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37 Weeks Pregnant

37 weeks gestation

37 Weeks Pregnant Photo Starting from 37 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is ready to be born.Weight of the child recruited for normal life, but he still continues to gain fat to 30 grams per day.The skin has a baby pink, beautiful color.At 37 weeks of pregnancy continues to improve the nervous system of the baby.Around his nerves formed a protective shell.And this whole process, namely the development of muscle coordination and reflexes in the future will develop after birth crumbs.There is a production of surfactant in the lungs at full speed, allowing the baby to breathe their own air.And this week the child tries to breathe.His breath amniotic water to penetrate into the lungs of the fetus, and on the exhale, the water coming out of them.It is likely that the baby exasperates hiccup.If this is your first-born, the more likely that the pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.And if you have previously given birth, as well as if expecting twins, the birth can occur from 37 weeks.

crumbs Length from crown to sacru

m part reaches 46 cm. And the weight at 37 weeks of pregnancy at the same time reached the level of 2950 grams.

37 week appear harbingers of birth and a medical point of view it is already possible to give birth.The head of the crumbs dropped into the pelvis, wiggling crumbs become painful for you.The stomach does not seem to have so much.The pressure on the internal organs has decreased, but because it is the mother breathing became easier, but the uterus still continues to put pressure on the bladder.Therefore, frequent urge to the toilet will remain.Appetite expectant mother increases, the body prepares for childbirth and gaining strength.Starting from 37 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mom notices that the perturbations are very sassy and fun.The child behaves aggressively in the stomach, and then exposing the ass for strokes.Sometimes aggressively exposes protruding heel.You have stolen up to the date when the pregnancy is considered full-term.And if that happens, then the doctors diagnosed the baby full term.Do not stop reading informative literature on child care.All knowledge will be useful in the future and in critical situations you'll know how to do on their own.Inquire about the maternity hospital, the conditions of stay.

37 weeks of pregnancy can be confusing for future moms following discomfort: pulled stomach, back pain and lower back, the body temperature rises to 37 degrees, there are white discharge, thrush , annoying heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, swelling of the legs, painperineum.All these unpleasant moments recede into the background after the birth of crumbs.Nausea in this case acts as a consequence risen uterus that compresses the stomach is very much a woman.Fractional power will help alleviate this condition.

But if the rise in temperature will lead to SARS, it is likely that a child be separated from his mother after childbirth to protect the child from infection.Be patient, there are very few.Take care of yourself, relax a little more, eat juicy fruit and avoid crowded places.

orgasm at 37 weeks of pregnancy can be a good stimulation and become the onset of labor, as the uterus begins to contract.Remember that.If you are ready, please.

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