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filofobiya photo Filofobiya is the fear of love or fear of this great human feeling of love.And what is love?By love is meant intimate and sincere feeling directed at another person.Love includes the will to constancy and fidelity. There is a sense of spontaneously itself, being free and unpredictable.The feeling of love can not be forced to call, as well as overcome.Perhaps, therefore, who have experienced this feeling before is afraid to experience all the torments of love again.Love turned inside out all the underlying qualities of the person, and only good, giving himself, if, of course, not a love addiction.

Even Ernest Hemingway observed that emptiness fills human life when a person ends up good and bad.And what happens with love, when love goes away?The emptiness that fills the depression after a breakup.And the pain of love after separation and the void can be stopped and fill only found something even better.

People tend to love, but the fear and the fear of falling in love takes up over

a man.And it filofobiya.Understand and help in this case can only experts - psychologists.

reasons filofobii

Causes of filofobii hiding in previous failed relationships, as well as in situations of childhood.

Filofobiya often occurs in people who are interested in it.In their dreams, they connect with love all my happy existence.The soul filofoby very eager to love, but subconsciously suppress it in themselves.Because of this suppression occurs filofobiya.Once having suffered soul obscured by all the "shield" and no longer wishes to love affection.The reasons are many.My first vivid feeling imposes a strong imprint on the vulnerable person and all future choices do not stand comparison with the former love.The slightest deviation from the past perfect is not accepted and compromise becomes irrelevant.So, people moving away from the disappointment immediately tries to exclude long-term contacts with the opposite sex.So filofobiya can leave people unhappy forever.

Another reason filofobii stands in fear of losing a partner and losing his immunity.

Sometimes the fear of love laid in childhood, when parents suppressed unformed personality of the child and brought up a negative attitude to the opposite sex.In adolescence emerges the image of the perfect lover, but invented vertex never be achieved.The child does not understand, as the ideal cut from books, poetry, movies.The collective image is stored on a subconscious level, and since that time become the ideal protection against life.A child growing up never enters into their lives imperfect man.Hence, uncertainty, shyness, anxiety, difficulty in sexual encounters.

also one of the reasons may make filofobii fear of physical imperfection (dysmorphophobia).This fear is infused after infidelity or other sudden detachment.

important reason filofobii act currently changing social values.Love gave way to a career, professional interests, personal freedom.Since filofob believes that love prevents, slows thinking and binds to human.

In general, the main reasons filofobii advocates fear the future to lose a loved one or personal freedom.What to do with this filofobiey?This fear arises from the need of love, and the need for love itself demonstrates the need for self-fulfillment.First-time infatuation prevents sober reason and that's fine, but the emotional outburst alters the perception of reality and allows a person to express themselves as much as possible.

Filofobiya - symptoms

Determine filofoba possible for the following symptoms and signs: closed from the outside world, avoiding contact with the opposite sex, avoiding open-ended questions, clumsiness while flirting and redness, suspiciousness, indecision, anxiety, stuttering, confusionphrases.

man by nature a social being, in need of love.The experience of love is different, however, perceive it to be normal.In any case love stands the internal progress, contributing to look at the world and themselves differently.Loving, fear recedes, and the person ceases to be afraid, he acts without thinking very, very easy, and is seeking cranks is that earlier feared.And people aspiring to love, in spite of the setbacks, are well aware that much more to gain than lose.As for their sense of love is an ideal way to develop in different directions.Love is an instrument that lifts the domestic terminals, as well as to solve complex problems.However, that is done, you need to take the person to stop being afraid and to trust him, but do not forget about yourself.

Opening new man in love, we know ourselves better and improving.Having experienced unrequited love, we are psychologically mature, and thus are able to move forward without fear, because fear of love is not present.

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