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Clinical depression (major depression)

Clinical depression (major depression)

clinical depression pictures clinical depression or severe depression - a pronounced mental illness that manifests itself throughout the day and can last for quite a long time.This mental disorder requires immediate intervention specialists.About 25% of people on the planet are experiencing in their lives at least one episode of major depression.This disease affects all segments of the population

signs of depression

clinical signs (severe) depression are depression and a feeling of worthlessness;longing and sleep disorders (intermittent low-quality sleep);feelings of guilt because of the meaninglessness of existence;causeless constant anxiety for their loved ones, the future and the sense of foreboding;Search disease in itself and the emergence of fears;violation of appetite and the appearance of psychosomatic disorders;disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and joint pain;migraine and skin disorders;reduction of energy potential, sexual desire and poorly organized activity;r

estlessness, agitation and irritability;suicidal thoughts and intentions

treatment of clinical depression

main role in the treatment given to medical methods in special clinics.And the selection of drugs is strictly individual.Self-medication, suffering from mental illness can only hurt.The psychiatrist will determine the severity of the depressive condition and prescribe appropriate treatment.The effect of the treatment is necessary to reinforce the work of the therapist and a psychologist, because severe depression is different from other psychiatric disorders, the root cause, hidden in the depths of the subconscious (fears, trauma, unfinished relationships, negative experiences).The task of the physician to discover the root causes, to get to the depths of the subconscious, take them out and teach the patient to control the situation, helping to be sure of himself, by strengthening self-esteem and self-worth.Psychologists help people get out of depression work by combining multiple methods (behavior therapy, humanistic psychotherapy, psychoanalysis).An interesting method for changing sensations in the body, as a solution to psychological problems.The psychologist teaches patients to change their habitual facial expressions, his gait, position of the body in different situations in order to achieve results in the fight against depressive disorder.Learn how to remove the overvoltage - the main task of the first stage of treatment for depression.Special training act, in this case a good tool.Their essence lies in the ability to copy the behavior of healthy, happy people (straightening the back and shoulders, head held high, a smile) until until it becomes the norm.

auxiliary methods of treatment are the massage, art therapy, bibliotherapy.Psychotherapy gives a result, provided that the patient is ready to cooperate and wants to quickly recover.

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