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Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis

contact dermatitis photos Contact dermatitis - inflammation of the appearance of the skin that occur due to effects on the skin vserazlichnyh irritants or allergic substances.Typically, such factors are represented irritating chemical agent that used during work at home, or are present in the composition of most pharmaceuticals may also be contained in the clothing, food, etc.However, the development of contact dermatitis occurs if the components fall onto the skin irritation.The interaction of an allergen with a skin rash appears, it is a reaction allergic origin, accompanied by inflammation of the skin.

Like many other diseases allergic contact dermatitis often may have been developed for those people who have a predisposition to it.

Contact dermatitis causes

skin, which is also the body that has a definite place in the event of a delayed hypersensitivity reactions and immediate types.Moreover, according to some opinions of scientists, the skin is an immune organ that can be confirmed in her

existing centers of lymphoid, are involved in hypersensitivity reactions and also take part in the formation of inflammatory lesions of the immune nature.

Causes contact dermatitis is directly dependent on the type of disease.Thus, contact dermatitis may occur due to contact of the skin with poisonous plants, chemicals, etc.Not only this, a variety of mechanical irritation, for example, footwear (close) is the cause of the disease.Contact dermatitis can also be caused by skin burns and frostbite, and direct sunlight.

Also worth noting is that the reason, and, often with the appearance of contact dermatitis may make substances and compounds Chemical Plan, among them are: paints for hair dyeing, washing powder, emulsion, a number of medicinal and cosmetic products in the form of ointments and creams.

Most often, there is the appearance of facial contact dermatitis and contact dermatitis on their hands.

Photo contact dermatitis on the face

contact dermatitis on the face photo

contact dermatitis on the face may arise primarily because of the use of cosmetics to care for him and applying makeup.

contact dermatitis on the hands may appear after work with a variety of chemicals, such as: dish detergent, paint and varnish products for the repair, use of ointments and creams for hands, etc.Even the basic tool for removing nail polish can cause irritation to the skin of hands.

It should be noted that the skin on the face and hands is very thin, thus explains its frequent inflammation, especially those groups of people who are generally very sensitive to any kind of allergens and irritants.

Photo contact dermatitis on their hands

contact dermatitis on the hands Photo

contact dermatitis symptoms

On presentation and course of the pathological process in the skin are acute and chronic contact dermatitis.

In acute contact dermatitis occurs swelling of the skin, its strong reddening.Also, there are small bubbles and nodules, and sometimes may be brown and intertrigo.In exceptional cases, there are more extensive lesions places that have large blisters and necrotic changes in nature.Patients with the itching of the skin, burning it and feeling the heat.There may be also a pain.

Chronic contact dermatitis occurs when prolonged or constant friction and pressure at which the force is relatively small.The skin thickens, may develop as a result of infiltration and lichenification thickening of the epidermis and the development of hyperkeratosis.

For example, different types of ionizing radiation exposure (X-rays, the sun's rays, beta-, alpha- and gamma-rays, neutron radiation) develop acute or chronic radiation dermatitis.Depending on the dose, which has a penetrating power of radiation and the sensitivity of the individual, a contact dermatitis is manifested by erythema with some kind of bluish or purple shades, hair loss, bullous reaction that occurs on a background of intense edema and hyperemia.In such cases the reception process ends inflammatory alopecia, skin atrophy, telangiectasia formation.There may also be a violation of skin pigmentation - there is "X-ray, mottled skin" develops necrotic reaction with the emergence plohozazhivayuschih ulcers and erosions.

contact dermatitis arising from the chemical action of strong alkalis and acids, alkali metal salts, etc.This dermatitis develops rapidly and sharply, the disease comes amid necrosis to form a kind of crust, and after a discharge is erosion or ulcer.

Allergic contact dermatitis

Allergic contact dermatitis - inflammation of the skin that is caused by exposure to the substance directly to the skin (irritant), or allergies.
Very often as irritants in the development of dermatitis of contact may make the product latex, nickel, household chemicals, medicines, etc.. The principle of the development of allergic contact dermatitis is not quite complex: the allergen with irritating falling on the skin and close contact with hercontribute to the development of inflammation.Thus, as well as other allergic diseases, allergic contact dermatitis has been developed only in individuals who are predisposed to such diseases, and sensitivity to a particular antigen.

