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29 Weeks Pregnant

29th week of pregnancy

29 Weeks Pregnant Photo Kid intensively preparing for the birth.How many months?It ends the seventh month.Scarce able to regulate their body temperature, and for the production of red blood cells responsible baby's bone marrow.A child in the amniotic fluid allocates up to 500 ml of urine.This is a substantial amount.Sami fetal movements at 29 weeks of pregnancy begin to take on a different, but active.The kid starts to push the mother elbows and knees.All this is understandable, because the fruit has become very large in the womb it very closely.At 29 weeks of pregnancy increases white fat up to 4% of the total weight baby.In the spleen crumbs begin to form blood cells.At full speed the baby's immune system works.From the mother-child transmitted antibodies, but they have, in turn, will protect him at birth.The child is 29 weeks pregnant teeth hidden in the gums and they are covered with enamel.If a child wishes to be born now, the chance of survival up to 90%.

size of the fetus reaches 26 cm

, and the weight of the crumbs in the 29 week of pregnancy from 1250 grams.

The fruit continues to grow strongly and it feels really, becausethere is discomfort in the abdomen.The reason are your internal organs, which it is very close to the child.The woman's uterus at 29 weeks of pregnancy even more stretched, and puts pressure on the bladder than causes frequent urination.To remove the discomfort to resort to a permanent rest.

Like last week, is the appearance of a woman of colostrum - the first baby food.And the very milk appears after birth.After 29 weeks, the women begin to notice that after meals, kids become active.This is attributed to an increase in the level of glucose in the blood of the mother, and if a woman is nervous, the baby also reacts.Try to control your emotions and to 29 weeks of pregnancy follow wiggling toddler.Write down the number.The rate of aftershocks of up to 10 per day.If the kid very much bothers you, change the position or stroke it, tap lightly on him, and he would calm down.

If future mother Rh-negative, the doctor between the 28th and 34th weeks prescribe intravenous immunoglobulin Rh.It is important to suppress the formation of antibodies in the blood.

to maintain good health form - walk a lot, because the fresh air will do you only good.Do not forget about a balanced diet, calorie intake to 3100 a day, fractional power up to 6-7 times.Do not overeat, eat all fresh and useful from the standpoint of dietitians.Avoid salty foods and excess fluid.Swelling soon will have an effect.We do not recommend there bean products that are dangerous swelling of the intestines.

There are concerns on the part of the uterus.This trial contractions.After all, soon delivery.This is normal.The abdomen is stretched and the skin is stretched?Resort to the help of creams or almond oil on Aromatics.Using ointment to the abdomen, and do not forget about a breast, she also threaten the future of stretching and sagging.Do not worry ahead of time before the birth and do not listen to horror stories from friends, be a positive.Take the classical yoga.This will help to distract from the bad thoughts and tune in the desired fashion.If you are working future mom, then soon 30 weeks of pregnancy it is your maternity leave.

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