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Atypical depression

Atypical depression

atypical depression photo Atypical Depression - a widespread mental disorder as a type of major depression, characterized by a complex treatment and special characteristics.This depression is inherent in the people who have previously suffered from classical depression.Psychiatrists believe that atypical depression is a mild form of bipolar disorder (manic depression).This mental disorder can develop in conjunction with other diseases: with hypothyroidism in the presence of the syndrome lack of growth hormone

Atypical depression causes

Causes of atypical depression acts: violation of the brain chemical balance (serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine);genetic factor (see Genetics violation of the relationship between chromosome 18 and 4);endocrine balance, as well as water and electrolyte metabolism;the loss of a loved one, and interpersonal conflicts arising guilt;abuse (emotional, physical, sexual);important events (job loss, relocation, graduation - school, college, retirement);heart diseas

e, stroke, cancer, HIV;abuse of alcohol and drugs;expulsion from social groups;voluntary self-isolation

Atypical depression symptoms

symptoms of atypical depression acts instant reaction to events (joy or sadness);mood swings, hypersomnia (up to 14 hours a day), doing nothing, loss of interest and emotions, loss of sense of reality, constant overeating, sensitivity to rejection in any requests or activities, feeling lifting weights and heaviness in the limbs, the manifestation of excitementand anger

Atypical depression treatment

How to get yourself out of depression without doctors?Getting rid of depression should start with establishing the cause of the sick and the desire to find a way out of depression.A good remedy for depression - a mandatory visit to the psychotherapy sessions and observance of all doctor's instructions.Disorders found in the initial stage, are treated successfully and quickly, so do not waste time.And in the form of running a mental disorder can be cured with the help of anti-depressants such as monoamine oxidase inhibitors and selective (iprazid, iproniazid, isoniazid, and others), but they have bad side effects.Therefore, in order to avoid this negative moment, you must strictly adhere to the diet prescribed by the doctor.A special feature of this diet is to limit the consumption of food rich in tyramine.This smoked meat, salami, smoked meat, pizza, sauerkraut, beer, soy and expired products.Tyramine, which is in these products, inhibits the action of monoamine oxidase and amino acids.The very beginning of the disease referred to as adolescence and all the treatment of mental illness build on antidepressants and psychotherapy sessions.Psychological help for depression and a family and group psychotherapy gives a positive result, but provided employment for a long time (up to two years).Family therapy aims to restore relations in the family, and the group gives the possibility of establishing individual and group relations in society.And thanks to therapy that corrects the underlying changes in the character, there comes a gradual recovery of the patient

How to deal with depression

best way to fight - is prevention of recurrence of depression.Prevention includes a healthy lifestyle, respect for all aspects of regime, exercise, daily walks, favorite work, avoidance of conflict, various leisure with pleasant moments.Even if a depression comes, it will force people to recover faster.Keep calm in the event of stress, do not blame yourself for what is happening, analyze the situation and live with good thoughts further.

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