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33 Weeks Pregnant

33 weeks of pregnancy

33 Weeks Pregnant Photo Kid continues to change, and at 33 weeks of pregnancy are covered with patterned handles baby skin.The child is enough space to flip, but soon everything will stop and fetal movements at 33 weeks of pregnancy will be constrained.Scarce continues for a long time to sleep and waking up, listening to the sounds from outside.Brain activity baby continues to grow rapidly.

weight baby at 32 weeks of pregnancy about 2000 grams and length up to 30 cm crumbs.

From the moment of your conception has been a long time, and it is 7.5 months.Congratulations!There are very few.Your uterus is very much increased, and physiological anemia recedes into the background, as the number of red blood cells corresponds to the volume of plasma.Women are more concerned about the need to urinate, but at night dreaming wonderful dreams.This is the most opportune time.Relax a little more, walk in the fresh air, eat properly, read positive books, go to the theater, exhibitions and then everything wi

ll have you well.

33 weeks of pregnancy there is an intensive development of the child and external changes, and it changes pretty wrinkled redness swelling and pink skin.Baby will continue to evolve and improve.This also applies to his retina.And so the 33 week of pregnancy is critical for the birth of a baby in terms of the threat of retinopathy.

somersault in the stomach, even a somersault!And then the problem of how to correct the presentation of the fetus?In the early stages of the baby is, as he pleases, and the growth of the belly becomes a problem for doctors to change his position.Experienced doctors are capable of 8 months pregnant to change the position of the fetus head down.To do this, give the pregnant woman to drink plenty of fluids, and the skillful hands of the gynecologist doing their job.If the child does not change the situation, the doctors plan to labor efficiency - Caesarean section.There is medical opinion that the atypical location of the child just does not arise, and it is promoted in a position factors.It polyhydramnios and premature pregnancy, and therefore the child is difficult to fix the desired position.But sadly, as reduced activity may cause malpresentation.A precise answer you get as a result of holding ultrasound.Following a consultation of doctors will decide how you will do and what generations.Your opinion into account will not take, do not be offended.It is about saving lives, and your children.If a kid goes legs, you just imagine what the consequences might be for him.

If at 33 weeks of pregnancy still breech baby is diagnosed, the chance to rectify the situation still is.The most important thing is not to lose time, and if the doctor sends ultrasound, it is urgent to do.

With regard to sex, in this period it is better to wait.You do not want premature birth, so lucidly explain this to my husband, ask him to read books about the risk.He thought about it and it is alert.You're quite a bit and that will reward long-awaited baby.You come a long way and do not want to sadden him.

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