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Postgepatitny Syndrome: Symptoms, Treatment

Postgepatitny Syndrome: Symptoms, Treatment

postgepatitny syndrome Postgepatitny syndrome (postgepetitnaya jaundice postgepatitnaya hyperbilirubinemia) - a set of symptoms, which is characterized by mild residual hyperbilirubinemia, with increased blood levels of free (indirect) hyperbilirubinemia were found inSome patients who recover from acute viral hepatitis, without evidence of other morphological and functional changes in the liver

Postgepatitny syndrome symptoms

In some cases, patients have fatigue, slight dyspeptic symptoms and general weakness.In most cases, liver permissible dimensions (palpation painless and soft), can sometimes be slightly increased.After a few weeks (and sometimes months) symptoms disappear completely

Postgepatitny syndrome treatment

hospital treatment of patients with this syndrome do not need.Recommended light reception choleretic drugs (mineral water, extract of corn stigmas, etc.), And vitamin complexes.Conducting electricity and teploprotsedur in the liver area is not

desirable.You must also adhere to the mandatory diet, which is to eliminate from the diet of alcohol, fatty and spicy dishes.

Employability patients remains, but you want to limit as much as possible the physical and nervous load.

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