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All the weeks of pregnancy

All the weeks of pregnancy

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present to your attention a full calendar of pregnancy on the weeks in which a very detailed description of all the weeks of pregnancy from the moment of conception the baby, and up tomost births.With our calendar you will effortlessly be able to track how your pregnancy proceeds by week, getting to know the smallest detail of all periods of fetal development.In addition, you will learn the basic signs of pregnancy, as well as emotional and hormonal reactions in your body.

Not all women know about the pregnancy from the moment of conception, so for most of them the pregnancy becomes a real surp

rise.Below are the main most typical signs of the condition of pregnancy

main symptoms of pregnancy

- perhaps the earliest and most distinctive sign of pregnancy are sensitive their swollen sore nipples and breasts.The area around the nipples darken and grow.This is due to an increase in a woman's hormone levels

- The next most common symptom of pregnancy is fatigue, which is particularly strongly felt during the first eight - ten weeks.More often than in the second quarter of pregnancy energy and strength back, but in the third quarter of the feeling of fatigue returns

- Early pregnancy is often accompanied by a convulsive manifestations and small uterine bleeding

- Many women in the second month of pregnancy nausea and following itvomiting

- There is an increased sensitivity to different smells.Those flavors that recently delight, begin to cause rejection and disgust

- Can Monitor partial or complete loss of appetite.Until recently adored food causes rejection

- If the level of the basal body temperature increased for eighteen days or more, with some certainty we can say about the pregnancy

- absence of menstruation

- Frequent urination

-A positive result of the test on pregnancy

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