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xenophobia photo Xenophobia is expressed in fear of foreigners, as well as the fear and hatred of everything alien, a stranger, unfamiliar, incomprehensible, is perceived as dangerous and therefore hostile.In the event that xenophobia was erected to the rank of world, it serves the cause of national enmity religious or social division of people.

xenophobia often find many excuses in the address, and thereby give an explanation that they are sick with this disease.People experiencing the fear and dislike of foreigners imply an irrational fear, and sometimes even a real hatred towards people.


xenophobes have no tolerance for foreigners and people talking in a foreign language.Sometimes xenophobia are not always clearly drawn up, it is clearly not welcomed by the authorities and often surrounding this phobia are negative.Xenophobe does not accept new people, and new developments related to both the obvious danger or hostility.Often it is their personal opinion.The topic of xenophobia

and acts multifaceted subject of controversy psychologists who believe that every man for himself is his clear face of this phenomenon.

Xenophobia - examples

Special organization in the United States spread memo containing information about the negative attitude to those who suffer and the proclaiming hatred for people of other nations, different religions, different nationalities and sexual orientations.

believed that xenophobia is able to develop in an environment where people are not willing to take steps to address it.Xenophobic hatred is a naked aggression against the people and the apparent unfriendliness of the rules of etiquette.

Certain groups of people are covered xenophobia and thus explain their hatred, making constant discord in society.Xenophobia can not hide their emotions when a foreign people of other nationalities and deliberately trying to leave this place.At the same time they have a bad mood, dizzy, there is nervousness, aggressiveness, sweating and weakness.

reasons xenophobia

Origin xenophobic fear of the people as the most difficult to explain.Factors and mechanisms of generating xenophobia are political bias and social nature of origin.But it may be true that the origin of the fear of the people hiding in the childhood memories that last a lifetime, and they influenced the future outlook.Keep in mind that an involuntary imitation of parents also affects the attitude toward other people.If a parent showed a negative attitude to people of different nationality or to strangers, then it is indisputable that such behavior will copy the child and repeat the model in the future.An important factor in provoking the development of xenophobia in adolescence are the movies, tabloids, stories peers.Sensitive child's mind works in a way that passes through all the information and take it as a reference.

Teenage xenophobic stereotypes is based on religious, racial and ethnic differences.These stereotypes are the justification and basis for the emergence of hate crimes, and among young people.Psychologists recommend to learn to control their emotions teenagers as early as possible.Since the patient xenophobia ceasing to control their behavior is capable of inappropriate behavior.

biosociology believes that xenophobia is an instrument of adaptation in evolution, which promotes the survival and transmission of genes descendants.For example, fear of strangers may be based on the possibility of infection by pathogens.

combat xenophobia

Many are interested in this question, as the treatment of xenophobia.This is possible, but you need a personal desire of the patient to get rid of social phobia, obsessive as irrational fears and hatred of people significantly spoil the life and lead to frequent conflict situations with others.If you do not get rid of xenophobia, then who knows where it may lead a person.Fear, hatred, aggression and extremism will grow.A time to see a therapist can avoid the above problems.

struggle against xenophobia involves special treatment: training, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy methods.

xenophobia and extremism

Under extremism mean any commitment to any extreme views, and in particular measures.The basis of modern extremism and xenophobia lies in the development of communication, but for all that there is a lack of human unity.Previously, this was difficult to contact different cultures.He is currently an intense, fast and tight.The possibilities of modern air travel allows a person to overcome a considerable distance in a short time and to be in another country and the environment, for example, to earnings.Living in another country a person to maintain contact with the native culture and xenophobes negatively perceive the presence of foreigners, while making comments like this: come in large numbers, that the life of them not.

living in a different cultural environment, foreigners feel at home, taking an active part in society, with their cultural standards are not denied.This situation applies to civilized Europeans who favor the hosts, and outsiders are Arabs, Turks, Chinese.

There is an inverse problem that started it all.Europeans penetrated into all corners of the globe, while living in a European way, making a big impact in the life of other cultures.Xenophobia and extremism are in its basis is not only a clash of civilizations, but also the decline of civilization.Spreading, xenophobia stands a sign of weakening the national spirit.

healthy and confident people who live in our native territories to outsiders and xenophobia does not feel it arises only after the threat to the existence of a people.

Xenophobia in Russia

extremism and xenophobia is primarily under a spiritual foundation, because the spiritual crisis of European civilization provokes these manifestations.I would especially like to note that xenophobia in Russia ahead of the entire planet.

spiritual crisis in Russia is opposed to the spiritual revival.For instance, some Muslims have a dislike to the Russian, explaining that they can not understand their behavior: lack of faith in God, profanity, vtaptyvanie in the mud of motherhood, the moral life of man.Man with certain traditions respectfully accept the fact that someone else has a different faith, family foundations, and on the other hand, the lack of faith itself, as well as foundations causes hatred and contempt.

This revival of traditions of Russian bases will give life a chance to win xenophobia and extremist manifestations.We are primarily talking about the revival of the moral and religious culture of the Russian people.Latest become eternal principles of life: mutual respect, faith, historical memory and conscience.

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