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40 Weeks Pregnant

40 weeks of pregnancy

40 Weeks Pregnant Photo at 40 weeks of pregnancy the baby is very tired of the darkness in the abdomen.His movements become sluggish.It speaks of the impending birth.Guts baby feces-packed original.A child in the 40th week of pregnancy is able to distinguish a bit of the mixture, but it is basically just after birth.At the moment the crumbs sticking out his chest.This happens from the high levels of estrogen.After the birth of the chest will drop to nothing.For this reason, the woman has a brown vaginal discharge.This is normal.

at 40 weeks of pregnancy the baby is asking for God's light.Anticipating the birth pangs, try to be calm and not get irritated over trifles.Take care of nerves and good mood.Between contractions repeat relaxation techniques and exercise in proper breathing.Your body is a very long time preparing for this moment.Now he has come.But it may happen that this date would not be accurate.After all, in fact no more than 4% of women give birth in the estimated time.A to 98% of

women giving birth within 1 - 2 weeks before and after the calculated choice.Doctors refer to this normal.When will feel the real contractions, try to be near a spouse.Morally it helps.It is easier to endure the increasing pain.

The child is 40 weeks pregnant at the eye formed by the sensitivity and the sharpness of contrast of refraction and accommodation.The kid is able to distinguish color, distance and depth to respond to flicker and motion.Phase itself dreams baby to term births gradually reduced to 50% of total sleep.Kids in the 40th week of pregnancy is in the stomach in a bent position, the buttocks up and head down, legs themselves down to the head.And in such a situation the kid is waiting in the wings to be born.Its growth in the 40th week of pregnancy up to 50 cm, and weighs up to 3.4 kg.You do not have the patience to wait for the baby.Do not worry if the preliminary delivery date has already passed, and still no contractions.Only 4% of women come on time deliveries.

you with a toddler passed a difficult period!You survived!Yet very little is left and you can congratulate you.Soon your baby will cry, and squinting from the light.

Many mothers ask the question: Do I have the baby shall make cries after birth?Yes, it's optional.With the first cry of a child, squared light, and then the baby starts to breathe independently.

At 40 weeks my mother ceases to grow in size.Perhaps, itchy skin on the abdomen, as she stretched.But when labor will begin, as will be ready for this baby.And while you relax, slept.The cervix softens and periodically over time is reduced, because it is full swing to prepare for the birth.At week 40, may depart mucus plug responsible for the closure of the cervix.You will understand by copious white, yellow or brown, but in the very secretions may contain blood.That is how it should be.When to go to the hospital interested expectant mothers?Clearly, if the water broke, do not delay, call an ambulance.And at the time of labor, too, do not pull over time.

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