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aerophobia photo aerophobia expressed in fear of cold air, and manifests itself in the form of morbid aversion to air, as well as fear of drafts.Aerophobia has another meaning, signifying an obsessive fear of flying.Currently, this is a very common phenomenon, interfering many people quietly endure the natural flight and landing of the aircraft.

aerophobia appears closer to 25 years, and approximately 15% of the adult population suffers from fear of flying.

noticed that the people who are flying on a plane to two times a year, often experiencing severe stress, and the very landing aircraft is seen as a miracle.Statistics has data that suggest that up to 25% of the adult population experiences a wild fear of flying.This is a huge number of people, to deny yourself the pleasure to see the world, to improve career development and to reduce travel time.Fear of flying is very prevents people live a full life and feel all of its charm.For example, the journey across the ocean on the ship will be delaye

d for a long time and much faster to implement it on a plane, but the fear of man stops people to take such a step.

aerophobia can act as an independent phobia, so joining and others fear.These phobias include fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia), fear of heights (acrophobia), fear of fire, because all plane crashes are accompanied by severe fires (pyrophobia), as well as the fear of death (thanatophobia).Therefore aerophobia not relate to the disease, and consider it a symptom.

fear to get in a plane crash is the main factor provoking aerophobia.Fear fly on airplanes is a lot of attention from psychologists to help people cope with this phobia.Great if you are in an airplane of pleasant feelings and looking forward to the upcoming flight.However, many horror carry flight for them is torture and mass of unpleasant emotions.

aerophobia - Causes

often cause fear of flying acts absence or presence of incorrect information about flight safety.Fear of fear of flight due to the fact that a person is afraid and does not know how to find a way out of the situation during the flight when something goes wrong.

accident fear to a lesser extent, because people subconsciously believe that such an accident more likely to survive.Although the statistics increasing the number of fatalities in road accidents is available.

Symptoms aerophobia

Common symptoms aerophobia acts nervousness, growing a few days before the upcoming flight;future passenger can dramatically abandon the flight before the actual flight;during the flight the passenger may experience rapid breathing, increased heart rate, tight muscles, sweaty palms, increased in aerophobia need for alcohol, they analyze the sound and different movement of the crew, are the scene of the crash, while the pre-busy looking for information about a plane crash, as well as their victims.

aerophobia - treatment

Fighting aerophobia is the ability of the patient to relax and control their own emotions, and psychophysical condition.

aerophobia How to get rid of?Coping with aerophobia effective method of helping massive exposure, the essence of which is immersed in a situation that causes the fear of the patient to look fear in the face and not giving a chance to regroup or hide fears.

To overcome aerophobia, the patient must go through with the help of a psychologist enough number of takeoffs and landings as long as the brain learns to relax and cope with panic.

Recreating the atmosphere flight is achieved today with the help of computer technology, as well as with the help of virtual reality.Specially designed computer-optic equipment helps the patient feel yourself on board the aircraft, which is important for the activation of fear.At that moment, the fear is activated, starts working out relaxation skills, while there is repeatedly a virtual flight to complete relaxation.

Fight aerophobia during the flight to effectively help your favorite music, reading a book, watching a movie on a laptop and on the eve of Women recommend to go shopping and to do shopping.For calm in the cabin we recommend unbutton all the buttons, remove watches, loosen the belt.

But most proven cure aerophobia - it is more likely to fly.Live on the principle that you are afraid, and do it often.

is very important and the internal sentiment, straight posture, raised his chin, the inner smile, comfortable posture.Remember that your appearance depends on how you feel inside.

Each new mission will inspire you confidence, and gradually you get used to them and enjoy quality service airlines and fast trip.Everything depends on your mental attitude and internal installation.Soft landing you and pleasant flight!

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