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32 Weeks Pregnant

32 weeks of pregnancy

32 Weeks Pregnant Photo 32 weeks of pregnancy - how many months?I went to the eighth month of pregnancy.At 32 weeks the baby is wonderful and it is interesting to hear what is happening around.Scarce learns knock my mother's heart, the sounds of peristalsis, and the noise of blood that flows through the umbilical cord.Yet he gives preference to my mother's voice.And as soon as the child appears, he immediately trust only your voice.Most of the wrinkles from the face of the child gradually disappears, and the little head, a large amount of hair.The weight of the baby at 32 weeks of pregnancy is increasing rapidly, and the nervous system continues to develop crumbs.The kid narrowed pupils, when a person gets light. entire surface of a child's brain is cut gyrus.At week 32 golovushka crumbs leveled and is proportional to the body.The length of the child from the parietal to the sacral reached 29 cm. As for weight, it reached 32 week 1800 grams.

future moms growing belly much trouble.The baby at 32

weeks of pregnancy should have to roll the head down and his legs stretch mom's ribs.Such an arrangement may cause short-term pain in the chest and abdomen.Stroke the baby, change your posture and discomfort disappear.Well, in the event of prolonged pain in the abdomen, as well as the obscure selections 32 week of pregnancy seek medical advice immediately.Only he can explain the origin of obscure etiology of pain.It is possible that when you need to be hospitalized and put on preservation.There is nothing to worry about.It's only for the benefit of you and your baby.Do not try to cope with pain, saying tired otlezhus, feel better.Only a doctor, assessing the situation, give the correct advice about your health.

internal organs future moms have also undergone changes and shifted.That's okay too.Watch out for food, not abuse roughage and beans, salt and water.Otherwise, when a pain in the gut, you will not be able to massage and stroke the belly in the right place because of obstacles - a toddler.And the feeling will be unpleasant - flatulence.Also in this case come to the aid of adsorbents, no-spa, as well as enzymes for digestion.The next problem that you come across, it's fluid retention, as a result of swelling.We recommend early shoot jewelry from fingers, as well as tight clothes and do not drink a lot at night.Abbreviations of Braxton Hicks in the womb may acquire part of nature than as an inconvenience.

Discuss in advance with your loved ones how you will be taken to a hospital to give birth.If the pregnancy was well, the woman is delivered by ambulance the day labor or waste water treatment membranes.In the case of the problem of carrying a child, the doctors recommend to go to the hospital for a pre-observation and insurance.There is nothing to worry about.This is just for your own good.What to take with you - you will be told in the emergency department of the hospital, and if hospitalization occurred suddenly, you insure your loved ones and bring everything you need.Good luck pregnancy!Health to you, and of course baby!Now is the time of grace pregnancy.At work no need to hurry.Relax, gain strength, devote this time to yourself.

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