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39 weeks of pregnancy

39 Weeks Pregnant Photo 39 week of pregnancy the baby is actually ready to be born.Very often it happens.Grasp the baby is strong, his knees pressed to his chin.Absolutely no place for active movements.Baby at 39 weeks of pregnancy quite lost downy hair on the body, there were those who are hiding in the folds of the skin.Fully grown on the limbs of small nails.The central nervous system of the baby is not fully developed, but developed enough nerve cells in the spinal cord, as well as glial tissue.A further development of the child continues after birth.The child is already fully developed intestinal villi , because they are responsible for the movement of food through the digestive tract itself.The stomach produces enzymes in full swing, so necessary for digestion of food.A bacteria needed for assimilation of food, go to the gastrointestinal tract only with breast milk.At the moment the baby is a very independent little man and independently carries out its important functions.Its rhythm of li

fe is very similar to the one that will be after the birth.Sleep and waking the baby at 39 weeks follow each other, and in the active periods of activity baby sucks everything.The kid is very responsive to touch and light.

There is a possibility that at 39 weeks of pregnancy the umbilical cord can be tied in knots and wrap around the neck of a fine baby.After the umbilical cord to the baby's body still receives a lot of nutrients, and the baby continues to gain weight.The length of the baby at 39 weeks of pregnancy up to 50 cm and weighs approximately 3,250 grams.

39 week of pregnancy the cervix dilates, while greatly shortening.The bladder begins to experience very strong pressure for the entire period of pregnancy.It may appear nervous before birth relatives.One of the first signs of the onset of delivery is a growing and frequent contractions at regular intervals.The second sign is the output of the amniotic fluid, amniotic bubble burst when.The third sign is brown or bloody discharge from the genital tract.The next symptom is a deep dive into the basin, as well as lowering the bottom of the uterus.This facilitates breathing and reduces the weight of the woman.Characteristically loose stools and a dramatic increase in appetite.All of this suggests approaching childbirth and the willingness №1.

39 weeks of pregnancy load on the spine becomes the maximum, and it is clear that a very sore back, legs and waist.Veins in the legs swelled, and swollen legs constantly.Long walking very difficult and painful.Hemorrhoids may appear and deliver a lot of inconvenience.40% of women affected by this disease.Hemorrhoids - diseases associated with thrombosis, as well as an increase in vessels that are in the lower part of the rectum and anal canal also.Pregnancy is a provocateur in case of hemorrhoids.The growing baby blocks blood flow in the pelvic areas and puts pressure on the rectal wall.Plus, increased intra-abdominal pressure, and varicose veins affect the occurrence of hemorrhoids.In any case, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

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