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Classical depression

Classical depression

classic depression photo Classic depression - quite a serious depressive disorder, which has the following symptoms: hesitancy, decreased alertness, decreased self-esteem, guilt and obsession with self-deprecation, a bleak vision of the future.The man depressed spent whole days lying in bed, staring at one point. life passes him, he did not wonder if he suffers from the suicide of his stops apathy to everything.For a classical characteristic of depression in the course of the hidden masked form, which causes difficulty in diagnosing it

Causes Depression

Causes of depression are diverse.This may be due to subtle biochemical abnormalities of the central nervous system, namely the depletion of neurotransmitters.The most common reasons - mental stress (fatigue, diseases of internal organs, internal conflict, prolonged pain, surgery, depressed after breaking up)

classic depression symptoms

Symptoms of depression are varied: it is a constant sadness and thoughts of death;loss of vital energy

and attempts to commit suicide;feelings of hopelessness, and headaches;loss of pleasure from favorite activities;differences in appetite, which leads to weight loss;difficulty in concentrating and impaired sexual function;Increased tearfulness, toothache;difficulty in making decisions, and irritability;unexplainable pain and increased need for sleep, alternating with insomnia

Depression test

affordable way to diagnose depression - is to pass a test to determine the classical depression.The most popular test of the American Psychological Association.

Its essence lies in the counting of the following symptoms:

- every day depressed mood

- every day loss of interest and a sense of fun

- reduction or weight gain, and in consequence of the reduction or increase in appetite

- psychomotor agitation or retardation

- insomnia or hypersomnia

- every day, fatigue and lack of energy

- every day a sense of futility or the presence of ideas of guilt

- decreased ability to think and be careful

- difficulty in making decisions

-recurring thoughts of death, permanent intention suicidal

Interpretation of test

Five or more positive choices symptoms within two weeks indicates that the test is experiencing depression to a great extent, and it holds a deep depression

from two and upfive positive choices symptoms warns that test small depression

Exit depression

Experts believe that the way out of the depression, which had acquired the initial stage, you can start your own.About how to overcome and how to cope with depression alone says a lot: first of all, do not set ourselves challenges and voluminous work is divided into parts and to carry out the priority;eliminate hunger, caffeine and refined sugar;I do not overeat, and preference is given to a food remedy for depression - chocolate, bananas and nuts;adoption of major decisions to carry out in a good mood and discussed initially with relatives;avoid loneliness and to do that improves mood, like playing sports outdoors or taking a bath scented with pleasant music.If the condition does not improve, and kept for two weeks - should get professional help for depression from experts

Classical depression treatment

effectiveness of treatment of depression depends on the right set the causes and forms of the depression.Classical amenable to successful treatment of depression tricyclic antidepressants that increase brain serotonin and norepinephrine.These include nortriptyline, imipramine, amiltriptilin and other drugs.But the effect of these different antidepressants.Amitriptyline acts predominantly calming effect, and imipramine with stimulating.Positive changes in and out of depression is observed in the range from a few days to two months.And the shape of the depression, the therapist will choose the best option antidepressants.But ideally, the best cure for depression combine antidepressants and psychotherapy sessions.How to treat depression after discharge from the hospital if the symptoms return?First of all, do not lose touch with your doctor and act clearly in its prescription.Often for a radical solution of the problem will require psychotherapy and medication doldrums 1 2 times a year for several years.

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