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Perioral dermatitis

perioral dermatitis

perioral dermatitis photos perioral dermatitis - a fairly common dermatologic disease manifested by inflammation and irritation of the skin in the area around the mouth and chin, as the rash and redness.The most frequently perioral dermatitis observed in young women, but in recent years it is increasingly beginning to diagnose in children.Perioral dermatitis was first described in the mid-50s of the last century.Today, the number of reported cases of the disease decreased significantly, which is directly connected with the use of corticosteroids for treatment.

perioral dermatitis causes

The causes of perioral dermatitis today finally determined.However, according to the data of numerous observations, perioral dermatitis may be caused by one, or a combination of the following factors:

- Perhaps the main factor of the onset of rash consider the use of steroid ointments and creams (hydrocortisone, prednisolone)

- Use of low-quality cosmetics for skin oftenprovokes the development of a rash.Obs

ervations showed that in the first place of such means is foundation

- fluoride toothpaste can either provoke a rash and aggravate existing

- Ultraviolet radiation and strong winds

- Enough rarely trigger the development of rashes can oral contraceptives

- No less important factor for perioral dermatitis is the current hormonal status.Before the period of menstruation, most women have been increasing incidence of rash

- also rashes can help fungus and bacteria that live in the hair follicles

During observations, it was noted that the perioral dermatitis is much more common in people who skincare parallel useSeveral cosmetics.This is confirmed by studies of Australian scientists, who showed that the simultaneous use of 3-cosmetics (nourishing night cream, moisturizing day cream, foundation) for the face, increasing the risk of perioral dermatitis thirteen times, whereas the use of only one moisturizer is absolutelyIt does not increase the risk of developing the disease.

recently been observed acceleration of the development of the disease among men.It is also explained by the fact that modern men for facial skin care are increasingly using a variety of cosmetics.

perioral dermatitis in children often develops as a result of the use of inhalers and sprays with glucocorticoid hormones.However, regarding the communication of glucocorticoid drugs and perioral dermatitis want to make one significant update.Symptoms perioral dermatitis occurs only after the termination of use of these glucocorticoid drugs, whereas during treatment, it is not.

Glucocorticoid hormone ointments have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, which results in a significant reduction of disease symptoms (itching disappear, reduced acne, the skin gets a natural color).On the third day after the application of glucocorticoid creams skin condition significantly improved, whereas after only a few days after you stop using these medications, perioral dermatitis symptoms returned, and in a more pronounced form.

Some researchers still include perioral dermatitis to a variety of rosacea, but it is not completely confirmed, as these skin lesions are very different nature of the lesions.Besides perioral dermatitis often appears earlier than the age of rosacea.

perioral dermatitis symptoms

perioral dermatitis usually manifests the appearance on the skin around the mouth of small pink or red spots or small knobby points.In addition, elements of the rash may appear under the nose, cheeks, chin and around the eyes (rare).It looks very similar to cutaneous manifestations of acne, but this is not it.

skin around and under by the tubercles is usually pink or red.After some time on the site of pimples and bumps often remain dark spots.

most cases, located directly around the lips strip of skin is not affected, or is affected much less than the skin area which is much more distant from the mouth.Education can be arranged as a group, and isolation.Most often, perioral dermatitis does not cause pain or itching, but sometimes patients complain of a slight burning sensation in the rash.

Children usually found granulomatous perioral dermatitis.This form differs from the usual color papules (corporal, brownish-yellow, pink) and places of localization (scalp, around the ears, the skin on the feet and hands on the lips of the labia).

This dermatological diseases hazardous to health is not, however, due to cosmetic defects and discomforts, it gives patients severe discomfort.

perioral dermatitis treatment

The most common problem perioral dermatitis can be resolved without the intervention of a doctor, but there are cases where specialist advice for planning effective and safe treatment can not be avoided.Below we present the recommendations of both the independent decision of the problem, and those cases in which, without the intervention of a qualified physician simply can not do.

fix it myself perioral dermatitis at home

According to most dermatologists for self-deliverance from perioral dermatitis is sufficient compliance with the following recommendations:

- In the case of enriched fluoride toothpaste, you should try to replace itthe usual

- should be completely stop using absolutely any means to care for the facial skin (gels, masks, lotions, powders and so forth.).This will help to understand what influences the development of perioral dermatitis

- Be sure to stop the use of glucocorticoid creams and ointments.When using sprays or inhalers with glucocorticoid hormone, should consult a doctor about their temporary suspension or possible replacement

These recommendations relate to the so-called "zero-therapy."They suggest exception of funds that can cause skin irritation, do not include the use of any kind of drugs.

would like to draw attention to the fact that immediately after the rejection of glucocorticoid agents, skin condition can worsen significantly, however, after several weeks (typically two - three weeks) will be noticeably significant improvement.

main reason for the "zero therapy" does not bring the desired result is that some patients after the rejection of the above means, continue to use other drugs, which they consider "essential" and "absolutely safe."

When and how to treat perioral dermatitis medication

to review the tactics of the disease and establish the cause of the disease should be referred to a doctor in the following cases:

- If the three weeks after the rejection of the use of any means to care for skin has been noImproving the condition of skin

- If an unambiguous rejection of cosmetic products, for whatever reasons, can not

- In an emergency, a rapid improvement in skin condition

- In the case of a very strong peeling and inflammation of the skin to form a plurality of purulent acne

usuallythe doctor prescribes treatment perioral dermatitis using anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics.In most cases, treatment is carried out by so-called topical preparations - antibiotics in the form of ointments, creams or gels.The most proven and well-established products are topical 2% erythromycin and metronidazole 1%.Almost immediately after the start of treatment with topical antibiotics skin condition could deteriorate markedly, but after three or four weeks of treatment showed significant improvement begins.

Treatment with oral antibiotics is carried out in case of failure "zero treatment" and treatment with topical antibiotics that after four weeks of use have not brought positive results.In the treatment of perioral dermatitis is currently the most effective antibiotics are tetracycline (doxycycline, minocycline, tetracycline) and macrolides (clarithromycin, erythromycin).

perioral dermatitis treatment with antibiotics is usually carried out for up to eight weeks, and after the first four weeks of receiving the drug dosage is usually halved.

Because childhood tetracycline antibiotics are contraindicated for use, the treatment of perioral dermatitis in children is carried out by using mainly macrolides.

should know that treatment with oral antibiotics must necessarily be carried out by a doctor, and under his constant supervision.Sometimes, due to the prolonged use of antibiotics may develop a dangerous intestinal infection, so a doctor can promptly and adequately respond to the abolition of the drug or its substitute safer.

Diet for perioral dermatitis is to avoid the consumption of spicy and spicy food and alcoholic beverages.

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