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34 Weeks Pregnant

34 weeks of pregnancy

34 Weeks Pregnant Photo 34 weeks pregnant pipsqueak gaining kilos, and its growth continues to surprise mom and doctors.The weight of the baby at 34 weeks of pregnancy up to 2250 grams and 32 cm in height. His energy-consuming white fat has reached 8% of the total weight.And from that skin changed and became Gorny and pink.Pleased with his hair kid who became thick.Himself embryonic fluff kid disappears gradually, vernix layer increases to a generous state.Baby at 34 weeks of pregnancy continues to pick up my mother calcium.Keep this in mind and to take calcium with food and food additives.The development of bone baby - a very important process for its development.Placental hormones mother focused on milk production in the breast.If at 34 weeks of pregnancy the baby is born, it will count born prematurely.Its difference from born at term that the fetus is not fully mature and has features of lung tissue.But the baby is breathing on their own and does not need special care.The weight of the fetu

s at 34 weeks of pregnancy up to 2250 grams and length 32 cm baby. At 34 weeks the expectant mother continues to prepare for the birth of a child.Sometimes it may surprise uterine contractions, their character is a little different from those visited earlier.New Braxton Hicks contractions for you to catch up more often.It is a kind of pain coming from the upper part of the uterus, and then come down and slowly off again.And in order not to confuse the fight with these struggles, necessary to consult with your gynecologist.But do not lose vigilance and worry only when the waters recede and you will begin to leak.In this case immediately contact a doctor.The most important thing of all their changes in a timely manner to tell the gynecologist and maintain a positive mood.

On the whole 34 weeks of pregnancy - it's a wonderful time.You can pamper yourself and your family with a worn, protect, regret, worry.In fact, after the birth of crumbs all the attention will be focused on it and you will be hurt.Perhaps there postpartum depression .

34 weeks of pregnancy weight moms sharply, but closer to the birth you will lose weight.At this stage, you are worried about the baby is too large.This fear is justified, but still everything in nature is natural, and it gives her such a child, she can give birth.Your task is to follow the right diet and raskormit it.Meals should be balanced and limited to well-digestible carbohydrates, and fats.Include in the diet of fruits, juices, fish, dairy products.On a low-calorie diet in any case do not sit down!This will hurt yourself and your child.

baby at 34 weeks has actually ready for the appearance.It is fully matured by the end of the week will be ready lungs to breathe independently.And if that happens, then on the seventh day after birth you will be discharged home.Scarce at 34 weeks was determined to be the previa, and only in rare cases, babies are not correct.But you do not despair!Yet all fixable and doctors will help to correct the situation.

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