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Seasonal Depression

seasonal depression

seasonal depression Photo Seasonal depression is a mental disorder in the autumn and spring, at which show signs of atypical depression.This mental disorder has a length from autumn to mid-spring, including winter (winter depression).This disorder is subject to 5% of the world population.In studies conducted in Alaska, we found a seasonal disease in one in four local resident.However, on the other hand there are also people suffering from mental disorders with the arrival of summer

cause of seasonal depression

reason for the fall, spring, winter depression is an inhibition in the brain transmit impulses from neuron to neuron due to changes in the central nervous system of detentionchemical (acetylcholine, serotonin, norepinephrine).Studies have shown that in the winter in the brain serotonin content is lower than in summer.And an important regulator of the exchange of serotonin, melatonin acts, the production of which depends on the amount of daylight.Serotonin is a hormone of calmness and go

od humor, and in the darkness it is converted into melatonin, and the man begins to feel sleepy.Seasonal disorders are mild, moderate, severe

seasonal depression - symptoms

Symptoms of seasonal psychiatric disorders clearly expressed in the first half of the day, and by the evening improved the condition of the sick.Also, as in the case of atypical depression patients complain of depressed mood and decreased activity, somnolence, and anxiety experienced during the day, increased appetite to overeating and a substantial increase in weight due to the use of a large amount of carbohydrate foods.As a result, the overall tone is lowered, there is a lingering weakness and unpleasant sensations in the body, the common physical ailments (a variety of pain), a decrease in mental activity, and reduction of mental processes (memory, attention).

How to deal with seasonal depression in the autumn - spring period?This question is of interest to many suffering from this disease.First of all it is important to see the general practitioner of the patient latent symptoms of seasonal depression, because only 30% of cases of depression are recognized.This is due to the fact that the disorder is not clearly expressed by the majority of symptoms and suffering from seasonal depression, according to its normal state.Ill believe that they have been changes in the nature and it's just hard, lazy start a new business and are therefore scattered experiencing boredom, lack of joy and irritable.During this period, particularly acutely and painfully endure separation from loved ones, the failure of which may lead to irreparable suicidal actions

seasonal depression - treatment

Treatment autumn and spring disorders includes light therapy as the main reason of mental disorder appears a lack of sunlightSveta.Light acts as a stimulator of metabolic processes, and strengthens the immune system.To remove the depressive symptoms are successfully using the device "BLT", the production of Switzerland.On the effectiveness of this method is not inferior to treatment with antidepressants nodepress, which has a high antidepressant activity, devoid of side effects and addiction.There are techniques of suggestion, which is achieved through a state of relaxation and sleep.And, of course, about any self-medication should not talk to go if you have a heavy degree of the form of seasonal depression.It is mandatory should go to a mental hospital for help.And on the stage of recovery, with reversal of the disease, help with depression will psychologist

Prevention seasonal depression

More than half of cases of seasonal disorders in later life have relapses.And the number of cases among women several times more women than men.

Therefore, prevention of seasonal depression include the following rules: early morning rise and a good night's sleep;nutrition, but not very nutritious;healthy lifestyle (walking, exercise, meeting with friends), avoidance of alcohol and negative situations, watching your favorite movies and listening to pleasant music, acceptance of fragrant baths with massage, having sex.

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