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Depression (depressive state)

depression (depressive state)

Depression Photo depression or depressive state - the state of mental disorder, which is characteristic of "depressive triad."This triad is characterized by a sharp decrease in mood and personal self-esteem, loss of interest in life and the ability to experience joyful moments, motor retardation.

Every year a growing number of cases of depression, and every fifth inhabitant of the planet has experienced in his life depression.The danger of this disease is a threat of abuse antidepressants, psychotropic drugs, alcohol, drugs.All types of depression can be successfully treated, but despite this the number of cases of severe depression is growing and universal cure for depression has not been found.Mental disorders affect 10% of the inhabitants of our planet over 40 years, and among people over 65 years of depressive disorders are three times more likely.Depression is common among young people in the range of 10 to 16 years.How to get out of depression, as well as how to cope with

depression on their own?Ask a question a lot of people.First of all, you must correctly identify the type of depression and this will help experts

Causes of Depression Causes

origin of depression and depressive states are different.It can be dramatic experiences associated with the loss of a loved one or a job and position in society.In this case, reactive depression related to an external event or situation.And in the absence of psychological or physical reasons we are talking about the internal endogenous depression.One theory of depression - lack of biogenic amines (dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine).Lack of sunlight is seasonal depression.Side effects of drugs also causes depression in people.If you cancel the medication comes deliverance from depression.Admission neuroleptic neuroleptics provokes severe depression, lasting up to two years.But the abuse of alcohol, sedatives and opiates, stimulants and drugs develops the most frequent depression.Somatogenic develop depression as a result of physical illness.And these diseases are numerous and include neurological, endocrine and other systemic diseases.

Neurological diseases : Wilson's disease, stroke, traumatic - brain injury, dementia, sleep apnea syndrome, epilepsy, narcolepsy, Huntington's chorea, Parkinson's disease, hydrocephalus, tumors of the CNS

Endocrine diseases : disease Itsenko-Cushing's disease, Addison's disease, postpartum hormonal changes, hyperparathyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, diabetes

Somatic state : uremia, chronic hepatitis, tumors, porphyria, viral infections, avitominoz, hypercalcemia, hyponatremia

Depression symptoms

Symptoms of depressionIt manifested in violations of sleep and wakefulness, increased irritability and anger, apathy, sadness and solitude, fatigue, and decreased vitality, pessimism, eating, headache, loss of appetite, stomach cramps, diarrhea, fear and refusal to perform duties, suicide attempts

Types of Depression

All kinds of depression differ in nature, symptoms and duration.There are the following types: classic, neurotic, psychogenic, postpartum, circular, acute or clinical, chronic, or dysthymia, atypical, bipolar or manic, seasonal and psychotic depression

Depression treatment

Treating depression can be performed on an outpatient basis, but ifpatient difficult deep depression, the treatment must necessarily take place in the hospital.Medical practice has proved successful depression treatment with modern antidepressants, tranquilizers and psychotherapy techniques that are both individual and group orientation.Psychological help for depression is important for the patient.Psychologist to learn to cope with their fears, anxieties, because many types of depression have very bad consequences.By establishing contact with the sick, the doctor gives the patient to understand that depression successfully cured as soon as the beginning of the coming depression.It is important to learn to recognize the symptoms of a depressive state and competently to find a way out of depression.It is important to understand the ill that depression treatment is a long process.And the best cure for depression is patience and time.The time frame of recovery in the region of six months.To be effective, the treatment of depression is important to use safe, effective drugs and combinations thereof, and the main force to focus on the elimination of irritability, anxiety, apathy, fear, normalization of sleep and to eliminate headaches treatment of depression

treatment of depression with antidepressants

most successfulused method of treatment in which leave depressions of different origin.Antidepressants take over the function of reducing the negative mood or depressive affect yield.It is very important that they do not cause euphoria and did not affect the mood enhancement as psychotropic substances.Widely used monoamine oxidase inhibitors and tricyclics, and recently started to use in the treatment of depression medications four cyclic and also mono- and bicyclic structures.The new generation of antidepressants pleased to be effective in the treatment and that it is important not to adversely affect brain activity.Normalization of sleep and appetite - these are the first signs of recovery after taking antidepressants.Then gradually reduced the level of anxiety and motor inhibition, feelings of hopelessness and despair, there is vigor and improves mood, improves mental, as well as overall body tone.Antidepressants are prescribed for request orally, intramuscularly or intravenously.Many of the drugs requires applied only once daily at bedtime.It is necessary to strictly adhere to their treatment regimens doctor.During treatment of depression should give up drinking alcohol, driving a car, working with high concentration of attention.In the presence of chronic diseases, pregnant women suffering from depressive disorder according to his doctor, who follows the process of recovery and adjusts the dosage of antidepressants.Violation of the scheme making antidepressants or rejection of them leads to a relapse of a depressive condition, disability and suicidal outcomes.To avoid this, after being discharged from the clinic should continue to keep in touch with your doctor, as well as to carry out his instructions clearly.It is important to know that an overdose of antidepressants contributes to excitation, insomnia, allergic reactions, cardiac arrhythmia

widely used antidepressants in the treatment of depressive disorders

antidepressants, stimulants : inkazan, moclobemide (auroriks) inkazan, fluoxetine (Prozac)eprobemide, desipramine (petilil) sidnofen, tsefedrin, nortriptyline, imipramine (imipramine, Tofranil), nuredal (Nialamide)

Antidepressants balanced action : clomipramine (Anafranil, gidifen) noxiptiline (agedal) tetrindol, kinupramin (kinuprin,kevoril, kinupril), sertraline (Zoloft), pirazidol, paroxetine (aropaks, Paxil, Seroxat), maprotiline (ludiomil)

Antidepressants, sedatives : trimipramine (syurmontil, gerfonal) sinekvan (doxepin), mianserin (tolvon, miansan), trazodone (Deser, trittiko) azafen, fluvoxamine (Luvox, floksifral) eprobemide, opipramol (insidon, pramolon) Nialamide (niamid, Esprit, nuredal, novazid), moclobemide (auroriks) pirizidol (pirlindol) tetrindol,inkazan (metralindol) fluacizine (sinekvan), amitriptyline (triptizol, Damilya, Elavil), doxepin (sinekvan), fluvoxamine (Luvox, floksifral), doxepin

Depression Prevention

Preventive measures for preventing depression include: avoiding stressand conflict situations, taking care of their health, taking into account the right of fortified food, compliance regime moments, organizing recreation, regular communication with nice people

People treated for depression

included in the daily diet of bananas, carrots, carrot juice.Successfully used in the national treatment of depression and decoctions different herbs chamomile flowers, asters, ginseng, angelica root, Knotweed, Aralia Manchu, lung gentian, peppermint.In conjunction with the national medical drugs treating depression gives a good result.And remember that whatever in its etiology was not depression, it is important to know that this is a mental disorder requiring skilled care psychiatrist.

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