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30 Weeks Pregnant

30 weeks of pregnancy

30 Weeks Pregnant Photo With 30 weeks of pregnancy a woman is officially on maternity leave.How much it months?You have 7 months of pregnancy.It is not enough, and how much force took the body to rebuild the body.Quite a bit, and you will soon see your baby.

30 week baby has eyes wide open crumb reacts to bright direct light.A child in the 30th week of pregnancy is growing rapidly.The child increases the amount of hair, but the skin is wrinkled.The child is educated enough fat tissue and it does not appear terribly premature birth.If you look at ultrasound, we can see, that baby in the 30th week of pregnancy changes the position of the chest.Breathing exercises, which makes the crumb, very significantly strengthen his muscles and has a positive influence on the development of the lungs.Just imagine that if the baby does not swallow and do not inhale the amniotic fluid, his lungs were underdeveloped forever.The length of the baby from crown to sacrum portion reached 27 cm and weight of the baby

at 30 weeks' gestation approached the level of 1400 grams.At crumbs he developed a personal rhythm of sleep and wakefulness.And just at the moment when you want to sleep and rest, the child is ready aktivnichat and jump.As weight gain in women at 30 weeks of pregnancy, her movements are not hurried.The very center of gravity continues to shift and if there is scoliosis, it escalates.Try to keep the correct posture while walking and when sitting.To keep abdominal bandage belt to help.The belt for pregnant women at 30 weeks is a real support to the abdomen, which allows to avoid unnecessary stretch.You disappear pain in the hips and sacrum.Wearing a belt, you will experience the ease of walking.In the selection it is very convenient that it can be adjusted in diameter and fixed it the Velcro tape.Many women during pregnancy disturbs varicose veins.Statistics show that 30% of pregnant women suffer from varicose veins.Visually it looks as vascular mesh.It may be blue or purple.But can the veins to expand so that they would bulge and swell.Such a state is dangerous for the health of veins.And the worst thing is the formation of blood clots that lead to a threat to life of the mother and child.Varicose veins in pregnant women successfully treated with drugs such as Detraleks and Venoruton.Do not forget about the rest for the feet as lifting the legs in an upright position and comfortable shoes without heels.

at 30 weeks of pregnancy to improve the health of women and the favorable development of the fetus are suitable exercise.They are helping women prepare for the upcoming birth.The most important thing to respect the rules and do not exceed the limit loads.And this load depends on the lifestyle of women.If you feel tired, the lessons should be discontinued.These exercises include walking, swimming, stretching exercises with elements.These physical exercises and stress in the effective removal of discomfort caused by pregnancy.

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