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35 weeks of pregnancy

35 Weeks Pregnant Photo 35 week of pregnancy the baby is fully formed and ready to head down to the pelvis of women.The walls of the house of the water begin to embarrass the child.At 35 weeks the baby nails have grown to the ends of fingers.But the birthday of the baby they are incredibly long.Do not be surprised if his face would crack, resulting in the womb.The child continues to be delayed fatty tissue.This is clearly seen on the shoulders of the baby that are round and very soft.First down - lanugo leaves the body.Child to move head-first down the birth canal, a woman's cervix from time to time is shortened, then narrowed.

35 weeks crumb will add 220 grams per week.Continue to develop and improve the internal organs of the baby.At 35 weeks of pregnancy weight crumbs reaches 2550 grams, but it is purely individual and can be more than weight gain.The length of the baby in the 35th week of pregnancy reaches 40cm.Now the future mom in the decree, and it's time for a rash, reading, knitting,

pleasant shopping, attending courses, communicate with friends, as well as outdoor activities.If there is difficulty sleeping because of frequent visits to the toilet, then you need to reduce the amount of fluid you drink at night.Back pain at 35 weeks of pregnancy is normal, because the fruit is large and presses on the uterus.Change your attitude, do not stand for a long time, do not overdo it, rest more often, get a bandage belt for pregnant women.Strapping Belt will help to cope with your problem and increase the residence time in the standing position.

next problem is hemorrhoids in pregnant women.His appearance caused by the fact that the fetus puts pressure on the hemorrhoidal veins, located inside the rectum and around the anus.This is a sensitive issue, but solvable.Even if you eat right, and morning toilet you have no problems, it is still not immune to the occurrence of hemorrhoids.Especially concerned about this disease in the last month.To prevent a lot and quickly advise not to go, try to relax on the benches and travel long distances in transport.If this happens in a way that after returning home, immediately lie down to rest on its side up to 30 minutes.Then ease your not comfortable state of cold water and a cold compress of chamomile.These simple steps will ease pressure inside the abdominal area and hemorrhoids hide, but it is provided that measures have been taken by you after the first of its appearance.Another cause of hemorrhoids is the lowering of the tone of the intestine and increase constipation.Review your diet include oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, dairy products, whole-grain bread.A sweet bakery products, potatoes, cakes, cookies, candies, preserves and jams limit.Your task is to establish a chair!And remove the acute pain from hemorrhoids ointment for pregnant Gepatrombin T, and of the candles Natalsid effective.And the first and the second a very good remedy for hemorrhoids pregnant.Be healthy and pleasant your pregnancy!

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