Diseases of internal organs



Bauhin Bauhin - inflammation bauginievoy valve (the valve located between the blind and the ileum).The disease is usually accompanied by enteritis and colitis


The main causes of bauginita include:

- ingested with food pathogenic microbes

- Malnutrition deficit of vitamins and protein

- Violation E.peristalsis

- Intolerance of the body of certain foods

- Neuro-endocrine factors

- Upset pulmonary circulation

- Intrauterine infection

due to the impact of unfavorable factors, lost regenerative capacity of the intestinal mucosa, and the inflammation and swelling bauginievoy flap

Symptoms bauginita

Usually Bauhin accompanied by spasmodic intermittent pain in the right iliac fossa.There is a rumbling and bloating, flatulence, stool disorders, nausea and vomiting.Palpation of the abdomen in the area of ​​the right iliac region is painful enough

Diagnostics bauginita

According to the results of laboratory tests, the presence of the disease are detected suf

ficiently serious breach of the digestive function of the intestine and the intestinal microflora.When X-ray and colonoscopy, there are clear signs of enteritis and colitis , and there is swelling and redness in the area bauginievoy flap

Bauhin treatment

treatment necessarily carried out in the hospital and in the case of infectious bauginita - in an infectious diseases ward.Appointed protiviparazitarnaya or antibiotic therapy.If toxic colitis appointed saline laxatives.On the first day of treatment the patient may only drink plenty of liquids (semi-sweet / savory tea).On the second day the patient is transferred to a diet №4, and then 4c and №46.At strong dehydration of splashes or intravenous 0.9% sodium chloride solution, gemodez or 5% glucose solution.Inside appoint holinoliticheskie means preparations of digestive enzymes (Polizim, abomin etc.), Enveloping and binding agents (kaolin, tanalbin etc.).To normalize the intestinal microflora appoint intestopan, bifikol, enteroseptol, kolibakterin and decoctions and infusions of plants, which contain tannins (blueberry, cherry fruit, St. John's wort, rhizomes coil and so on.).With spastic colitis prescribe antispasmodics and anticholinergics.

In combination with medication held physiotherapy aimed at restoration of regulatory and compensatory mechanisms (mud applications, intestinal irrigation, diathermy, etc.).

After the hospital treatment is necessary periodic medical supervision for six months.During this period, you need proper nutrition, consisting of easily digestible food with obligatory taking multivitamin supplements.Eating must be not less than five - six times a day in small portions.

recommended for treatment of exacerbations of sanatorium - resort treatment (Zheleznovodsk, Essentuki, Druskininkai, and the like).

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