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38 Weeks Pregnant

38 weeks of pregnancy

38 Weeks Pregnant Photo At 38 weeks the baby loses lanugo - first down, and vernix getting smaller.The baby is gaining weight by 30 grams per day, and continues to rapidly prepare for a new life after birth.Before the birth of the baby itself has accumulated in the intestines of many wastes.This substance called meconium stool or original black and green, consisting of dead blood cells, intestinal cells, vellus hair, skin cells from the amniotic fluid swallowed.Your baby is only available from meconium after birth.But sometimes it happens that a child capable of this even before birth.And then a newborn baby, the light appears all in green slime.The length of the unborn baby from crown to rump part of 48 cm. The weight of the baby at 38 weeks of pregnancy to about 3100 grams.The kid in the stomach mother reacts to all the stimuli.This loud noise and bright light, and touching belly.The kid starts, winces, and can swing handles.All his movements are perceived as shocks.But if the child does not

have enough oxygen, he is capable of experiencing the inconvenience and discomfort, as well as the partial lack of nutrients, and the child begins to respond to restless behavior.Too active stirring of the baby at 38 weeks pregnant future mom should alert and better to tell your doctor about it.

if labor begins at 38 weeks, one of the first stage of labor will be very vigorous battle that stretched the cervix that allows your child to get into the birth canal.The second step will be the output of the baby through the vagina and the phenomenon it into the light of God.The third step will be the separation of child seats.But it can happen that up to the present struggles can appear false.And here it is important to distinguish between them.They can also be strong, but they disappear immediately when the movements, but from the real fights do not get rid of.

38 weeks of pregnancy may feel an electric current running through from the lower abdomen to the legs.All this is happening due to the fact that the child falls deep into the basin, touching the nerve trunks.Make sure to collect all the necessary to the hospital, because it may happen that then did not have enough time.In the last days before the birth future moms complain of insomnia.It is important to know that a common cause of insomnia is anxiety and stress.Drink of hot milk before going to bed, and sleep only on my left side.This is to ensure that the blood rushed to actively womb, the baby, as well as the kidneys.Do not forget the fresh air before going to bed.You gradually get used to mentally for the upcoming birth.If earlier it scared, now you are more comfortable waiting for a favorable outcome of pregnancy resolution.Most likely for you is not a secret who will be born, and you come up with the name of the baby.In the last weeks of pregnancy it is necessary that beside you all the time someone is, and if the start scramble to support you morally, gathered belongings, documents, help to dress, called an ambulance.The best way to deal with it the older women (mothers, aunts, older sisters).

It may happen that you come across perenashivanie child.This is dangerous because the baby is large, with a large fixed head, and it will complicate the birth and it is fraught with trauma tribal woman.

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