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36 Weeks Pregnant

36 weeks of pregnancy

36 Weeks Pregnant Photo Now you ended 8 month pregnant belly has grown to a large size.Every day a child adds up to 28 grams.At 36 weeks of pregnancy the baby is ready and happy to be born.At crumbs chubby cheeks, belly, body.Cheeks well-formed because the baby constantly sucking fingers on the hands and prepare for feeding.After all, soon after birth he will have to work hard to get enough.Face crumbs also become plump and Gorny.And the baby's skull is still soft and during the birth of the birth canal, he flattened.

length of the child from 44 cm, and the weight of the fetus at 36 weeks' gestation, about 2750 grams.

We take an average fruit size and weight.These figures are highly individual and depend on hereditary factors.

The woman is 36 weeks pregnant any ailments following plan: pulls back, back pain and stomach, constant fatigue, disturbed swelling and discharge, can overcome thrush , frequent gagging and nausea, worried diarrhea .All these concerns have plagued the eve of the

birth of the child.The body is so tired already, that reacts in this way.Relax more, lying on your back, breathe fresh air, do breathing exercises, wear cotton underwear, review the food, do not eat too many fatty foods and making sure that the diet did not get expired products, forget about a quick meal on the go.After meals for better digestion, use enzymes (Mezim, Holenzim, Pancreatin), healing water without gas.And the state will get relief from yeast washing away a soda solution (1chaynaya spoon on half a liter of boiled water) or broth chamomile (a tablespoon per liter of boiled water, let it brew, strain).But if there were 36 weeks pregnant cheesy discharge, which are clumps of mucus and pus, you must see a doctor.You have an infection.And in the event of bleeding immediately call an ambulance.Bleeding with pain at 36 weeks of gestation - is possible placental abruption.And this, in turn, a threat to the child and requires immediate specialized attention.It is also advisable to go to a maternity home in the watery liquid.Such isolation may be amniotic fluid.It is not necessary that the water will depart continuous stream.In any case, a doctor will explain the situation.

36 weeks of pregnancy presents mom surprises in the form of tremors under the heart, the legs of a small very active and fetal movements are choppy character.The bottom of the uterus of the future mother is currently just under the sternum that hinders breathing.

With 36 weeks the woman is prescribed weekly visits to the gynecologist.Most infants in utero are already Her head down.Still, 4% of children are placed under the buttocks.This breech or breech baby.In this case, problems may arise at birth, though not necessarily.As an alternative delivery is cesarean section.If a stomach ache with the feeling that he seemed to stone, you should consult a doctor immediately.It is possible that you have hypertonicity of the uterus and this will cause premature birth.

Belly at 9 months requires careful maintenance.To prevent stretch marks lubricate the skin of the abdomen with special means (Mustela, Belly oila, Weleda), and ideally wear prenatal bandage.Prenatal bandage helps the more that reduces the amount of training bouts.

Births at 36 weeks of gestation there pretty often.Therefore, women need to be ready at any moment.Cause for concern should not be.This is normal.The child is already physically formed and ready to appear before you.

Sex at 36 weeks of pregnancy for a woman is not desirable, an orgasm leads to increased tone of the uterus, so be ready to leave at any moment, even if your doctor did not give restrictions in sex earlier.

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