30 minutes a day.Doing it at home in a very peaceful state, and only after a while practicing slow it trusted people.

Overcoming alienation occurs in situations where the alarm is triggered the most.What do I do?We go to the cafe to drink coffee, go to parties, we start dating, return to the store defective goods, defend their rights peacefully in contentious situations.Gradually the fear will recede.But living on the principle that you are afraid, then do, confidence will take a leading role in your life.

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