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kleptomania photo Kleptomania - a mental disorder manifested in impulsive unmotivated compulsive stealing items that do not need a man and do not have any value for him.Kleptomania gives too many problems suffering from this disease and in need of serious medical treatment.

nature of the current mania can change all the time, how to intensify and weaken.Some kleptomany steal only certain items (pins, lipstick, shiny objects), someone specializing in sweet foods, and so on. D.

Kleptomania - Causes

doctors find it difficult to indicate the true causes of kleptomania, however, find its origin in yourcase still try.Kleptomania is manifested as a result of any changes in the brain.For example, mania can cause a lack of chemical substance - the neurotransmitter responsible for the production of serotonin.Serotonin is responsible for our good mood and emotional well-being.Reduced serotonin leads to impulsive behavior and kleptomaniac seeks to fill it by theft, because at the time he releases the th

eft of other neurotransmitters - dopamine.This hormone is responsible for our pleasure and good feelings, so kleptomaniac seek their experience again and again.

The causes of kleptomania are the related diseases which are available on the family tree: obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, bipolar disorder, bulimia.The following factors, provoking kleptomania, are: substance abuse, traumatic brain injury, as well as female.But in each case, more research is needed.

Kleptomania - symptoms

was one of the mental disorders, inclination to theft occurs spontaneously, and the patient can not resist the temptation not to steal anything in the store.Even knowing that he would be exposed to a disgrace, a kleptomaniac can not stop, so as not to commit theft.

Kleptomania includes the following symptoms: compulsion to steal objects not necessary, palpitations, and tension before the theft, the sense of satisfaction at the time of the theft and loathing after the theft.

Kleptomania is distinguished from ordinary thieves that personal interests are not pursued at the time of the theft and revenge is not guided.Their theft provoked an internal impulse, dictated from within.

This desire leads them to an excited state, filling a sense of unease and anxiety.To soothe herself, kleptomany commit theft, and only for a time relieved and satisfied, then they have a great sense of guilt, self-loathing, are the scene of arrest.But mania is cyclical and the desire to steal anything repeated.These episodes occur spontaneously, without much planning.

often suffering from kleptomania, go to the crime in public places such as supermarkets or small shops.There are cases where kleptomany commit theft from their friends or acquaintances.Stealing things and objects are never used suffering from kleptomania.There are variations of the transmission of stolen things kleptomaniac other family and friends, or returned to its original place, where they had been abducted.

Symptoms of kleptomania

irrepressible desire to steal any object without an acute need for it, heart palpitations, anxiety, agitation, anxiety and unexplained passing only after the theft.If you own these symptoms of kleptomania are not, you must consult your doctor immediately.Many are afraid of the hospital and the possible arrest, but that did not happen.You will be provided with a qualified mental health care, which will help deal with unmotivated inclination to theft.

If you sincerely want to help the kleptomania of your surroundings, very gently lift this question.Remember, the least eager to expose a kleptomaniac, and help themselves can not.The problem is delicate, you have to be polite and considerate in conversation, while not blaming kleptomaniac.

Kleptomania is a rare disease.This is probably due to the fact that people rarely go to the doctor for help and immediately fall under the investigation of theft.Statistics for this mania is not available, but less than 5% of thefts attributed to kleptomania.

Home kleptomania often have to adolescence, although there are cases of kleptomania in children primary school and adults after 50 years.

psychological portrait kleptomaniac

Compared with ordinary thieves kleptomania, it would be desirable to note that the first excellent feel and are proud that they are thieves.They are filled with anxiety only during the theft or fear of exposure.

kleptomaniac after get high, and suffer reproach himself, consider themselves as law-abiding citizens, and far removed from the criminal world.But they deny stealing not afford.For kleptomania characterized by low self-esteem, a subconscious desire of revenge and loneliness.Kleptomaniac alone can not control yourself, as an act of theft is seen as a comforter.In ordinary life, when the mania retreats kleptomany they are law-abiding citizens.Psychiatrists defend the rights of their patients and insist on the softness of the justice and sanity patient problems are solved individually.

Kleptomania appears self-destroying form of behavior, and the people all the time is under stress, depression, and worries about his misdeeds, blaming himself for it.Obsessive fears a split personality, a sleep disorder, severe internal conflict worried sick kleptomania.Sometimes kleptomania permeates sexual addiction, which bears the character of a fetish.For example, the theft of women's shoes, lingerie.

most avid kleptomany not commit theft every day, because there is a big burden on the psyche.Obviously they are looking for other ways to compensate.Scientists suggest that, after the theft of a kleptomaniac still lives like a drug addict at this dose.Remission kleptomania has three variants duration:

- isolated, rare theft with long periods of remission;

- long periods of remission, and theft;

- chronic kleptomania with periods of instability.

If a comparative analysis, you will find the trigger kleptomania, and other dependencies.We say that a number of delusions, which are similar in pattern to kleptomania:

- vagrancy (fugue, penchant, vagobandazh);

- pyromania (sensation of pleasure from burning);

- bulimia (overeating), anorexia (informed refusal of food);

- sexual dysfunction.

Kleptomania - treatment

Most people suffering from kleptomania, so all my life and live with this mania, as are afraid to seek help from a psychiatrist.And in this case, drug therapy and psychotherapy are able to put an end to compulsive theft.

Healing from kleptomania possible.Program kleptomanicheskogo behavior begins to be formed in early childhood, and for the reorganization of the program need to work with the subconscious.In this direction, a positive working neuro-linguistic programming with the introduction of behavioral psychotherapy.Necessary psychological assistance provided to suffering kleptomania is identical to that used in other drives and behavioral addictions.Cognitive behavioral therapy helps to remove negative beliefs and replace them with positive, healthy.Good practices covert sensitization.The patient is administered psychologically in a condition where he introduces himself at the time of the theft and feels the all the negative consequences of exposure.

necessary to consider the symptoms and syndromes that accompany kleptomania, but remember about the individual characteristics of personality and relationship with his family.It is known that the peace of mind of any person depends on the satisfaction of needs.

How did treat kleptomania?Effective in the treatment of drugs used in the treatment of depression.It antidepressants: fluoxetine (Prozac), fluvoxamine, paroxetine (Paxil);mood stabilizers (lithium), anticonvulsants anticonvulsants Topamax (topiramate), valproic acid;antagonist naltrexone, used to reduce the pleasure associated with theft.

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