Allergic contact dermatitis as already indicated above, is shown on such areas of skin that are in direct contact with a particular allergen.Thus, in infants with an allergic reaction to latex allergic contact dermatitis develops around and around the mouth, in the place where there is contact with the teat skin.The cashier having an allergic reaction to nickel allergic contact dermatitis has been developed on the palms and fingers, that is, in places of contact of skin with coins.Do pharmacists and employees of pharmaceutical plants due to the constant contact with the powder drugs allergic contact dermatitis affects the skin on the hands.In women who are metallic decoration may be allergic contact dermatitis in the neck, earlobes, on other parts of the body that are in contact with the metal.
often change the skin for allergic contact dermatitis called eczema.

first signs and symptoms of allergic contact dermatitis develop immediately, but after a certain time after contacting the allergen with the skin in a few hours or days.

main symptoms of allergic contact dermatitis are presented: swelling and redness of a certain area of ​​the skin that had contact with the allergen;itching pronounced in an area of ​​redness;occurrence of bubbles on the skin with a transparent liquid of different diameter and size;when bursting the bubble formed by erosion, characterized by painful areas without surface layer;during subsiding inflammation on the skin crust remain a certain time, with subsequent formation strupikov.

Photos of allergic contact dermatitis

allergic contact dermatitis has developed after the application of cosmetics

Treatment of allergic contact dermatitis is the correct diagnosis: mainly, according to the patient's allergic and collecting samples;properly selected prescribing.As a general rule, prescribe anti-inflammatory ointment (flutsinar, sinaflana, Sulfuric ointment, etc.) and antihistamine medications (Diazolin etc.).A prerequisite is considered to avoid contact of the skin with an allergic substance.

Contact dermatitis in children

Pediatric skin is much softer and thinner than an adult.Because the inflammation and as a result of contact dermatitis can begin much more quickly, and the list of irritants is very, very extensive.For example, inflammation may develop from contact with urine, feces or sweat the child from contact with the hygiene and cosmetics (cream, detergent, shampoo) from mechanical friction (seams on the garment, that's because they, and doing outdoor orflat), by contact with metal objects.

contact dermatitis in children, with the proviso that it is not of allergic origin, typically does not require special treatment and often runs independently.But we should remember that can join a bacterial secondary infection, such as staphylococcus, which may complicate the nature of the disease.

symptoms of contact dermatitis in children: redness, itching, burning, swelling, sensation of heat, and the temperature increase in the sites of inflammation.

Treatment consists obrabatyvanii damaged skin emollient and antiseptic agents (butter peach and apricot), obrabatyvanii dries means (baby powder), the application of antipruritic and anti-inflammatory ointments applied antihistamines for allergic contact dermatitis in a child, use of antimicrobial drugs for accedinginflammation, use of air baths.

Photo contact dermatitis in children

contact dermatitis in the child's photo

prevention of contact dermatitis in children is to wash baby clothes special powders, avoiding contact baby's skin with chemicals, wearing baby clothes without dyes (natural cotton or linen), bathing a child with special childrenfacilities for bathing, use and timely replacement of diapers, refusal of toys sold in the market, and Chinese-made toys.

Contact dermatitis treatment

Treatment Contact dermatitis is a common way to get rid of the annoying factors.Sick of his life must delete objects and substances that can cause allergic reactions on the skin.Compliance with this requirement can contribute to the cessation of the inflammatory lesions of contact dermatitis due to drugs without interference.

That is, throughout the life of the patient who is prone to contact dermatitis, is forced to avoid the substances that are allergens.It should also be borne in mind that the range of allergens may be gradually expanded.Therefore, if you have any rashes that resemble contact dermatitis, it is necessary in the near future to eliminate the reasons for them to call.

But there are cases where contact with an irritant to avoid simply impossible (working moments or household).Then, prior to reaction with the stimulus desirable to take medications antihistaminic action.A big plus is that today in pharmacies, these drugs exhibited a large and rather wide range, so each patient can pick up a drug.

treatment of contact dermatitis are often directed to the treatment of inflammation of a particular area of ​​the skin.When the skin blisters or bubbles from the serous fluid color, the physician may prescribe antihistamines to eliminate itching not to damage such sites of infection.These drugs, for example, can be safely attributed the easiest, cheapest and affordable drug Diazolin.It is administered in a dose: 1 tablet three times a day, schematically.

Along with antihistamines prescribed basic treatment.It is the use of anti-inflammatory ointments action (ointment flutsinar).In its structure there are steroids that are in contact with damaged skin causes tissue regeneration, eliminate infiltration and swelling of the skin at the site of inflammation.When the mechanical rubbing of the skin recommend the use of conventional zinc containing ointment (Sulfuric ointment).

However, in all matters that relate to the treatment of contact dermatitis, eliminating its symptoms, methods and factors of its treatment in different cases should contact the specialists, dermatologists, and not to self, which often brings only temporary relief.

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